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Jolyne Cujoh is a character in Last Survivor that was added post-release. She was announced on February 19, 2022, and was released on March 9.

Jolyne Cujoh
Skill Name
Release Level
Stone ORA Rush
LS Button R2.png (Repeat)
Consecutive Normal Punches
Stone Hook
LS Button R1.png
Shoots a string out that attaches itself to buildings or objects and will pull Jolyne towards them. Press and Hold R1 to display the destination marker and release when over selected object.
Level 2
Stand ON (Summon Stand)
LS Button L2.png (Hold)
Stand will remain out. Attack speed increases.
String Jail
LS Button L1.png
Quickly deploys a string net forward, restraining all enemies who touch it for a certain period of time. Can be used up to two times per game.
Level 3

Character Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆
Type: Short-Range

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