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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ラストサバイバー, JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Rasuto Sabaibā) is a multiplayer battle royale arcade game based on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise developed by historia and published by Bandai Namco Amusement. The game was first announced on December 18, 2018,[1] and was initially set to release in summer 2019 before its launch was delayed to December 18, 2019.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor is a third person battle royale action game. The game supports up to 20 players per match and features characters from Stardust Crusaders, Diamond is Unbreakable, Vento Aureo and Stone Ocean.

The arcade machines are equipped with two handles, one for each hand. The left handle has one stick for movement and two shoulder buttons, which are used to summon the player character's Stand (L2) and activate their Ultimate Skill (L1). The right handle has one stick for camera control, as well as four face buttons and two shoulder buttons, which are used to attack (R2) and perform Skill moves (R1). The four face buttons are used to jump (A), crouch (B), investigate areas (X), and show the map (Y). Pushing the left stick in allows the player to dash, while pushing the right stick in opens a selection wheel for Pose emotes. The cabinet display also features a touchscreen, which is used for menu navigation and in-game chat (albeit with only pre-written messages).

Before the match, players must select a character and their starting position on the map, which is divided into predetermined square zones. If no starting position is selected, one is determined at random.

Each player controls one character as they roam a vast map and fight other players, with the goal being to outlast every other player. Defeating an enemy player can be done by attacking them until their health bar is depleted, at which point they are either knocked down or eliminated. The map's playable area gradually shrinks as the match continues, eventually forcing players to confront each other.[2] Depending on the game mode selected, players may be split into pairs to fight as allies, gaining the ability to revive an ally if they are knocked down.

Depending on the character selected, each player's moveset can vary dramatically. Generally, however, each character has three attacks: a regular attack, a charge-based Skill move, and an Ultimate Attack. Characters with long-range Stands can deploy and control their Stands independently from them to attack other characters while hiding themselves. The players count with a "Spirit Gauge" that works as a stamina meter for stand activity, some attacks consume more than others and when completely depleted it leaves the user vulnerable as it cannot defend himself until it recharges. Usually, the player's Skill move and Ultimate Move are locked until the player reaches a certain level. Players level up by collecting soul chips from fallen enemies. Moreover, depending on the character, a stats of the player character will be increased when a certain level is reached.

Exploration is encouraged via the presence of items scattered throughout the map. Three types of cards are hidden throughout the map, and can be picked up to give a player an advantage. Red cards heal a player's life points when picked up; blue cards give the player a shield that absorbs damage. These red and blue cards appear in both large and small sizes. Green cards are trick cards that allow the player to temporarily see through walls.

Any action, from walking to attacking, creates noise that is indicated visually through onomatopoeia, allowing other players to see what is happening nearby. It is possible to sneak around by walking while crouching, however.



Last Survivor currently has 24 playable characters. It had five characters during its beta test period: Jotaro Kujo, Noriaki Kakyoin, Koichi Hirose, Guido Mista, and Bruno Bucciarati. Jean Pierre Polnareff, DIO, Josuke Higashikata, Rohan Kishibe, and Giorno Giovanna were added at launch, with additional characters being added over time:


Non-Playable Characters




Map of Morioh
Map of Cairo
Map of Prison Farm
Map of Colosseum

Last Survivor currently has four maps. They are quite vast, and each area has several landmarks.

The first map is downtown Morioh, the game's default map. Due to it size, the game selects one of six areas for the battle to take place in: the rural district area, the Trussardi area, the Angelo Rock area, the Owson area, the Kameyu area, and the train station area.

The second map, downtown Cairo, was announced on November 24, 2020[3] and was released on December 16 of the same year.[4] Unlike Morioh, the Cairo map is significantly smaller and only has one possible area to play in.

The third map, the Prison Farm, was announced on February 25, 2023 during the Last Survivor Championship 2023[5] and was made available to play on April 1 of the same year. Like its predecessor, downtown Cairo, it is a small map compared to Morioh, only having one possible area to play in.

The fourth map, the Colosseum, was announced on March 2, 2024 during the Last Survivor Championship 2024[6] and released on March 6.

Draw Mechanics and Customization

Promo for the game's PP system

It is possible to play Last Survivor as a guest, but an account must be created to save any collected cosmetic items. These cosmetic items can then be applied by logging into the game's arcade machine with a BANAPASSPORT Card, which can be purchased at arcades that have the game installed.

The game operates using PP (Play Points). By exchanging credits (which cost ¥100 each), the player can receive a certain amount of PP that can be spent in-game. One credit is worth 200 PP, three credits are worth 700 PP, and five credits are worth 1200 PP. 1 PP is subtracted from the player's counter for each second of gameplay, and entering a match requires a minimum of 400 PP. If the player has less than 400 PP, they can either spend their points on Premium Draws or play in Training Mode until the counter reaches 0.

Draw options in-game

Last Survivor features a gacha mechanic known as Draws, which serves as the principal way to obtain items in-game. The player can either draw a Lucky Draw by spending the tickets they obtain after a match or spend 200PP to draw a Premium Draw, which has a higher chance of obtaining rare items. In either case, three cards are displayed on-screen, of which the player must choose one and receive the cosmetic item behind it. The cosmetic item obtained can be equipped either on the spot or via the game's official website. If the player draws a cosmetic item that they already own, it will be converted into Coins according to its rarity; these Coins can be exchanged for cosmetic items at the Exchange Station on the game's website.

Soul Chip and Title displayed on the game's matching screen

Several varieties of cosmetic items are available to alter each character's appearance and show the player's progress:

  • Character Color Variations allow the player to customize the color of a character's clothes and hair; Stand Color Variations do the same for a character's stand.
  • Poses are special emotes that can be used both in-game and in Victory Shots. The player can select up to four poses for each character and pair each with a line of dialogue.
  • Soul Chips work as profile pictures in-game, and are displayed in the matching screen alongside the player's Title.
  • Profile Cards are unique cosmetic items that are only displayed on the game's official website, on a player's My Page section.



  • Some characters have a few special lines depending on where they are in the map.
    • Josuke and Jotaro (Part 6) say "Yo, Angelo" when walking in front of the Angelo landmark in Morioh.
    • Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi, and Rohan react when entering their own houses. Jotaro (Part 6) and Okuyasu also react when entering Josuke's house.
    • Jotaro and Jotaro (Part 6) react when entering DIO's mansion.
Before and After of Okuyasu's house gate
Unreleased Koichi Color Variation
  • Gold Experience Requiem and Echoes ACT3 maintain their default looks even when a Stand Color Variation is equipped.
  • Previous to the game release, on August 10 of 2019, a Koichi Color Variation was shown on twitter in a Victory Shot.[7] As of today, this Color Variation remains unreleased.
  • In the 03.03 update, the snap button was changed from X to Y, allowing players to perform actions such as jumping through windows during their Victory Shots.
  • Alongside the addition of Okuyasu Nijimura in the 10.02 update, the text on the sign on the gate of Okuyasu's house was changed from "立入禁止" to "立禁止", as a reference to the events of Chapter 275.
  • In one released UI mockup for the game, the map Erangel from the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is used, and the four names shown in the game's chat are references to each member of The Beatles.


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