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Financially, the town is supported by the area for holiday villas that extends out to the coast, as well as tourism; both of which have been around since the age of Date Masamune. Recently, there's also the remarkable microchip component manufacturing industry.

Morioh (杜王町, Moriō-chō) is a fictional town located within Momiji Ward, S City, M Prefecture, Japan,[1] and the setting of the majority of the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion.


The town was founded by Date Masamune. The coastline is saturated with condos, touring guides and vacation homes. Tourism is the town's main source of income; but, recently, there has been an unprecedented boom in the microchip manufacturing industry.

On March 11, 2011, before the events of the story, a great earthquake and tsunami (in reference to the Tohoku earthquake) struck the town, inflicting remarkable damage. In response to the approaching tsunami, the coastline sections were abandoned as sacrifices to protect the remainder of the city and its occupants. Restoration of the damaged areas is still underway, leaving many homeless and suffering.

Countless people were killed or are missing. With a significant amount of residential and industrial buildings damaged, refugees and the unemployed make up many of the survivors. The aftermath of the earthquake remains of primary concern in Morioh. The night after the event, the town became isolated by strange protuberances known as the Wall Eyes.[1]


According to the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan's official map, Central Morioh extends three kilometers inland from the coast and is located on a pleateu fifteen meters above sea level. Because of its placement so close to the sea, the coastline sections were abandoned in order to protect the remainder of the city and its occupants. After the quakes, several Wall Eyes litter the area between the coastline and the mainland.[1]


Morioh's local delicacies include:

  • Beef Tongue with Miso Pickles[1]
  • Mitsudango, dango of rice containing soybean, sesame seeds, cream; and honey, as speciality.[2]



Houses and Apartment Rooms
Kira's CondominiumLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 2: Soft & Wet, Part 1

Yasuho's ApartmentLink to this section
Jjl yasuho home.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 8: California King Bed, Part 1

Yasuho Hirose's home. A modest underground apartment in which Yasuho lives with her mother Suzuyo Hirose. Although you have to climb a small set of stairs to go to the front door, entering leads immediately to a platform from which one has to descend to reach the living room. Yasuho has her own room in this apartment.

Residential AreaLink to this section
Jjl residential area.png
One of Morioh's residential area, full of houses. Josuke Higashikata has to cross it to go to TG University Hospital while being pursued by Born This Way.
Johnny's RanchLink to this section
Jjl johnny ranch.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 21: "Shakedown Road", Part 4
After marrying Rina Higashikata, Johnny Joestar and his family settled in a ranch for a time, until Johnny felt compelled to go to Japan after his wife fell ill.
Aisho's HouseLink to this section
Aisho's House.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 42: Doobie Wah, Part 4
A small octogonal tuscan-style house situated at the top of a hill. It once belonged to Aisho Dainenjiyama. However, his girlfriend stole the deed of the house and sold it. The house was demolished while Aisho was hibernating inside and Aisho almost died in the process.
Zaihei's ApartmentLink to this section
Zaihei Nigatake apartment.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 57: Milagroman, Part 2
Zaihei Nigatake's apartment of a modest size. Full of Nanami Rena merch.
Mamezuku's HomeLink to this section
Jjl skilift.jpeg
A ski lift on a mountainside serving as Rai Mamezuku's summer home. Firstly, the mountainside is Rai's orchard, where he cultivates various plants (for example, strawberries). Rai has organized his orchard to keep the pests within a controllable area with bait plants, safeguarding the rest of his terrain. The second pole is a library and winery. The third pole is a closet where Rai keeps his clothing and shoes. The fifth pole contains the kitchen. A water tank sits on the sixth pole, which also houses a bidet (with a curtain for shy guests). The seventh pole contains a gas tank.
Maako's ApartmentLink to this section
Maako Kitanis Apartment.jpg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 86: The Wonder of You, Part 3
Maako Kitani's home, a luxurious two-storied apartment situated at the top of a condominium, with modern architecture and a spacious balcony with a jacuzzi. She lives here with her daughter and Ojiro Sasame.


Shops, Restaurants, and Services
SBR Hat ShopLink to this section
Jjl hat shop 01.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 2: Soft & Wet, Part 1

A hat shop in Morioh, founded in 1891. It sells all kinds of hats, like sailor hat, baseball caps, caps, and cowboy hats. Josuke Higashikata and Yasuho Hirose visit the shop and learn that Yoshikage Kira has recently bought a sailor hat there.

