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For a similar location, see Morioh (Diamond is Unbreakable).

Morioh (杜王町 Moriō-chō) is a fictional town located within Japan's S City, M (Momoji) Prefecture;[1] and the setting of the majority of the 8th part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion.


The town was founded by Date Masamune. The coastline is saturated with condos, touring guides and vacation homes. Tourism is the town's main source of income; but, recently, there has been an unprecedented boom in the microchip manufacturing industry.

On March 11, 2011, before the events of the story, a great earthquake and tsunami (in reference to the Tohoku earthquake) struck the town, inflicting remarkable damage. In response to the approaching tsunami, the coastline sections were abandoned as sacrifices to protect the remainder of the city and its occupants. Restoration of the damaged areas is still underway, leaving many homeless and suffering.

Countless people were killed or are missing. With a significant amount of residential and industrial buildings damaged, refugees and the unemployed make up many of the survivors. The aftermath of the earthquake remains of primary concern in Morioh. The night after the event, the town became isolated by strange protuberances known as the Wall Eyes.[1]


According to the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan's official map, Central Morioh extends three kilometers inland from the coast and is located on a pleateu fifteen meters above sea level. Because of its placement so close to the sea, the coastline sections were abandoned in order to protect the remainder of the city and its occupants. After the quakes, several Wall Eyes litter the area between the coastline and the mainland.[1]


Morioh's local delicacies include:

  • Beef Tongue with Miso Pickles[1]
  • Mitsudango, dango of rice containing soybean, sesame seeds, cream; and honey, as speciality.[2]



Wall EyesLink to this section
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 1: Welcome to Morioh
The Wall Eyes are a supernatural landform formed after an earthquake.

Kira's CondominiumLink to this section
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 2: Soft & Wet, Part 1
Yoshikage Kira's home. Situated in the building 258, "Tsutsujigaoka", it is a small but comfortable residence fitted with modern furniture.

During the Soft & Wet story arc, the condo is booby-trapped by Ojiro Sasame. When Yasuho Hirose and Josuke Higashikata enter the condo, they are stuck in the middle of the multiple traps Ojiro has placed to injure their limbs.

Higashikata Fruit ParlorLink to this section
Jjl higashikata parlor.png
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 33: Josuke! Go to the Higashikata Fruit Parlor
The Higashikata Fruit Parlor is the shop of Norisuke Higashikata IV, where he sells high-class fruits to his customers. The unsold fruits are used as ingredients for the café situated above the parlor itself.

Morioh StadiumLink to this section
Jjl stadium interior.jpeg
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 39: Doobie Wah, Part 1
The local baseball stadium, owned by Maako Kitani and the stadium of the Seiten Birdies. It is also where Aisho Dainenjiyama works as a security guard. Aisho conducted a trade of the Locacaca with local baseball star Atsunori Iwakiri.

Damokan CleaningLink to this section
Jjl damokan.jpeg
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 58: Dawn of the Higashikata Family
Tamaki Damo's dry cleaning business. A now abandoned building since Damo's death.

Mutsukabe ShrineLink to this section
Mutsukabe shrine.png
Manga Debut: JJL Chapter 59: Dolomite's Blue Lagoon, Part 1
A shrine situated near the TG University Hospital. Its pond is the home of Dolomite since he's lost his limbs.

Rai Mamezuku's HomeLink to this section
Jjl skilift.jpeg
A ski lift on a mountainside serving as Rai Mamezuku's summer home. Firstly, the mountainside is Rai's orchard, where he cultivates various plants (for example, strawberries). Rai has organized his orchard to keep the pests within a controllable area with bait plants, safeguarding the rest of his terrain. The second pole is a library and winery. The third pole is a closet where Rai keeps his clothing and shoes. The fifth pole contains the kitchen. A water tank sits on the sixth pole, which also houses a bidet (with a curtain for shy guests). The seventh pole contains a gas tank.

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