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This is a list of unnamed characters found in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean. These characters played minor but varying roles throughout the storyline.

Stone Ocean

HitchhikerJolyne and Ermes's Co-Prisoners'Tom Cruise'Corrupt LawyerJolyne's MotherJudge in Jolyne's TrialStrip Search StaffPrison DoctorPrison HairdresserGwess's RatFemale Ward Security StaffCatererBlonde BullyBullied PrisonerPrison Visit GuardEmporio's MotherSearch Party GuardMissing PrisonersShaved-Head PrisonerBlack-Haired PrisonerTanned PrisonerFoo Fighters' Would-be BullyCourtyard GuardSpeedwagon Foundation RepresentativeFactory GuardSurveillance TechnicianBrainwashed Courtyard GuardBlinded Courtyard GuardInvisible AlligatorProstitute PrisonerUltra Security House Unit PrisonersAnasui's Former Girlfriend and her LoverLittle PrisonerKenzou's CultistsJotaro's SPW DoctorsDavid's FatherSwamp Searching PartyShoplifterStick FigureElderly Former CarpenterChocolate Store ClerkBook-Reading GirlRodsVersus' FamilyJudge In Versus' TrialJuvenile Detention InmateMr. and Mrs. PucciRacist DetectiveNice TouristTourist Killed by C-MoonPeople Affected by Made In HeavenAlternate JolyneAlternate JotaroAlternate ErmesAlternate Weather
HitchhikerLink to this section

Accident Victim.png

Hitchhiker Accident Victim Anime.PNG

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 1: Stone Ocean, Part 1 (Flashback)
A hitchhiker who Jolyne and Romeo Jisso believe they killed while driving. They were about to kiss when they smashed into the body. Jolyne was about to call the ambulance, but Romeo convinced her not to because his future would be ruined if he went to prison. After pressuring Jolyne, she helped him put the man's body in the car's trunk and Romeo hid him in the swamps. Jolyne is arrested later after being framed for the man's death.

Jotaro later reveals that the man who framed Jolyne was Johngalli A.. Johngalli set up the car accident by sending thugs from prison to throw a random hitchhiker out into the street during the rain. Jolyne and Romeo understandably jumped to conclusions and thought it was their fault for hitting the man.

Jolyne and Ermes's Co-PrisonersLink to this section
Jolyne&Ermes Co-Prisoners.gif
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 1: Stone Ocean, Part 1
Three female prisoners of Jolyne and Ermes in the detention center while Jolyne awaits her trial. One prisoner next to Ermes's cell taunts Jolyne after discovering she was caught masturbating by a guard, asking how anyone could get aroused from looking at prison bars. Ermes tells her to shut up, but she responds by saying she's not always thinking of sexual things like those two. Jolyne decides to make a bet with her about who could go without masturbating the longest, but the prisoner laughs and says they wouldn't be able to prove that. She is quickly silenced when Jolyne could tell from the joint of her left ring finger that she was imprisoned because of her sexual behavior. The other two prisoners in Ermes's cell only express themselves through giggling and facial gestures about the matter.
'Tom Cruise'Link to this section
Tom Cruise Guard.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 1: Stone Ocean, Part 1
A guard from the detention center that Jolyne Cujoh and Ermes Costello are at before being transferred to Green Dolphin Street Prison. Jolyne says he looks like Tom Cruise. He stumbles upon Jolyne masturbating in her cell, leaving the latter completely embarrassed and wanting to die after she notices him. The guard is on the bus with Jolyne and Ermes on their way to Green Dolphin Street Prison and notices Ermes showing Jolyne where she keeps her money hidden. After Jolyne gets off the bus, the guard and his partner beat up Ermes while trying to extort her money. Jolyne unconsciously activates her Stand and rips off the guard's ear with a piece of string from her finger, while also retrieving Ermes's money back.
Judge in Jolyne's TrialLink to this section