OwsonLink to this section
Jjl owson.jpeg
A chain of convenience stores situated in Morioh.
Hasekura High SchoolLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 18: "Shakedown Road", Part 1 (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Hasekura Tsunenaga (Retainer of Date Masemune)
Hasekura High School (支倉高校, Hasekura Kōkō) is the school that Josuke and Joshu try to go to get the former academically evaluated. It is located at the end of Shakedown Road, but is ultimately never actually seen. Joshu does not go to this school, instead attending a different one in S City, but knows several people who do and whom he claims are all good people.

It is presumably named for Hasekura Tsunenaga, a historical figure who was a retainer to Date Masemune, the founder of Morioh in-universe and Sendai in real life.

Commercial DistrictLink to this section
Jjl higashikata commercial district.png

Morioh's commercial district, situated near the train station. It is the touristic hub of the town and one of its economic hubs, as it is full of shops and has an arcade.

Higashikata Fruit ParlorLink to this section
Jjl higashikata parlor.png

The Higashikata Fruit Parlor (東方フルーツパーラー, Higashikata Furūtsu Pārā) is the shop of Norisuke Higashikata IV, where he sells high-class fruits to his customers. The unsold fruits are used as ingredients for the café situated above the parlor itself.

Morioh StadiumLink to this section
JJL Morioh Stadium overview.jpg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 39: Doobie Wah, Part 1

Morioh Stadium (杜王スタジアム, Moriō Sutajiamu) is the local baseball stadium of the Seiten Birdies and is owned by Maako Kitani. It is also where Aisho Dainenjiyama works as a security guard. Aisho conducted a trade of the Locacaca with local baseball star Atsunori Iwakiri.

Morioh HarborLink to this section
Morioh Harbour.jpg

Pachinko ParlorLink to this section
Jjl morioh pachinko.jpeg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 43: Love Love Deluxe, Part 1
A pachinko parlor which Karera Sakunami visits while she's discussing with Josuke.
CafeLink to this section
Jjl morioh cafe.jpeg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 44: Love Love Deluxe, Part 2
A café where Josuke Higashikata and Karera Sakunami briefly visit. Karera actually had a kind of appointment there where she was supposed to make hair grow on a bald man's head. Karera causes a scene there, forcing the staff to ask her to leave.
Damokan CleaningLink to this section
Jjl damokan.jpeg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 47: Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home, Part 1 (Mentioned only)/JoJolion Chapter 58: Dawn of the Higashikata Family

Damokan Cleaning (ダモカンクリーニング, Damokan Kurīningu) is Tamaki Damo's dry cleaning business. A now abandoned building since Damo's death.

Ramen RestaurantLink to this section
JJL Ramen Restaurant.jpg
A ramen restaurant situated near Morioh Harbor.
PharmacyLink to this section
Jjl morioh shop.jpeg
A pharmacy which Aisho Dainenjiyama visited in the past. Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo ostentiously ask for Eye Eya Syaa medicine to push Aisho into taking the last box.
Stone OceanLink to this section
JJL Stone Ocean prison.png
Stone Ocean (STONE OCEAN, Sutōn Ōshan) is a prison where Kaato Higashikata has been imprisoned for 15 years, after she was condemned for murder.
Convention CenterLink to this section
Jjl convention.jpeg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 56: Milagroman, Part 1

A convention center, which Joshu visits to greet the idol Rena Nanami and buy merchandise of her.

