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Narciso Anasui was announced during Bandai Namco's "Last Survivor Championship Stream" live stream on the official Last Survivor YouTube channel on February 25, 2023. He was released as a playable character on March 8, 2023.

Narciso Anasui
Skill Name
Release Level
LS Button R2.png (Repeat)
Consecutive Normal Punches.
Diver Shoot
LS Button R1.png
Diver Down unleashes a forward kick that can pass through obstacles to strike enemies.
Level 2
Wall Climb
LS Button A.png (Hold)
Is activated when toward a wall. Anasui grabs onto Diver Down's leg sticking out of walls and can climb at high speeds.
Stand ON (Summon Stand)
LS Button L2.png (Hold)
Stand remains out. Attack speed increases.
Assault Dive
LS Button L1.png
Diver Down dives into the ground and the player can select which spot it should emerge at. When R2 is pressed, it emerges from that spot and does a punch rush at the enemy's feet, also dealing area damage. During activation, Anasui's body is defenseless. It can be used up to two times per game.
Level 4

Character Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆
Type: Close-Range

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