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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Diavolo.

Early life

Diavolo as a baby

While a majority of Diavolo's background is vague, some facts are made clear: born in an all-female prison during the summer of 1967, his mother claimed she had been pregnant for two years and there was no father, both within the jail and outside, that could've fathered her child. Because she still had years on her sentence, Diavolo was sent back to Sardinia to live with the priest in his mother's hometown. According to neighbors and friends, Diavolo was frank, yet timid and not too bright; he had also desired to be a sailor rather than a priest like his father wanted him to be.

At some point he met his mother and subsequently buried her beneath his house.

The fire that erased all traces of Diavolo

In 1984 to 1985 (roughly when he was 17~18), Diavolo met Donatella, who was vacationing in Sardinia when they met. Donatella fell in love with Diavolo, who was under the assumed name of "Solid Naso", and they interacted enough to sleep together and have a daughter named Trish Una, whom Diavolo was never aware of. At one point, Diavolo and Donatella went to the Costa Smeralda and Diavolo took a photo of Donatella near a stela. During this period of time, Diavolo told numerous lies about himself, all of which Donatella believed, and when they departed, Diavolo made a promise to return and never carried through with it.

In 1986, when Diavolo was 19, the priest (who by then had completely adopted Diavolo as his son) spotted Diavolo walking on the beach with Donatella. Believing it was time to get Diavolo a car, the priest began to construct a garage, only to find a young woman, Diavolo's mother, buried alive in the dirt with her mouth sewn shut. That night, a fire broke out and razed the village, killing the priest and five other people. Diavolo was listed as a casualty as well.

Founding Passione

Finding the Arrows

In reality, Diavolo had slipped off to Egypt to join an excavation. During this, he found six arrow heads by chance; He stole them, fled, and soon met Enya Geil, who told Diavolo of their use. He then sold five of the six to Enya for a very large sum of money and very likely returned to Italy to create Passione, a gang that would later become a dominant force in Italy. The arrow he took likely created his own Stand, King Crimson, as well as Mr.President, which was given to Polpo and his Stand, Black Sabbath, to form the initiation test of Passione.

Establishing his gang and power base

When he had formed Passione, he quickly sent his growing number of subordinates off to find and erase other Mafia families in Italy. During the entire time he ruled Passione, no one had ever met him in person or had seen his face due to his obsession with his identity. At some point during the previous events, Vinegar Doppio "became a member of Passione"; i.e., Diavolo begun to use him to carry out missions in privacy and go out in public without anyone seeing him in person. It is unknown when Doppio fully manifested and 'joined' Passione, and how many years he had been working under Diavolo - however, assuming Diavolo had treated him right, it was a long enough period of time for Doppio to become both fiercely loyal and completely believe that he was the Boss's most trusted subordinate. Diavolo also had Passione clean the streets of drugs and do various charity activities (while secretly selling drugs), which gave the outer impression of Passione being a just and virtuous system. This allowed Diavolo to gather many wide-eyed idealists like Bruno Bucciarati and have them join Passione.

Confronting Polnareff

In the 1990's, Polnareff and Jotaro Kujo set off to find the remaining Arrows that Diavolo had dug up. Polnareff had noticed that in Italy, crime and death rates had been rising to a point where they were 20 times higher than the average. As such, he set off to investigate Passione and Diavolo, eventually causing the two to meet face to face. In retaliation for nearly discovering him, Diavolo gouged Polnareff's right eye, ripped off his arm, and threw him off a cliff - breaking Polnareff's legs in the process - and declared him dead. However, Polnareff survived and found, as he suspected, another arrow.

Making an example to the Hitman Team

In 1994, Risotto Nero joined Passione and Diavolo instated him as the leader of La Squadra Esecuzioni, an assassination team for Passione, giving him several operatives to run including Sorbet and Gelato. However, Diavolo never granted them territory, something all other units were given, and after five years the group sent a request for territory and a raise. When Diavolo rejected this offer, La Squadra retaliated by attempting to discover whom their Boss was so they could extort these gifts. Unfortunately, Diavolo caught on and ordered to kill the insurrectionists, with Sorbet getting cut up alive and Gelato committing suicide. Gelato's body was left at the assassins' shared apartment, while Sorbet's was delivered back to La Squadra's base in thirty-six individual pieces embalmed in frozen formaldehyde and framed. Despaired and intimidated by the boss' gesture, for the time being, La Squadra abandoned the idea of rebellion.