Elderly Judge.png

Elderly judge anime.png

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 2: Stone Ocean, Part 2
Voice Actor: Shinya Fukumatsu
An elderly judge who is in charge of Jolyne Cujoh's trial. Jolyne agrees to the plea bargain and admits that she's guilty for the car theft and hit-and-run charges against her. However, the judge takes into account that despite Jolyne having no intention to kill, alcohol was used while she was "driving". He suddenly declares a murder charge, explaining that she also purposefully harmed another by hiding the man's corpse in the swamps. He condemns Jolyne to 15 years in Green Dolphin Street Prison.
Strip Search StaffLink to this section
Strip Search Staff.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 3: Stone Ocean, Part 3
Two guards of Green Dolphin Street Prison who are responsible for handling new prisoners when Jolyne arrives. The brunette is empathetic toward prisoners, as she is worried when Jolyne looks like she fainted and thinks it's because her straight jacket is on too tight due to the humid air. When she starts loosening the belt for Jolyne, the other guard stops her and says the room is specially designed that way. She loathes the prisoners, stating that the bad treatment she inflicts is wholly deserved after a life of disrespecting the law. The rude guard steps on Jolyne and orders her around, but Jolyne merely plays around with the two guards by provocatively posing at them while naked during the strip-search.
Prison DoctorLink to this section
Prison Doctor.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 3: Stone Ocean, Part 3
An impatient prison doctor who makes sure the prisoners are healthy, uncaring of whether he hurts the patients during his assessment. He checks Jolyne's physical condition upon her entry in Green Dolphin Street Prison, and bluntly pokes her eyes with his fingers when she is off guard just to check whether she has fake eyes or contact lenses. When he's finished with the check-up, he gives Jolyne only five seconds to read and sign the documents. The doctor is later seen checking Ermes Costello out of the infirmary.
Prison HairdresserLink to this section
Prison Hairdresser.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 4: Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 1
A hairdresser in charge of shaving the new female prisoners' heads. As he begins to cut Jolyne's hair, she yells at him to stop. When he says it's his job to cut their hair short, Jolyne points to two inmates with long hair and asks why they were able to keep it. The hairdresser is actually corrupt and accepts bribes from the prisoners for botching the job. He coughs to subtly reveal that prisoners can either pay $5 to save five inches, $10 to save ten inches, $30 to save all their hair, or get shaved bald for free. Jolyne pays him $30 and keeps her hair.
Gwess's RatLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 6: Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 3 (Corpse only)
A dead pet rat that Gwess keeps in her cell. After being shrunk down by Goo Goo Dolls, Jolyne is forced to wear the rats corpse and aid Gwess in breaking out of prison. While Jolyne is wearing the rats corpse she is given the nickname Chorokichi (チョロ吉).
Female Ward Security StaffLink to this section
Female Ward Security Staff.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 4: Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 1
The team of prison guards in charge of watching over the female ward. They have a room near the entrance of the ward where they can rest. When Jolyne is shrunk by Goo Goo Dolls, Gwess forces her to enter their room in a mouse costume so she can investigate their surroundings for them to escape the prison. One particularly zealous shotgun-wielding guard yells at Gwess to get away from the door leading to their room if she has no business there. He then hears several noises in their room outside the ward, caused by Jolyne growing back to her original size. A bald, laid-back guard dismisses the first guard's suspicions, saying it was probably just the coffee machine. However, Jolyne makes even more noises and the three guards almost catch her as they look under their desk. Jolyne quickly uses Stone Free to pour hot coffee on the bald guard's pants and runs away while they're distracted, only for the suspecting guard to see nothing below the table.

Later, Gwess tricks Jolyne into getting past the gun point and the first guard who heard noises earlier is shocked to see her. He sounds the alarm for a prison break and goes to get backup. As they arrive, Jolyne had disappeared because she managed to return to the ward after beating up Gwess and demanding to be shrunk again. The man couldn't identify Jolyne because he only saw her back. The bald guard then spills coffee on his pants again and cries about not having any more spares.

