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If something is closed and I open it, I'll be automatically pursued and attacked by that mysterious enemy rider...!

Born This Way (ボーン・ディス・ウェイ, Bōn Disu Wei) is the Stand of Kei Nijimura, featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion.

It is a humanoid Stand dressed in heavily armored biker gear, riding a large motorcycle. Attached to a designated target, it will instantly appear near them when they open something, conjuring freezing cold winds to assault them.


Rider, head exposed

Born This Way is composed of a humanoid rider and a motorcycle. The rider is covered in black clothes similar to protective motorcycle clothing, including a helmet with a visor. As such, it is not easily identifiable as a Stand, but when its helmet is removed, it has a stout, robotic head and face, lending it an odd appearance as it doesn't appear to have a distinct neck, its head instead emerging directly from its torso. The head also has a fin-like horn on the top.

All of these unusual visuals were intentionally added by Araki so people could recognize at first glance that it was a Stand and not a human when it removed its helmet.[1]

The motorcycle is a heavy, almost armored black sport bike. The front wheels feature decals of a smiley-faced flower on the hub caps, and the front fork has a stitched design similar to the face of the rider.

The collar of the helmet features a skull emblem similar to those found on her brother's stand.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Lilac face, light gray helmet, black gear.)
Motorcycle(Black with hints of dark gray.)


Born This Way mostly avoids engaging in combat directly, instead ramming opponents with its bike. Knocking the rider off the motorcycle causes it to make a "Shuu" noise and make a quick, almost clumsy dash to get back on.


Born This Way is an automatic Stand defined by constant power independent of the distance from Nijimura and is unusual in that it rides a motorcycle.[2] Equipped with a helmet and motorcycle riding gear,[3] Born This Way is more resilient than most Stands. The bike is durable enough to withstand Soft & Wet's punches,[4] and can be used to ram into people as a vehicle.

Although Born This Way is physically powerful, it can only appear when certain conditions are met and can be warded off if the target is careful about their actions.

Summon Through Opening

Born This Way appears as a taxi door is opened

Kei Nijimura can employ Born This Way on any chosen target, but it only appears near them when they "open" something. To target a person, Nijimura must touch them at some point but is otherwise able to act freely while her Stand attacks.[5]

The act of opening may concern doors, notebooks and cellphones[5] but not body parts such as opening one's eyes.[6] The individual does not have to intentionally open something, as merely touching an object as it is opening applies, for instance when Josuke backs into a taxi causing its driver to remotely open the door, or when Nijimura throws a loose pen at him, causing the cap to fall off when it hits.[7] Born This Way immediately appears near the target when they open something but similarly disappears if anyone closes the relevant open object.[4]

Freezing Wind

Born This Way generating a cold wind

When Born This Way appears, it can conjure powerful and cold gusts of wind to attack. The wind is strong enough to push back a grown man and can violently displace objects.[2] Moreover, it causes an unnatural cold. The temperature dramatically drops where it blows, to the point the eyes can begin to freeze.[3] If the wind persists long enough, a large quantity of snow may appear, and Born This Way can also propel shards of ice into someone as projectiles.[4]




Born This Way's original name in JJL Chapter 16
  • Born This Way was originally called Going Underground (ゴーイング・アンダーグラウンド, Gōingu Andāguraundo) until the release of the JJL Volume 4 tankobon. Despite this change, Kei Nijimura's design still features the initials "G.U." on her clothing, even when she reappears later in the part.


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