In January 2001, Donatella died due to an illness and Trish begun a quest to find her father. Due to his ties through Italy, Diavolo learned of this and sent Pericolo off to find her before La Squadra could.

Vento Aureo (2001)

Because of his drug ring plan still reaching people, particularly children, Giorno Giovanna became attracted to the events around Passione. The death of Luca prompted Diavolo to send Bucciarati to kill the one responsible, which resulted in the officer ultimately allying himself with Giorno. Giorno passed the initiation test, killed Polpo, and became a member of Team Bucciarati. After the defeat of Mario Zucchero and Sale, Pericolo met with them, graduated Bucciarati to Polpo's occupation, and gave them Trish Una as well as Diavolo's mission to Polpo to deliver her to him. This plan was done for a two-fold reason of killing off La Squadra and to personally kill Trish due to her being a blood relative and sharing his genes, thus giving any of his enemies a clue to his identity.

Dealing with Trish

After a fight between Narancia Ghirga and Formaggio ends up with a wrecked streets, Team Bucciarati's nearby hideout is sure to be discovered and thus Diavolo quickly gives Bruno Bucciarati new orders so that they can bring Trish to Venice.

Overseeing Trish's delivery to him

During this time, Diavolo made sure to have specific items placed in specific location to be found and used by Team Bucciarati; these include the key used to activate Mr.President near the "Cave Canem" mosaic in Pompeii, Coco Jumbo in a train station at Naples, and an OA-disc located in Venice that would tell of his ultimate location where he hoped to finally dispose of Trish.[1] Team Bucciarati soon managed to collect all these whilst taking out the members of La Squadra whom would try to capture Trish, leading to Bucciarati himself going with Trish to meet the Boss; However, by this point, Bucciarati had become part of Giorno's plan to kill the Boss, something Diavolo wasn't aware of. Team Bucciarati finally arrive at the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. During the elevator ride up the belfry where Diavolo had instructed the team to drop Trish, he kidnapped Trish and slipped down the elevator shaft and into the basement. Bucciarati was so revolted with the Boss's intent to kill his own child that he rebelled and pursued Diavolo, planting a bug on him by dropping it down the elevator shaft as Diavolo got out.

Diavolo deals with the traitor, Bucciarati

Diavolo took a secret route to the crypt where Bucciarati was waiting in ambush but thanks to his precognition, saw Bucciarati's attack. The dark crypt allowed Diavolo to act without his face being revealed. He deigned to warn Bucciarati to stay back once and when Bucciarati attacked anyway, decided to act. Diavolo interrogated Bucciarati about his motives, but Bucciarati didn't answer and kept attacking. As a "farewell gift", Diavolo reveals Bucciarati King Crimson's power to erase time and positions himself behind him to punch through his stomach. Surprisingly, Bucciarati keeps fighting despite his wound, only for King Crimson to erase time again and cleave his torso. Bucciarati is disposed of and Diavolo is free to examine his daughter and indeed feels a connection between them. He attacks Trish but the bug on his jacket turns into a clone of Coco Jumbo thanks to Giorno Giovanna's power, sucking him in before Bucciarati opens a zipper and makes the clone fall into a pipe. However, Diavolo has predicted that too and easily gets out of the turtle, blocking Bucciarati's exit path through the stairs. Diavolo advances to attack but is nearly taken by surprise when Sticky Fingers's detached arm attacks him from behind. King Crimson erases time again and avoids the attack. However, Bucciarati reveals that he merely aimed at the pillar, creating a zipper so that he could be pulled up to the ceiling with Trish. Diavolo tries to follow them, but Giorno signals the whole team to come into the church. With so many potential witnesses, Diavolo decides to let the team escape for now and calls his elite team to kill them and his daughter.

