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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Jolyne Cujoh.


Jolyne at age 14.

Jolyne Cujoh was born around 1992, to Jotaro Kujo and her mother. Jolyne's childhood was often spent without her father Jotaro Kujo, as his job frequently required him to leave the country. Even when she was subjected to a high fever (42 °C) at age 6, Jotaro didn't return from Japan to be with her, which she resented.[1][2] In truth, Jotaro made sure not to involve his family in the dangerous adventures he lived. Jolyne's frustration grew when her mother was divorced by Jotaro.

Jolyne's adolescence was marked by crime. At the age of 14, she was already a delinquent. During one incident, Jolyne found a wallet on the ground, although it only contained $5. The proprietor of the wallet called the police, which made Jolyne panic. She opened the door to the man's car, ordered him to stop the call, and stole the car when she heard the police come. However, she quickly crashed into other cars. Jolyne was arrested and charged, but her young age allowed her to be freed. Jolyne also heard her mother's conversation with Jotaro, understanding that Jotaro wouldn't even come there and instead go to Tokyo.[3] It is also said that she stole a motorbike.[4] She was part of a gang named the Hell Riders and she stole cars and bikes.[5] She also acquired a tattoo on the forearm during this period.

However, it seems that she cleaned up her act, left the gang, and took her studies seriously, as her teacher told her she would be able to take the university exam.[4] Jolyne also went out with a well-off boy named Romeo Jisso.

Jolyne Cujoh's "Crime"

Romeo and Jolyne hit someone with their car

On October 28, 2011, on the Florida Western Beach Road 32, Jolyne committed a grave crime. Jolyne was having a moment with Romeo while he was driving, but their car suddenly and violently hit a pedestrian. Seeing the man on a tree, Jolyne tried to call an ambulance but a distressed Romeo stopped her. Romeo told Jolyne that they had to think about their future and said that the rain would erase the evidence. As some vehicles could be seen approaching from the horizon, Romeo hastily tried to put the man in the trunk and yelled at Jolyne to help him. Jolyne helped Romeo hide the body. Romeo assured Jolyne that he would take care of the rest but on November 2, Jolyne was arrested by the police. The car had been found and her fingerprints were on an empty bottle in the car.

Stone Ocean (2011-2012)

Jolyne Cujoh in Prison

Jolyne & Ermes meet in a detention center

Jolyne is put in jail for some time due to being charged with a DUI murder. One day, she is caught masturbating by one of the guards, making her bash her head against her bed in shame. She also gets acquainted with a fellow prisoner, Ermes Costello, and shuts up another prisoner that chastises her for being too horny when she notes that she can see when other women masturbate by looking at her left ring finger's joints. Jolyne meets with her lawyer, who informs her that she is being prosecuted and that her bail has been refused. The procedure may take months and thus she will be transferred to Green Dolphin Street Prison for the time being; the lawyer also brings her some essential personal belongings, and a peculiar pendant on which she pricks herself. Jolyne looks inside and sees a sharp rock shard, but is more focused on the fact that it comes from her father (Jotaro instructed Jolyne's mother to give this to Jolyne in case she got into trouble) and thus throws it away in anger. On November 6, 2011, Jolyne is transferred to Green Dolphin Street Prison. Jolyne befriends Ermes Costello. Ermes tells her how vital it is to have money in prison. Jolyne accidentally guesses that Ermes is hiding some money in her breasts. Upon arrival, Jolyne is escorted towards the gates but realizes that Ermes is isolated and mugged by the guards for her money as they overheard the conversation. Confused, Jolyne sees that her finger has unraveled into a string that transmits the sound toward her. To save Ermes, Jolyne instinctively controls the string to have a guard cut his own ear. The guards stop their attack on Ermes and Jolyne's string disappears. But she acquires some money. Jolyne understands that this power is linked to Jotaro's gift.

Jolyne is kept in the administrative center for a time. On November 8, Jolyne has another meeting with her lawyer. The lawyer brings up every incriminating evidence on the car. However, Jolyne doesn't even mention Romeo to protect him. The lawyer invokes the possibility of a plea bargain: if Jolyne pleads guilty, her sentence will probably be reduced. Jolyne initially refuses but hearing that she may be in prison for 5 years, she reluctantly accepts to plead guilty for car theft and accidental manslaughter.

The judge sentences Jolyne to 15 years of prison

On the day of the trial, Jolyne pleads guilty on all charges. However, the judge suddenly mentions other facts that the lawyer didn't mention, namely that Jolyne purposefully brought the car to a swamp to hide the evidence, killing the victim. The judge sentence Jolyne Cujoh to 15 years of prison for murder. Confused, Jolyne eavesdrops on the lawyer and discovers that he and Romeo worked together so that Jolyne could be punished for the crime without possibility of her appealing her sentence and thus Romeo's action being investigated.

Jolyne is thus brought to Green Dolphin Street Prison proper. She's manhandled through the procedure of personal search and medical examination. She incidentally sees her lawyer passing by and swears revenge. Having a vengeful note handed to him, Jolyne puts a bit of her string around the lawyer's neck without him noticing. On his car, the lawyer feels choked by the strings with the dry air of the conditioner blows on them, causing a crash. Jolyne is determined to survive the prison thanks to her ability and get out as quickly as possible. She is then forced to bribe the hairdresser and give him $30 to save her hair. She is then briefed the rules of the prison by Loccobarocco, the prison manager. To get ahead, she steals a pen.

