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"BLOODY STREAM" is the second opening theme song of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime, animated by Studio Kamikaze Douga. The song is associated with the second arc of the series, Battle Tendency and was a single by Japanese musician Kazuso Oda under the stage name "Coda".

The song is noted as having an emotional and fashionable tune, with the husky yet charming voice of the song's vocalist adding a further stylish nature to the song as a whole.[2] Jun Yamamoto of Billboard said that he felt that the horns and funky sound of the song compliment the story of Joseph Joestar and his battle against the Pillar Men Esidisi, Wamuu, and Kars, further mesmerizing him and drawing him into a "bizarre world".[3]

In its first week of sales, "Bloody Stream" sold 21 thousand units, reaching the number 4 spot on the Oricon's Weekly Album Charts.[4][5][6] It also reached number 7 on Billboard's Japan Hot 100,[7] 3 on the Japan Hot Single Sales chart,[8] and number 2 on the Japan Hot Animation chart.[9]

Opening Animation

JOJO OP2 Illustration 1.gif

The opening starts off with a quick montage of Joseph suiting up, eventually leading up to the Title emerging from a rock. After this, the title quickly fades away as a silhouette appears of Joseph doing various poses with thorns and various colors flying around in the background. The camera zooms out and silhouettes of the three Pillar Men standing in front of a background of red fire are seen. The scene then changes into showing all three Pillar Men frozen in stone.

JosephCaesar Bloody Stream.png

A second montage begins showing various colored characters from the manga, including Erina Joestar, Lisa Lisa, and Smokey Brown. Between the transition of Lisa Lisa and Smokey, an X-Ray can be seen showing the skeleton of Joseph with his throat and heart areas glowing, showing where the poison rings were placed by Wamuu and Esidisi. Another silhouette performance commences, only this one is of Lisa Lisa, and it eventually shifts to Caesar, unleashing multiple kicks and performing a high jump with only his knees. After Caesar's performance, Joseph's and Caesar's silhouettes are seen fighting up until Joseph blocks Caesar's punch and they become fully visible for a brief instant, showing that they are only playfully sparring. Another silhouette of Joseph is shown again using his Clackers, but he eventually gets tangled in them and falls down. A naked Lisa Lisa is seen spinning in the air with rose petals about. After which, the screen becomes black and the Red Stone of Aja slowly falls into place like a pendulum. Multiple blue hands attempt to grab it, with a couple dying off as the stone pulls away from them. Another montage occurs showing Speedwagon, Straizo, Suzi Q crying, Loggins and Messina, Stroheim doing a Nazi salute and Santana frozen in stone.

After this, the three other Pillar Men are shown attacking. Wamuu unleashes a Divine Sandstorm, Esidisi uses his flame mode while flailing his blood vessels, and Kars slices the camera's eyes out with one of his Light Blades. The camera zooms out showing the Pillar Men standing on a rocky pillar in front of a full moon. Joseph and Caesar are facing them and prepare to battle. After a brief shot of the Stone of Aja, Kars as the Ultimate Thing is seen with the sun shining behind him.

Joseph and Caesar's moves

The scene switches to a rotation of Caesar and Joseph showing off fighting moves as the title 'JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE PART2' scrolls by in the background. After a few rotations, Joseph spin kicks out of the frame and Caesar drops his arms and makes a disdainful scream, with a distinct red bubble (referring to the battle between Caesar and Wamuu) flying past to the screen. The scene transitions to Joseph donning Caesar's Headband and yelling into the sky as a shooting star flies across the night. The opening ends with the Red Stone of Aja embedded in stone and glistening.

Altered Version

The opening for episode 25 follows the trend set by the previous opening of containing a few sound effects.


Hermit Purple
(Silhouetted cameo)


Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
静寂の 底から Shijima no soko kara From the silent depths
目覚めるその柱たち 時を越え Mezameru sono hashira tachi toki wo koe The pillars awaken from their ages-long sleep
深紅の 血潮が Shinku no chishio ga Crimson blood
立ち上がる勇気を 惹きあわせる Tachiagaru yūki wo hikiawaseru summons the valorous to stand up
受け継ぐ愛を 宿命(さだめ)と呼ぶなら Uketsugu ai wo sadame to yobu nara If inherited love is called fate
微笑む目で 次の手を Hohoemu me de tsugi no te wo Then step forward with smiling eyes
闇を欺いて 刹那を躱して Yami wo azamuite setsuna wo kawashite Mystify the darkness, dodge in a blink,
刃すり抜け 奴らの間隙を突け Yaiba surinuke yatsura no suki wo tsuke Avoid the blade, find an opening and strike
つらぬいた信念が 未来を拓く Tsuranuita omoi ga mirai wo hiraku Conviction tested opens the way to the future
Like a Bloody Storm Like a Bloody Storm LIKE A BLOODY STORM
熱く Like a Bloody Stone Atsuku Like a Bloody Stone Hot LIKE A BLOODY STONE
血脈に刻まれた因縁に Ketsumyaku ni kizamareta innen ni Destiny written into your veins
浮き上がる消えない誇りの絆 Ukiagaru kienai hokori no kizuna The undying bonds of honor arise
握りしめて Nigirishimete Take hold of them
漲る 力に Minagiru chikara ni An overflowing power
打ち付ける鼓動は証 友の声 Uchitsukeru kodō wa akashi tomo no koe the mark of a friend's voice
滲んだ 痛みと Nijinda itami to Spreads out your pain
今生き抜く意味を 交わしながら Ima ikinuku imi wo kawashi nagara Now live for the feelings you shared
お前の意志が 夜明けを導く Omae no ishi ga yoake wo michibiku Your will will lead to the rising dawn
目映いほどの 気高さで Mabayui hodo no kedakasa de Sparkling with noble elegance
光 射す丘へ 灼熱の空へ Hikari sasu oka e shakunetsu no sora e Towards the bright hills, towards the blazing skies
魂が ぶつかりあう旅路へ Tamashī ga butsukariau tabiji e Towards the clash between our wandering souls
悲しみに 塗られた 未来を救え Kanashimi ni nurareta mirai wo sukue To save the future awash with sadness 
Like a Bloody Soul Like a Bloody Soul LIKE A BLOODY SOUL
燃やせ Like a Bloody Star Moyase Like a Bloody Star Burn up LIKE A BLOODY STAR
炎 裂き風を断ち その先へ Honō saki kaze wo tachi sono saki e Cutting through the flames, a blade to cut through the winds
怖れずに 何も躊躇わず 進め  Osorezu ni nani mo tamerawazu susume No one else can go ahead without hesitation~
流れの中 Nagare no naka Flowing through you...!
共鳴する 運命の波紋 (こころ) Kyōmei suru unmei no hamon kokoro ni Let the ripple of destiny in your heart resonate
闇を欺いて 刹那を躱して Yami wo azamuite setsuna wo kawashite Deceiving the darkness, avoid the moment
刃すり抜け 奴らの間隙を突け Yaiba surinuke yatsura no suki wo tsuke Through the blade, catch the enemy off his guard
つらぬいた信念が 未来を拓く Tsuranuita omoi ga mirai wo hiraku Carry out the will, develop the future
Like a Bloody Storm Like a Bloody Storm LIKE A BLOODY STORM 
熱く Like a Bloody Stone Atsuku Like a Bloody Stone Heat up LIKE A BLOODY STONE
血脈に刻まれた因縁に Ketsumyaku ni kizamareta innen ni Carved into the bloody lineage of destiny
浮き上がる消えない誇りの絆 Ukiagaru kienai hokori no kizuna Floating and indelible, bonds of pride~
握りしめて Nigirishimete Clasped together...!


    Lyrics: Saori Kodama / Composition: Toshiyuki O'mori / Arrangement: MACARONI ☆

For the "mito remix" versions, see the album JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Anthology Songs 2.

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Animation Staff

Director (演出)
吉邉 尚希
Animation Director (作画監督)
吉邉 尚希
Key Animation (原画)
吉邉 尚希
Design Cooperation (デザイン協力)
Design Work
Tomoe Nakano
中野 友愛
CG Director
Kanade Nagata
永田 奏
Other Credits
Junpei Mizusaki
Kaori Satake
水崎 淳平
佐竹 加央林

Music Staff

Music Staff
Toshiyuki O'mori
Toshiyuki O'mori
Saori Codama
Musical Staff 
  • Trumpet : Eric Miyashiro, Yusuke Nakano
  • Alto Sax : Masakuni Takeno
  • Tenor Sax : Osamu Yoshida
  • Electric Guitar : Hiroyuki Tanba
  • Keyboards & Programming & Arrangement : Toshiyuki O'mori


Opening Videos



  • The clothes that Joseph and Caesar wear on the cover are inspired by Jolyne Cujoh and Stone Free.
  • Bloodyarashi.png
    When Wamuu performs his Divine Sandstorm ( Kamizuna Arashi) at 0:52, the kanji used for the studio Kamikaze Douga (神風動画) briefly changes into Kamiarashi Douga (神嵐動画).
  • During the final scene, after Joseph screams, a shot of the starry sky with a shooting star is seen, which is referencing Kars's fate in the finale.
  • In the US television airing on Toonami, the opening was edited down to 23 seconds to fit American television guidelines for several more commercials than Japanese television broadcasts.


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