CatererLink to this section
Black Prisoner.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 5: Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 2
An inmate who Jolyne meets during her first day of prison. She serves the meals to the prisoners of the female ward. Jolyne arrives late to the cafeteria because of Gwess purposely spilling water on Jolyne's pants while she was sleeping. Since Jolyne arrived late, the inmate serving food tells Jolyne that she's sold out. Jolyne asks why prisoners were allowed to take more than one meal, and why another inmate was just given food if they were sold out. The inmate makes excuses such as those being one of Green Dolphin Street Prison's special mysteries.

When Jolyne tries to call her mom, the inmate cuts in line and takes the phone before her, mocking Jolyne for not making a reservation. She says it's usually a month wait before getting to use the phone so inmates usually sell their spot to each other, and that's another one of the prison's wonders.

Blonde BullyLink to this section
Blonde Bully.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 10: Green Dolphin Street Prison
A female inmate who tries to take advantage of Jolyne by asking for $1 and then intimidates her into asking for the dollar back. However, Jolyne makes her swallow a crushed coin, causing a horrible stomachache and coerces the bully into giving her $10 instead.
Bullied PrisonerLink to this section

Bullied Prisoner.png

Bullied Prisoner Anime.PNG

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 10: Green Dolphin Street Prison
A bullied prisoner who is victimized by the rest of the female ward. Gwess uses her as an example of what happens to those who don't assert themselves in prison. Jolyne later helps the prisoner by also coerce one of the bullies to give the girl her money back.
Prison Visit GuardLink to this section

Prison Visit Guard.png

Prison Visit Guard Anime.PNG

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 11: The Visitor, Part 1
A guard who brings Jolyne to the visit room. Jolyne knocks him out when she sees that the visitor is her father Jotaro. At first rather reasonable as he apologizes for beating Jolyne's fingers when she grabbed the outer bars of the ward (although he hit a second time when Jolyne let go of the bars), he threatens to kill her when Jolyne punches him again. He is killed by Johngalli A. when the latter snipes the guard by mistake.
Emporio's MotherLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 20: Prisoner of Love (Mentioned only)
Emporio's mother was a Stand user and a prisoner at Green Dolphin Street Prison. She had her Stand ability stolen by Whitesnake before being killed.[1]

