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Let's Go Hunting! (story arc)

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Let's Go Hunting! (狩り(ハンティング)」に行こう! "Hantingu" ni Ikō!) is the eleventh story arc in Diamond is Unbreakable.

It narrates Josuke and Jotaro's hunt for a pair of similar rat Stand Users.


Jotaro enlists Josuke's help in hunting a rat Stand user. Josuke discovers the rat which uses Ratt, enabling it to melt anyone it shoots and defeats him. However, the existence of a second rat using the same Stand dubbed Bug-Eaten by Jotaro is revealed.

While Jotaro acts as bait, Josuke snipes Bug-Eaten with Crazy Diamond and kills it.[1]


Akira Otoishi
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Not Bug-Eaten
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(1st appearance) (Death)
Red Hot Chili Pepper
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