Going back to Sardinia

In a hotel room, Diavolo examines all files related to Trish' case. He finds a photo of the Una's living room and notices the old photo of Donatella that he personally took in the Costa Smeralda. Although he has heard about the plane crash Notorious B.I.G caused, he still feels that Trish is alive and concludes that the traitors are going to use Moody Blues at this spot and Leone Abbacchio will reveal Diavolo's face. Diavolo decide to personally handle this matter. When a hotel maid enters his room without knocking, he erases time and takes all traces of his presence with him.

Diavolo kills a prying fortune teller
For the occasion, he lets his alter-ego Vinegar Doppio take control. Along the way, Doppio is questioned by a fortune teller who reveals that they're searching for their daughter. Diavolo temporarily reveals himself and kills the fortune teller, but not before learning from him that an encounter with Risotto Nero is close. On the way to Donatella's house, the driver of the taxi that Doppio takes attempts to con him, believing the envelope containing the picture of Donatella to be full of money. Doppio almost gouges out the eye of the driver, but Diavolo informs him that there is no reason to eliminate him as the driver did not see the contents of the envelope and also notes that they were being watched. Risotto was planning on intercepting Team Bucciarati to make one last attempt at capturing Trish. At first, Risotto simply assumes Doppio is a tourist, but upon seeing him react to the sounds and sight of Aerosmith, realizes that Doppio is a Stand user and attacks him.
Risotto's last attempt to kill Diavolo

The fight with Risotto is long and he nearly succeeds in killing Doppio multiple times, if not for Diavolo's interventions. He gives Doppio the use of Epitaph and throughout the fight encourages Doppio to get close so that King Crimson can defeat Risotto in one fell swoop, or orders him to flee when Doppio is at risk of injury. However the fight is largely in Risotto's favor, from the power of Metallica to Doppio's lack of battle experience playing for the traitor. Diavolo throws knives created by Metallica in the direction of Team Bucciarati. This causes Aerosmith to intervene and shoot Risotto, leaving him dying and defeated. As Diavolo emerges from Doppio, he stands over the traitorous assassin, offering him a quick death with his dignity intact in exchange for the restoration of the iron content of his blood lost in the battle. However, Risotto has Metallica hijack Aerosmith and attempt to shoot Diavolo. In response, King Crimson erases time so that the bullets pass through Diavolo and finish Risotto off. Diavolo is disappointed that Risotto died with not only his honor intact, but without needing to help his former Boss. Left extremely fatigued and weak, Diavolo replenishes some of his supply of iron by devouring nearby frogs. When followed by Bucciarati and his men, Diavolo attacks a child playing soccer, steals his uniform, and drinks much of his blood to restore his own iron. This gives him a chance to kill Abbacchio while using Doppio as a disguise in an attempt to remove Team Bucciarati's chance to unveil his face. Unbeknownst to him, Moody Blues has found Diavolo's old face and the team were able to search for it, attracting the attention of another ally that proposed that they meet in the Colosseum to get a way to defeat Diavolo.

Going to Rome

Traveling to Rome

Diavolo eventually sees Team Bucciarati leave Sardinia with an unexpectedly determined look on their face. Thus, Diavolo tells Doppio to check the stela where his suspects that the traitors are going somewhere for an important reason; he orders Doppio to get moving via plane, as well as ask Cioccolata and Secco for assistance, despite expressing disgust as the former for his past actions. However, when Doppio arrives in Rome, he's held hostage by Secco and is soon lending a hand in helping a once-again dying and unknowing Bucciarati. Diavolo uses his soul's resemblance to Trish's to fool Bucciarati into letting him help in order to find out whom has been assisting the traitors. He is then able to sneak past the rest of Team Bucciarati and bring him to the Colosseum.

When they get there, Diavolo takes notice of a person watching them, and orders Doppio to stay cautious. The unknown individual calls out and asks Bucciarati for the identity of the person with him is. Diavolo takes a closer look at the individual and notices the Stand-granting Arrow, shocking him and bringing only one person to mind: Polnareff. Though Bucciarati tells Polnareff that it's Trish and Doppio convinces him that he is a girl, he demands to see her Stand. It is in that instant that Doppio disappears.