See also: Emporio's Mother's Bone

Search Party GuardLink to this section
Search Party Guard.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 26: There's Six of Us!, Part 1
The guard in charge of watching the prisoners searching for the two missing male prisoners in the swamp and fields. Jolyne and Ermes cannot go away from him because of their explosive bracelets which will trigger if they try to flee. He tried to victimize Ermes and trigger her explosive bracelet to spite her. Foo Fighters killed him and used his corpse to try to kill Jolyne by driving it away, threatening to trigger the bracelet.
Missing PrisonersLink to this section
Male Prisoners Killed by Foo Fighters.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 26: There's Six of Us!, Part 1
Two male prisoners working the farm who were attacked and killed by Foo Fighters when they approached the tractor it was guarding. No trace of them were left, and a search party was gathered in order to find them.
Shaved-Head PrisonerLink to this section
Shaved-Head Prisoner av.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 26: There's Six of Us!, Part 1
One of the five prisoners who went to search for the two missing prisoners on the farm. They were killed and had their bodies taken over by Foo Fighters after they went to investigate the tractor in the warehouse.
Black-Haired PrisonerLink to this section
Black-Haired Prisoner av.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 26: There's Six of Us!, Part 1
One of the five prisoners who went to search for the two missing prisoners on the farm. They were killed and had their bodies taken over by Foo Fighters after they went to investigate the tractor in the warehouse. Her prisoner number is FE31215.
Tanned PrisonerLink to this section
Tanned Prisoner av.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 27: There's Six of Us!, Part 2
A prisoner who mysteriously joined the search for the two missing prisoners on the farm. It's revealed that they were a fake body created from the two missing male prisoners who were killed by Foo Fighters.
Foo Fighters' Would-be BullyLink to this section
Foo fighters would be bully.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 34: Marilyn Manson, the Debt Collector, Part 1
An inmate who tries to to drink into Foo Fighters' water cup when it plays ball with Jolyne and Ermes. Thinking that it is still the weak-willed prisoner Atroe, she tries to intimidate Foo Fighters but the Stand infects her with some of the plankton, breaking her jaw and making her spit all the water she drank.
Courtyard GuardLink to this section
Courtyard Guard.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 36: Marilyn Manson, the Debt Collector, Part 3
A guard watching over the prison courtyard. He interrupts Jolyne Ermes and Foo Fighters ball game during their bet with Miraschon. It is revealed that Miraschon bribed him into interfering so that he wins her gamble.
Speedwagon Foundation RepresentativeLink to this section
A representative of the Speedwagon Foundation whom Jolyne Cujoh contacts in order to extract Jotaro Kujo's Stand DISC from Green Dolphin Street Prison. The representative briefs Jolyne on a quick operation, which they dub "Operation Savage Garden", telling her to go seek Savage Garden in the courtyard between the women and men's wards in twenty minutes.
Factory GuardLink to this section
Factory Guard Infobox Manga.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 41: Savage Garden Strategy, Part 2
A guard watching the corridor between the factory, the men's ward and the women's ward. In order to go through him, Jolyne bribes him with a $50 dollar bill, which the guard accepts. Incidentally, the guard complains about his Pepsi drink bubbling and spilling over his glass, and orders Jolyne to buy him another, ignorant that Jolyne is affected by Jumpin' Jack Flash's ability.
Surveillance TechnicianLink to this section
Surveillance Technician.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 44: Savage Garden Strategy, Part 5
A guard overseeing the cameras feedback and managing every alert in the prison. He allows Enrico Pucci to check Jolyne's phone conversation with the Speedwagon Foundation.
Brainwashed Courtyard GuardLink to this section
Prison Backyard Guard N-1.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 47: Savage Garden Strategy, Part 8
A guard that Whitesnake has brainwashed. Standing in the backyard of the prison, he shoots Jolyne and tries to steal Jotaro's Stand disc on Whitesnake's orders. Weather Report kills him by causing a rain of poisonous frogs.
Blinded Courtyard GuardLink to this section
Prison Backyard Guard N-2.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 49: Torrential Downpour Warning, Part 2
A guard who witnesses the rain frog caused by Weather Report. Seeing Pucci trapped under the rain, he tries to flee when Pucci asks him to open the door to safety, claiming he will go bring reinforcement. Pucci kicks a poisonous frog into his eyes in order to blind him and force him to let him enter.
Invisible AlligatorLink to this section
Invisible alligator.png
An invisible undead alligator summoned by Sports Maxx's Limp Bizkit. Jolyne tries to use Stone Free to pummel the alligator, but to no avail. Jolyne then tries to surround the area with strings so that she can see where the alligator is, but the alligator climbs onto the ceiling and bites part of her shoulder off. After it bites off Foo Fighters's leg, she lures the alligator into biting her arm. After it does so, she materializes a gun and, while her arm is lodged inside the alligator's mouth, fires multiple shots into its throat, killing it.

The invisible alligator appears as a stage gimmick in Eyes of Heaven, in the Green Dolphin Street Prison map. It attacks any player who gets in its way. It has its own health bar, and therefore can be fought and defeated.

