Philadelphia Coastline

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SPOILER WARNING: Part 7 Spoiler details may follow.

The Philadelphia Coastline (フィラデルフィアの海岸沿い Firaderufia no Kaigan-zoi) is a location featured in Steel Ball Run. It is the place where Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli fought against Funny Valentine.


The Philadelphia Coastline appears after the sea from the Atlantic Ocean is drawn closer to Lucy Steel's Ticket to Ride by the phenomenon of the Saint's Corpse. This section requires expansion.

Video Games

Stage in All-Star Battle

The Philadelphia Coastline appears as a stage in All Star Battle and as a location in Eyes of Heaven's story mode.

All Star Battle

  • Stage Gimmick: Lucy Steel's Ticket to Ride grants players who touch the column of light a stock of Heart Heat Gauge, only recurring if the light fades before anyone touches it.



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