Diavolo finally revealed
Doppio reappears on a set of stairs leading to Polnareff. Diavolo slowly emerges and begins speaking about how everyone must defeat the mistakes of their past as he begins taking off his sweater and passes by a column. When he emerges from the column, Diavolo has fully revealed himself to Polnareff, knowing that he could not keep himself completely hidden in the ensuing confrontation. Though he is only slightly taken aback when he sees that Polnareff is somehow still alive after their last encounter, he nonetheless prepares to attack him a second time and make sure that he stays dead. Before Diavolo begins his assault, he questions Polnareff why he would have an Arrow when there was one already in Italy and all of his allies were already Stand users. When Polnareff refuses to answer, Diavolo charges at him. Before King Crimson can erase time, Polnareff bites his own finger and holds it over his other hand. Diavolo takes notice of this and positions himself behind Polnareff. He is then attacked and has his arm sliced open by Polnareff's Silver Chariot when time is restored. Diavolo instantly figures out that the blood drops from Polnareff's finger allow him to know immediately when time is erased. Before Polnareff can escape, Diavolo erases time once more, and flings the blood from his arm into the path of Polnareff's eyes to make sure that he wouldn't be able to see when time returns. However, as Diavolo prepares to deliver a finishing blow with King Crimson the instant time returns, he notices that Silver Chariot has been stabbed in the face with the Arrow, and narrowly misses the Stand.
Diavolo faces off against Polnareff
Seeing it leap past the average Power-type range limit of two meters, he decides to mortally wound Polnareff by punching him through the chest to prevent it from going any further. Making sure his enemy is dead by checking his pulse, Diavolo wonders aloud is there might be some other ability of the Arrow besides granting Stands to normal people, then takes it for himself. He thanks Polnareff for bringing another Arrow to him before leaving. However, it is then that Diavolo notices a mysterious individual covered in black begin walking away from him. Though he angrily demands the entity's identity and commands it to face him, he suddenly drops the Arrow as his legs go limp. Diavolo falls asleep before he could make sense of the situation.

Chasing after the Arrow

Chariot Requiem is Polnareff's last resort to keep the Arrow from falling into Diavolo's hands, and renders everyone in Rome unconscious while switching their spirits around. Upon reawakening, Team Bucciarati in their switched bodies figure out the workings of the soul-switching and their temporarily new identities. Coming to the conclusion that Diavolo's soul would be in Bucciarati's due to it being vice versa, Guido Mista, in Trish's body, immediately fires several rounds into the defenseless body as it's getting up. However, Diavolo's soul was piggybacking with Trish in Mista's body. During a moment of respite, Diavolo sneakily erases time, breaks a nearby fence and impales Narancia Ghirga (in Giorno's body) on it, killing him instantly. With Giorno returning back to his body, the group realizes they were wrong and must retrieve the Arrow from Chariot Requiem, taking along with them Polnareff in Coco Jumbo's body. Diavolo, having become a separate soul, begins to sabotage the group's attempts to defeat Chariot Requiem.

Upon the first signs of Requiem's true ability to transform people and animals into "something else", Diavolo becomes the first to figure out its weakness. However, Giorno stops the group when he himself figures out that Diavolo has been sabotaging them. Giorno tells everyone to stay at least five meters apart from each other as Diavolo, whom split from Doppio during the soul switch, is now possessing one of them. It is then that Diavolo realizes that Giorno Giovanna was his greatest obstacle due to his perceptiveness.
Diavolo as a rogue soul
The young boy attempts to reveal the Boss by touching his allies, sensing if there are two souls. Diavolo, whom is in Mista's body along with Trish, severs Giorno's arm and bashes him in the head when he approaches Bucciarati so that he is not cornered. He is also able to grab Trish's own Stand, Spice Girl, and take complete control Mista's body. Upon figuring out that he is able to move Mista's various parts, Diavolo has him sprint for Requiem and the Arrow, using King Crimson's ability to get a headstart. Diavolo predicts the future and erases time to narrowly avoid Mista's bullets, having countered a number of attacks in the time he gets to Requiem. Before he revealed himself, he noticed that Requiem's shadow is always opposite of wherever he is. With this information, King Crimson throws a blind punch behind its own head, and hits an orb of light that was behind him all along and was producing the shadow. This mostly destroys Chariot Requiem and frees the Requiem Arrow, which Diavolo takes for himself. Ecstatic that the Arrow is in his hands once more, he prepares to pierce King Crimson with it. However, Giorno turns the blood that splattered on Diavolo when he severed his arm into a swarm of ants that chew at and break off the Arrow. Diavolo reaches for the dropped Arrow after deflecting more of Mista's bullets, but those same deflected bullets then shoot through his hand and knock the Arrow a long distance away.
Disposing of his hated daughter
Confused, he realizes that Trish has been fighting back, and that Spice Girl had used its ability to soften the bullets. Diavolo retaliates by wishing his daughter had never been born, before furiously punching her soul clean through the stomach. He then uses the force of the punch to send Mista's body flying in the direction of the Arrow that had escaped him. Having once again taken it, Diavolo attempts to pierce King Crimson without hesitation, only for the Arrow phase right through the Stand's hand; Bucciarati sacrifices his own life by finally destroying Chariot Requiem's remains, saving Trish's life by undoing its ability and ripping Diavolo's soul and King Crimson away from the Arrow.

