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Jailbreak... (脱獄へ…, Datsugoku e...), originally Who? (誰を?, Dare o?) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred second chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred ninety-sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


In a supermarket, a woman and her baby are shopping; the mother steals several underwears that she puts in between herself and her baby. As she gets out of the supermarket, the baby, seeing a cross on a hat, tries to reach for it, making the woman drop her bag and stolen goods as she secures her child. Enrico Pucci, who was the one wearing the hat, manages to catch all the items and gives them back to the woman, to his own astonishment.

Looking unwell, to the worry of a store manager, Pucci leaves, pondering about DIO's plan. Around Pucci are happening strange phenomenon, such as the woman's nails suddenly growing long, a wristwatch accelerating unnaturally, several eggs hatching chicks, or a baby half-grown into an adult.

Meanwhile, at the Green Dolphin Street Prison, Jolyne and Emporio are holding Miu Miu hostage, but are surrounded by armed guards. The guards are astonished at the sight of a child and a notorious problem prisoner holding their chief warden hostage. When Jolyne moves, all the guards aim at Jolyne but forget who they were aiming at, as Jolyne forced Miu Miu to use Jail House Lock on her subordinates. Jolyne and Emporio pick up Ermes along the way and all three break from Green Dolphin Street Prison without a hitch.


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  • From the tankōbon edition onward, an additional spread of Green Dolphin Street Prison is added at the end of the chapter.

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