Prostitute PrisonerLink to this section
Prostitute Prisoner.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 55: Kiss of Love and Revenge, Part 5
A female inmate making money as a prostitute. Sports Maxx calls her a Bitch (ビッチ Bitchi). He tries to solicit her but because he is invisible, the female inmate kicks another prisoner, mistaking him for a groper. Maxx finally devours her when she realizes that he is a zombie.
Ultra Security House Unit PrisonersLink to this section
Ultra Security House Unit Prisoners.gif
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 58: Ultra Security House Unit
The denizens of the Ultra Security House Unit. They are all particularly monstrous prisoners, having committed horrible crimes that make them unfit to live with other inmates like child murder, or being too violent, vicious, or prone to try escaping the prison. When Jolyne arrives, they all sexually harass her from their respective cells. They eventually come under the influence of Survivor and when freed by Viviano Westwood, they slaughter themselves with only a few survivors.
Anasui's Former Girlfriend and her LoverLink to this section
Anasui's Former Girlfriend.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 59: His Name Is Anasui
When Anasui was 21, he caught her cheating on him with another man and literally took their bodies apart. Because of this, Anasui was sent to prison for first-degree murder and faced a twelve-year sentence.
Group of HikersLink to this section
Group of Hikers.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 61: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 2
A group of 6, comprised of women and men that went on a hiking trip in Lorrain, France in 1982. The group under the influence of Survivor brutally murder each-other after the original user is insulted for his body odor. They go missing prompting investigation. Their remains are found by the investigators and the only survivor, the original user of Survivor fails to make it because of his wounds.
Little PrisonerLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 65: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 6
This Ultra Security House Unit prisoner is the one that found DIO's bone before it turned into the Green Baby.
Kenzou's CultistsLink to this section
Kenzou backstory.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 71: Enter the Dragon's Dream, Part 5
In his youth, Kenzou was the leader of a very popular cult that included Hollywood stars and other famous people, reaching 30,000 members. However, his sect was soon investigated by the police and FBI. Subsequently, Kenzou and thirty four members of his cult attempted a mass suicide. Kenzou drugged everyone and put fire to the building, burning 34 people. However, Kenzou collapsed in a surprisingly safe spot where the collapse of the walls shielded him from the flames and the smoke and barely survived. He subsequently received a total 280 year-sentence in Green Dolphin Street Prison for this crime, and endeavored to climb back up to the upper echelons of society where he could relive his former glory.[2]
Jotaro's SPW DoctorsLink to this section
Speedwagon foundation doctors 2.PNG
A team of doctors from the Speedwagon Foundation who take care of Jotaro's lifeless body during his coma and study his condition. They tried reviving him but without the Stand and memory discs, their efforts were fruitless.
David's FatherLink to this section
David's father.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 75: Father: Jotaro Kujo, Daughter: Jolyne Cujoh (Flashback)
David's father witnessed Jolyne take the money out of his son's wallet and immediately called the police on her, refusing to listen to her explanation. David's father then shoves him into their car and shuts the door so they can get away from Jolyne. Desperate, Jolyne tosses them out of their car and tries driving away in a failed attempt to flee from the police officers.
Swamp Searching PartyLink to this section
Swamp Searching Party.gif
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 80: Yo-Yo Ma Is Coming!, Part 3
A team of prison guards who went after Jolyne and Anasui after they tried to escape Green Dolphin Street through the swamps. They were taken down by Anasui.
ShoplifterLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 102: Escape...
A mother shoplifting in a supermarket. She and her baby happen to pass near Pucci; when the baby tries to grab the cross on Pucci's hat, he almost falls but Pucci saves him and also manages to catch all the stolen items before returning them to the shoplifter. The mother then sees with horror that her baby has half-grown into an adult.
Stick FigureLink to this section
Stick Figure.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 103: Three Men in the Hospital
A stick figure from a Pedestrian crossing sign manifested by Bohemian Rhapsody.
Elderly Former CarpenterLink to this section
Elderly Former Carpenter.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 104: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 1