Awakening, Diavolo attempts to retreat, but a conscious Trish tells Giorno that her father is "running away". In an effort to spare his own pride, he attacks Giorno after meeting eyes with him once more and seeing that the Arrow had landed in the boy's hands. Using Epitaph, he forecasts the Arrow rejecting Giorno, then mortally wounds Gold Experience just as the Stand is pierced.

Diavolo realizes he can't affect Gold Experience Requiem
However, Giorno had successfully evolved his Stand into Gold Experience Requiem despite Epitaph's predictions. Initially, Diavolo believes the new form to be a simple enhancement, then forecasts Giorno killed. Giorno taunts and belittles Diavolo and his philosophy, stating that while the virtuous actions of his teammates could never be "erased", the boss and his selfish actions might not be the same case. He attempts to erase time as Gold Experience Requiem unleashes a barrage of punches, Mista fires several bullets, and a wasp flies past. Placing himself next to Giorno, Diavolo splatters blood in front of his face like he did with Polnareff, then proceeds to deliver a fatal punch to the heart. However, before the hit could land, he is interrupted by the sight of the wasp flying backward, his blood returning to his wound, and Mista's bullets returning to his gun. Right as he was about to resume his attack, Diavolo himself is shocked by Gold Experience Requiem speaking to him within the erased time, claiming that while Epitaph allows him to see the next moments of reality, Diavolo himself will never reach it; Gold Experience Requiem reveals its true power by setting King Crimson's seemingly invincible ability "to zero" and nullifying it, completely undoing the time erasure. Diavolo, forced to watch himself state the same lines, is left in a state of utter disbelief as Giorno and his Stand pummel him and King Crimson with no trouble. Desperate in putting an end to the boy that has caused him so much trouble, he attacks Giorno once more, only to be ultimately pummeled by Gold Experience Requiem again and sent flying into the nearby river.

Final Moments

Diavolo, never able to meet his end

Not long after, Diavolo climbed out of the river and found himself inside a storm drain, relieved of his survival. However, his celebration was cut short by a homeless drug addict, who stabbed him and accused him of trying to steal his coat. Agonizing from his wound, Diavolo is left in disbelief over his predicament as he began to black out. Awaking in an autopsy room stripped of his clothes, Diavolo saw a coroner enter the room and tried to get her attention, to no avail. Unable to move his body, Diavolo can only helplessly look on as the coroner dissected him and removed his liver. Finding himself in an unfamiliar street, Diavolo began to lose his composure before being spooked by a bystander's dog, making him fall off the sidewalk and into the path of a moving car. Before getting run over, Diavolo realizes that he is trapped in an infinite death loop due to Gold Experience Requiem's ability; he continues to experience death over and over for eternity due to dying and subsequently returning to point zero (before his death). Panicked in anticipation for where the next source of his never-ending fatality is going to come from, the last of what is seen of Diavolo is him begging a harmless child to get away from him.

