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Ogre Street (食屍鬼街(オウガーストリート) Ougā Sutorīto) is a rookery located in the depths of London, featured in Phantom Blood. Jonathan Joestar's journey to find the cure for his father George's illness leads him here. Here, he meets one of his most faithful allies, Robert E. O. Speedwagon.


Considered to be the most dangerous part of London for over 100 years prior to Phantom Blood, Ogre Street has been deemed as a place for the cursed. As stated by Jonathan's carriage driver, whenever an epidemic occurs, it usually strikes there.[1]

For any outsider not familiar with the location, the place becomes an effective maze, scattered with dangerous buildings and folks alike. Along with several dead ends, the walls themselves have distorted appearances that make them appear to have faces. Because of the general condition of the turf, its residence consists of criminals and blood thirsty marauders that will attack outsiders for their valuables. The animals there share the same vicious nature, as seen when a puppy is being eaten by a cat.

Face in the Wall

Soon after Jonathan entered the slums, he was attacked by a man by the name of Robert E. O. Speedwagon and his two partners. The group was not hesitant and immediately tries to assault Jonathan without much word exchange. After their defeat, Jonathan is quickly surrounded by a larger group of criminals holding weapons. Ironically enough, Speedwagon tells them to stop, to which they obliged. This reaction shows that despite being murderous towards outsiders, the residence of Ogre Street have some sort of respect towards each other, or at least towards certain individuals such as Speedwagon.


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