Watch ShopLink to this section
Jjl watch shop.jpg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 56: Milagroman, Part 1
A shop selling luxurious watches. Joshu Higashikata visit it briefly when he becomes rich. However, the sellers spots a crack on the glass and apologizes. He retakes the watch and gives Joshu back his money, although it is secretly more than what Joshu paid for the watch.
Hostess BarLink to this section
Jjl morioh hostess.jpeg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 56: Milagroman, Part 1
A hostess bar which Joshu Higashikata visits when he becomes rich. Like any establishment of its kind, it provides female company for its clients and serves extravagant drinks such as champagne with golden flakes in the beverage. The manager of the bar notices Joshu and realizes that he's using the Milagroman's money, so he tries to throw him out.
High-Class RestaurantLink to this section
Jjl morioh restaurant.jpeg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 56: Milagroman, Part 1
A luxurious restaurant which Joshu Higashikata briefly visits when he becomes rich. Joshu finds a hair in his dish and the owners overcompensate him.
Movie TheaterLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 56: Milagroman, Part 1
A movie theater which Joshu Higashikata visits when he becomes rich. He goes there to see a pirate movie starring Johnny Depp in 3D, and wins a figure of Depp's character.
Shoe ShopLink to this section
JJL Chapter 62.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 62: Dolomite's Blue Lagoon, Part 4
A shoe store in Morioh. Josuke Higashikata has visited it offscreen to buy a new pair of sneakers.
Mutsu-kabe SchoolLink to this section
JJL Mutsukabe School.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 62: Dolomite's Blue Lagoon, Part 4 (Mentioned only)
A school situated in Morioh. It is mentioned as part of an incident in which 15 of the school's rabbits have been devoured by an unknown "man" between the 4th of December 2007 and the 25th of January 2008. Masaji Dorokoma was the prime suspect due to the dental imprint on the corpses, but the police was unable to find him.
Kotodai ParkLink to this section
Kotodai Park.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 71: The Qing Dynasty Hair Clip
A park which was host to a large outdoor flea market. It was here that Yasuho purchased the Hair Clip.

It shares its name with a real park in Sendai.

Trussardi RestaurantLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 72: North of the Higashikata House. The Orchard (Mentioned only)
An Italian restaurant operating in Morioh. It is never seen, but Jobin Higashikata complains about being unable to book a table at them. They having dealings with the Higashikata Fruit Company.
Hasekura Academy Elementary SchoolLink to this section
JJL Tsurugi school.PNG
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 83: The New Locacaca
Namesake: Hasekura Tsunenaga (Retainer of Date Masemune)
JailLink to this section
JJL Morioh jail.jpg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 96: Just Don't Move

Morioh's jail. Rai Mamezuku is imprisoned here by the police after his capture.

Miscellaneous Locations

Other Areas
Place where Josuke was DiscoveredLink to this section
Jjl wall eyes 02.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 1: Welcome to Morioh

The place where Josuke Higashikata was discovered. It is a plot of land situated right in the middle of the area uplifted by the earthquake, Josuke himself being found near a spring, and Yoshikage Kira having been buried at the bottom of said spring. It is situated near the Higashikata estate and the soil here has supernatural properties allowing an Equivalent Exchange.

Mutsu-kabe ShrineLink to this section
Mutsukabe shrine.png

Mutsu-kabe Shrine (六壁神社, Mutsukabe Jinja) is a shrine situated near the TG University Hospital. Its pond is the home of Dolomite since he's lost his limbs.

Morioh BeachLink to this section
Morioh Beach.png
A pleasure beach situated near Morioh. One day, as Kiyomi Kujo and her young son Josefumi Kujo were having fun at the beach, Josefumi fell in the water and got trapped between rocks, hitting his head and nearly drowning as a result.
Mount HananeroLink to this section
Jjl mountainside.jpeg

Mount Hananero (鼻炉山, Hananero-yama) is one of the mountains situated near Morioh. Used as a ski resort in the winter, as it is equipped with a ski lift. Rai Mamezuku lives on said lift in the summer.

Hunting GroundsLink to this section
Jjl morioh hunting grounds.jpg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident (1941)
An area of gently sloping hills crossed by a curving road. It was formerly an area where the upper classes would build and live in villas. It is situated near the coast where one can catch abalones and also near the mountains where one can hunt pheasants. Poaching there was punishable by death in the past. By 1941, the area has become part of the Higashikata estate and is used as an orchard for the Higashikata Fruit Company.
Road CurveLink to this section
Jjl morioh road curve.jpg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident (1941)
A mysterious part of a road curving along the slope of a hill, with a guard rail installed there to prevent falls. It is the site of the "Radio Gaga Incident", an incident involving a woman who was inexplicably drawn to the guard rail, began to undress herself and mumbling "gaga" repeatedly, who then suddenly disappeared as a truck came by. Lucy Steel discovers that the guard rail is a living creature which is responsible for the disappearances.

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  • Likewise, this Morioh appears to be based on Sendai, Hirohiko Araki's hometown; located in the same place, and sharing some of its history and culture.


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