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Ermes's Sticker, Part 5 (エルメェスのシール その⑤, Erumesu no Shīru Sono 5), originally Electric Shock Hell (電撃地獄, Dengeki Jigoku) in the WSJ release, is the twenty-fifth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred nineteenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The electricity disappears from Ermes's arm; McQueen's attempt at suicide had failed. Emporio deduces that McQueen would go after saline water, causing Ermes to believe he would go to the medical wing to retrieve some. Ermes runs to the medical wing and finds McQueen wrapped up in electrical wires. He pours the water on himself.

Alarmed, Ermes tries to calm him down and explain that his ability causes her to experience his suicide attempts. McQueen explains that four years ago he was cleaning his shotgun, ignorant to the bullet in its barrel. The gun went off and the bullet soared through his window. At the same time, a girl jumped from the roof in an attempt to kill herself, but the bullet pierced her heart on the way down, killing her instantly. Instead of a suicide, it was ruled that McQueen had murdered her. Ermes offers to give him her panties in an attempt to cheer him up, which McQueen considers.

Ermes tries to give him helpful advice, saying that while Monday is terrible, there will always be a Saturday. McQueen informs her that he was arrested on a Saturday, and that he realizes she's only being nice to him to save herself. She gets upset and yells at him about how he's being used by Whitesnake, and that he is the selfish one. McQueen sarcastically exclaims how wonderful of a person Ermes is, and that he is ecstatic that he gets to take her down with him.

Ermes runs toward McQueen, but he presses the switch, electrocuting the both of them. However, Ermes was able to place a sticker on his face. The electricity burns off the sticker, causing McQueen's face to merge back together. The impact ejects his Stand DISC from his head. Ermes takes the DISC, and, realizing Whitesnake must be stopped, decides to join Jolyne's cause.


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