An old man who Weather Report and Anasui meet in front of the public toilets after escaping from prison. Thanking them for their kindness, the old man offers to give the two a ride to Orlando in the back of his car. When it rains, the old man's knee that he hurt from back when he was a carpenter begins to hurt. The old man attacks Anasui after being transformed into the Big Bad Wolf by Bohemian Rhapsody and is decapitated by Diver Down.
Chocolate Store ClerkLink to this section
Chocolate Store Clerk.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 107: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 4
A lonely old chocolate shop clerk who tries to call the police on Anasui after his double knocks over some chocolate in his store. Infatuated by the story of Snow White, he was turned into a prince by Bohemian Rhapsody.
Book-Reading GirlLink to this section
Book Reading Girl.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 110: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 7
A little girl reading Peter Pan opposite to Ungalo during his flight to Key West.
Versus' FamilyLink to this section
Versus' Family.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 122: Under World, Part 4 (Flashback)
Donatello had a family consisting of his mother, and his step-father and half-sisters. Because they openly favoured Donatello's half-sisters over him, he fled them at 13. When he was sent in juvenile detention, they didn't object.
Judge In Versus' TrialLink to this section
Judge In Versus's Trial.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 122: Under World, Part 4 (Flashback)
A woman who thought Versus stole Ichiro's shoes and sentenced him to six months in juvenile detention as punishment for his perceived crime.
Juvenile Detention InmateLink to this section
Juvenile Detention Inmate.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 122: Under World, Part 4 (Flashback)
A detainee in juvenile detention who lived with Versus and regularly beat him, making his life hell. Despite being only two years his seniors, he was already balding and fat.
Mr. and Mrs. PucciLink to this section
Mr. and Mrs. Pucci.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 127: Heavy Weather, Part 3 (Flashback)
A wealthy couple that are the mother and father of Domenico, Enrico, and Perla Pucci. While visiting a grave as a family with their son and daughter, a young Enrico asks whose grave it is and why it has the same birthday as him. Mrs. Pucci informs him that he had a twin brother and he died soon after he was born. As a way to pray to him, they named him Domenico.
Racist DetectiveLink to this section
Racist Detective.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 128: Heavy Weather, Part 4 (Flashback)
A private detective Pucci hired to separate his sister Perla from Wes Bluemarine. However, the detective investigated Wes' family and discovered that his mother married a black man, so he assumed that Wes was a mixed race. He was part of a Klan like organization and lynched Wes after killing his mother and setting his home on fire because they hated the mixed relationship. Wes later killed the detective to take revenge for Perla's suicide.
Nice TouristLink to this section
Nice Tourist.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 138: At Cape Canaveral
A tourist visiting Cape Canaveral alongside Pucci. When Pucci has to wait in line for the next visit, the tourist kindly pretends that they were together, allowing him to enter. He tries to converse with the priest but is rebuked. He becomes the first victim of C-Moon when the shifting gravity makes him "fall" and impale his head into a barrier.
Tourist Killed by C-MoonLink to this section
Tourist killed by C-moon.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 145: C-Moon, Part 5
A tourist caught up in C-Moon's ability to manipulate gravity who dies. His body is rearranged by Narciso Anasui to distract Pucci.
People Affected by Made In HeavenLink to this section
People affected by made in heaven.gif
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 150: Made in Heaven, Part 2
As the range of Made in Heaven's time acceleration covered the entirety of earth, every human was affected by its powers and a few examples were shown.
  • A little girl ordering an ice cream cone sees her ice cream melt rapidly as she tries to lick it.
  • A class of children partake in a jump rope contest where they have to skip in time to music and see who lasts the longest. The music accelerates and all the children trip as they try to keep up with the quick rhythm, tying themselves up with the rope while a few lose consciousness from the rope strangling their necks.
