Last Survivor ★ Okuyasu Nijimura

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Okuyasu was added to Last Survivor post-launch. He was announced on June 2, 2021, and released on June 9th.

Okuyasu Nijimura
Skill Name
Release Level
LS Button R2.png (Repeat)
Consecutive Normal Punches.
Space Erasure
LS Button R1.png
Scrapes the space in front of the player, pulling an enemy in. Press and Hold R1 to display the destination marker and release when the marker is on the enemy to pull them in.
Level 2
Delinquent Toughness
Reduces the damage received.
Stand ON (Summon Stand)
LS Button L2.png (Hold)
Stand will remain out. Attack speed increases.
Bring it on!
LS Button L1.png
Significantly increases defense, shields, and recovery speed of Spirit Gauge. Can be used up to two times in one game.
Level 4

Character Difficulty: ★ ☆ ☆
Type: Short-Range

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