Stardust Crusaders - Chapter 4 [117]

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The Man with the Star Birthmark (星のアザを持つ男, Hoshi no Aza o Motsu Otoko) is the fourth chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the one hundred seventeenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Joseph explains that DIO is still alive, but Jotaro doesn't believe in such a story. To give proof of his existence, the old man takes a camera and activates his Stand, Hermit Purple. His Stand takes the form of purple thorns around his hand, which he uses to break the camera. This produces a picture with a technique that Joseph calls Psychic Photography.

Joseph asks Jotaro and Holy if they ever had a look at the back of their necks. On the back of the necks of the Joestar family members, there is a birthmark shaped like a star.

The photo from Joseph's camera shows DIO with the Joestar birthmark on the back of his neck as well. Joseph thinks that DIO took the body of his grandfather during an incident on the Atlantic Ocean.

Avdol says that the Stand powers of the Joestar Family are linked to DIO, whereas Avdol was born with his powers. Despite all of this shown to him, Jotaro, nonetheless, hardly believes his grandfather’s information and evidence. Meanwhile, it is shown that DIO has become aware of this link as well, as he feels Jonathan's descendants watching him. He makes preparations to silence the Joestar lineage. On his way to school, Jotaro is followed around by a group of schoolgirls and is then attacked by a mysterious young man.


George Joestar I
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Mary Joestar
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Jonathan Joestar
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Erina Pendleton
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George Joestar II
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Lisa Lisa
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Suzi Q
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Sadao Kujo
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DIO's Captives
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Jotaro's Groupies
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Noriaki Kakyoin
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Hermit Purple
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Hierophant Green
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Author's Comment

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In our neighborhood, there's this strange cat that frequently shows up that we've nicknamed Kinniku Neko (筋肉ネコ, lit. Muscle Cat). The sight of its raging shoulder muscles is hilarious!
近所に “筋肉ネコ”と仇名した奇妙な猫が出没。肩の筋肉を怒らせた姿は爆笑もの!



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