  • Television stations consecutively broadcast commercials rather than actual content, due to following the time on the clock. In response to rumors of time accelerating, the members of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich declared the clock is accurate. A journalist tries to prove to them that time is accelerating, and drops a glass to show that nobody can even see it falling but it's already shattered. The staff tells him he must be him imagining things while the journalist is furious, and they then cut to commercials again.
  • A child reading a Jump magazine sneezes and realizes her snot hardens instantly. Unfazed by the accelerating time, she decides to keep on reading thinking it's still only time for dinner. She eventually falls asleep, her magazine turned to dust.
  • A whole classroom of students are flabbergasted when the supervisor of their exams starts the clock and near immediately stops the exam.
  • A man carefully putting sauce on his tonkatsu accidentally empties the whole bottle.
  • A teenager calling his mother asking for cash accidentally calls his teacher instead. After hanging up, he realizes with horror that his call has lasted more than six hours, costing him around 30,000 yen.
  • A college league baseball pitcher becomes the temporary star of his stadium when his throws become uncannily fast. His joy is short-lived when a player manages to hit the ball and it falls on him, breaking his jaw and causing severe blood loss.
  • A mangaka realizes that he's behind schedule for the publication of his next chapter. He blames his assistants for being lazy despite the fact that he's not given them any work yet. He couldn't draw anything because his ink would dry before it reached the paper. When he calls his editor to justify himself and claims that no one could have completed their chapter in time, he hears about Rohan Kishibe being able to do so.
  • An employee named Rocky enters an industrial fridge and is instantly frozen.
  • A couple rejoices as they have broken their record for longest intercourse, as four hours passed due to the accelerated clock.
  • A woman walking her dog while crossing the street is run over by a car. Her dog is stunned to see only her hand holding its leash remaining, with the rest of her body nowhere to be seen. Just behind the dog is a major traffic accident with cars crashed into each other.
  • A helicopter crew crashes when they try to lower their altitude and cannot stabilize in time.
  • Several people are trapped in a constantly moving elevator and vomit.
  • A grandpa passes away while his family mourns and his body immediately rots.
  • One janitor futitely tries to wipe off the dust from a window, which instantly covers it again.
  • Several people rush to buy canned food since nothing will be left soon due to all their produce already being rotten.
  • A man goes back to a store he bought a TV from because it already broke, only to discover that all objects, even money, are decaying at rapid speeds.
  • A woman asks what day of the week it is, confused by the time acceleration.
  • A man sees that his teeth crown are falling out.
  • A woman realizes that her breast implants have decayed.
  • An old man's wig is falling apart.
  • An artist's Michelangelo fresco starts decaying.
  • After the universe is reset, one Green Dolphin Street guard and a group of prisoners are shown finding themselves back in prison and naked, confused by what just happened.
Alternate JolyneLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 156: Made in Heaven, Part 8
She is the counterpart of Jolyne inside Green Dolphin Street Prison after the first universe reset made by Pucci. Her shirt bares a spade and wasp design, and a wasp tattoo on her right arm, differing her from the "original" Jolyne.
Alternate JotaroLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 156: Made in Heaven, Part 8
He is the counterpart of Jotaro come to visit the alternate Jolyne in the first alternate universe made by Pucci. His hat lacks the golden plate with the flattened hand present from the "original" Jotaro.
Alternate ErmesLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 158: What a Wonderful World
The alternate universe counterpart of Ermes Costello after the second universal reset by Pucci. She yells at a bus driver who doesn't let her get on because she only has fifty dollar bills and the bus has no change. Anakiss offers to give her a ride, though she is wary because her sister told her not to ride with strangers. When it starts raining, she agrees but says she won't pay more than 10 dollars, and she wants to have them stop by Cape Canaveral as well.
Alternate WeatherLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 158: What a Wonderful World
The alternate universe counterpart of Weather Report after the second universal reset by Pucci. He is a hitchhiker who tries to get a ride from Anakiss after it starts raining. At first Anakiss denies because they already picked up the Alternate Ermes and Emporio, but Irene convinces Anakiss to let him on since there was about to be a storm.


  1. SO Chapter 100: Jail House Lock!, Part 5, tailpiece
  2. SO Chapter 71: Enter the Dragon's Dream, Part 5

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