Purple Haze Feedback

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

In the light novel Purple Haze Feedback, within six months after Diavolo's death, Giorno had managed to successfully fool Passione into believing he had been the Boss all along. Besides the members of Sezione Droghe, led by Vladimir Kocaqi, it is unknown how many members of Passione actually believed this. Giorno had also obtained the assistance of the Speedwagon Foundation through Polnareff, giving Passione even more power than Diavolo had. Diavolo, through the whole ordeal, was still in his looping deaths during this time and long after.


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.
Diavolo and King Crimson

In the light novel JORGE JOESTAR, an incarnation of Diavolo lives in an unknown universe. Like his original universe counterpart, he wields King Crimson. However, instead of Vinegar Doppio, his alternate personality is Giorno Giovanna. With Giorno's Gold Experience Requiem, he cancels his own death and ends up in the 37th universe, where he takes over Passione.


Diavolo's headquarters of the Passione family in the 37th universe is Nero Nero Island. The group has about three hundred members with several Stand users, and nobody has met their boss aside from knowing that his name is Diavolo.[2] Diavolo had killed far more than a hundred people, including victims from enemy crime syndicates, civilians, politicians, law enforcement, and his own men.[3]


Diavolo's corpse

Bruno Bucciarati reveals that they found the dead bodies of Diavolo and Yoshikage Kira in the study of the Arrow Cross House, where they had somehow been lying for at least twelve hours, despite Jorge Joestar and Rohan Kishibe having been in and out of that room all day. He shares footage from Leone Abbacchio's Stand Videodrome, depicting a holographic display of Diavolo and Kira's sudden deaths with their throats being slit. Videodrome records everything that happens to someone for 24 hours after midnight and cuts off at the moment of their death, meaning that there are no records of Diavolo and Kira from midnight until 8 am. They just suddenly appeared in Arrow Cross House at 8 am, where they were killed in approximately one second, and nobody noticed their bodies.[3]

The original universe George Joestar eventually investigates and performs an autopsy on Diavolo's body with the help of NYPD Blue and Abbacchio. He deduces what occurred. Enrico Pucci lured Kira and Diavolo to Arrow Cross House after setting the two against each other. As time looped, Pucci sped up time and compressed it until neither of them could move at all, then slit their throats. Giorno unsuccessfully tries to conceal his surprise, making George suspicious. Meanwhile, NYPD Blue and Abbacchio notice that Diavolo's pages from Heaven's Door were not in order; his body only had odd pages, meaning that Diavolo had an alternate personality and someone else had the even pages.[4]

Punching George

After Giorno is revealed to be lying, he reveals his soul was inhabiting Antonio Torres's hollowed out skin as a disguise. He heals Diavolo's corpse, which is his original body, and moves his soul over to it.[5] Fugo attacks Diavolo along with Mista and Abbacchio but their attacks do nothing. George then attempts to punch Diavolo but King Crimson punches him through the stomach. He mentions intentionally avoiding George's heart so that he could take him to go see the Secret Emperor. The gangsters and the Japanese group try protecting George but they are all easily defeated. Reimi cries as Diavolo jumps into Cube House with George.

Cube House

Diavolo at Dio's coffin
Dio drinking his blood

George awakens, finding himself on the deck of a ship near a large black coffin. Diavolo yells at the man in the coffin to wake up, and George recognizes him as Dio Brando. They had traveled through time to the first universe, one hundred years after Dio sank in the coffin. Hungry, Dio decides to drink some of Diavolo's blood first. As Diavolo's body belongs to Dio's son, his blood is suitable. Diavolo attempts to use King Crimson but Dio's The World stops time before he can. Dio then reveals the Stand he had stolen from Jonathan Joestar's body, a crown of thorns that could see the futures of his blood relatives. Dio kicks Diavolo and stomps on his head, claiming they still have work to do. George witnesses Dio and Diavolo vanish, realizing that they traveled through time as Cube House's effect was still lingering on Diavolo.

Dio eventually kills Giorno and by extension, Diavolo, by thrusting a katana into his heart.[4]

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

When Heaven-Attained DIO starts to rewrite reality, Diavolo somehow escapes the effect of Gold Experience Requiem and gets out of the death loop.

He reappears at the Colosseum and challenges Giorno Giovanna to a fight, hoping to regain his pride as the "emperor". However, Giorno defeats him and Diavolo goes away.


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