Battle Against Gwess

Jolyne is brought to her cell, where she meets Gwess, her roommate. Under her sympathetic exterior, Gwess is revealed to be quite pushy and vicious, yelling at Jolyne for daring to take her bottom bunk. Jolyne was confused because Gwess had laid her belongings on the top. But, Jolyne notices the pendant, but Gwess refuses to give it even if it's a familial heirloom and sells it at $200. Suddenly, it seems that someone has taken their arms out of Gwess' pet parakeet to grab a piece of biscuit.

Jolyne is shrunk by Gwess' ability

The next day, Gwess wakes Jolyne up. Gwess shows Jolyne the pendant but it is empty, and seek reconciliation. However, Jolyne cannot go to breakfast because her only clothes were wetted by Gwess. When Jolyne arrives at the cafeteria, everything is sold out. Worse, Gwess has bought two portions and throws away what she hasn't eaten. In the trash bin, Jolyne spots the photo of her parents. Observing Gwess acting weird with her pet, Jolyne snatches it and orders whoever is inside to come out. To her shock, there now only torn up miniature human limbs inside. Jolyne tries to hide from Gwess but suddenly finds herself shrunken to the parakeet's side and Gwess finds her.

Jolyne is captured and becomes Gwess' pet. Bringing Jolyne back to the cell, Gwess reveals that she suddenly acquired her power and plans to use this ability to escape. Gwess considers Jolyne her pet rat now and tells her to shut up or only say cute things. Moreover, Gwess brutally "trains" Jolyne in order to build up her strength. Jolyne tries to cheat Gwess, incurring her wrath but disturbingly, Gwess becomes amused and spares Jolyne.

Goo Goo Dolls pursues Jolyne

Later, Gwess sends Jolyne on a reconnaissance mission to control center beyond the iron gate of the ward. When a guard angrily tells Gwess to identify herself and get away from the gate, Jolyne enters the control center and sneaks under a desk. In there, she scouts the security system. Suddenly, she notices that she's slowly growing and the noise she makes by bumping the wood attracts the attention of the guards. While the guards discuss about the possible origin of the sound, Jolyne grows too tall for the mouse skin. She bumps the desk again and the guards' attention is brought here. Just before a guard looks under the desk, she uses the string to make a coffee cup fall, distracting the guards while she hides inside of a jacket. A guard brings the jacket outside, allowing her to sneakily run back to the ward. However, she soon notices a creature chasing her. It is the Stand, Goo Goo Dolls. Forced to defend herself, Jolyne tries to tie up the enemy but it breaks the string, hurting her hand. Still pursued, Jolyne tries to scale the door and reach the framework. Wondering if all this is her punishment, Jolyne suddenly realizes that she's stuck between a beam and the wall. Goo Goo Dolls reaches her and attacks, but is suddenly punched away.

With Stone Free, Jolyne defeats Gwess

An arm, and then a whole body materializes as Jolyne's string creates a shape. Jolyne's sudden protector beats up Goo Goo Dolls and Gwess comes, defeated. Jolyne orders Gwess to shrink her again so that she can free herself. However, Gwess distracts Jolyne by dropping the pendant on the ground and punches her through the bars of the gate. Gwess calls the guard and Jolyne is found trespassing out of the ward, causing a security alert. A supplementary metal fence slides down and Gwess gloats at the fact that Jolyne will be summarily shot on the spot. However, Jolyne's string Stand effortlessly punches Gwess in the face through the fence. Jolyne names her Stand "Stone Free", violently pummels Gwess, and ties her up, ordering her again to shrink her. Defeated for good, Gwess obeys Jolyne and she escapes death. Because the guard was only looking at Jolyne from the back, he cannot identify her.

Jotaro Kujo's Visit

Emporio warns Jolyne

Jolyne accustoms herself to prison life and her Stand. One day, Jolyne carelessly lends $1 to a fellow inmate who needs to call her family. At the same time, Jolyne discovers that phone calls are reserved one month in advance and cannot use the phones for now. Gwess warns her to get the money back as quickly as possible or else she'll be known as a potential prey. In the reading room, Jolyne politely asks the inmate for her money only to be violently rebuked. Unfazed, Jolyne sneakily makes her swallow the dust of a pulverized coin, making her sick. Jolyne occupies the toilets, extorts $10 from the inmate and thus secures her reputation. She allows herself to help another bullied prisoner get revenge.

Suddenly, Jolyne sees a little boy playing in the prison corridor. The little boy mysteriously warns her about an incoming visit and tells her not to go. The boy disappears. Shouting, Jolyne attracts the attention of a guard who strikes her hand because she was holding the barred gate.

Jotaro visits Jolyne

The next day, Jolyne is informed of a surprise visit by the same guard. Surprised, Jolyne is not informed of who the visitor is and goes to the meeting rooms with the guard. The guard momentarily leaves Jolyne in the corridor, at which point the mysterious boy reappears and warns Jolyne again. However, Jolyne still wants to see who she thinks is her mother. The boy disappears but hands her a mysterious bone. When she steps into the room, Jolyne realizes that the visitor is her father, Jotaro Kujo. In anger, Jolyne knocks out a guard so that she'll be put in solitary confinement.

Jotaro proceeds to explain that Jolyne was framed by another prisoner, Johngalli A.. Moreover, Johngalli is in prison, ready to act as he's framed Jolyne to lure Jotaro close and thus assassinate them. Jolyne is uninterested and prepares to leave, barely listening when Jotaro asks about a sudden cigarette on the ash tray.

Battle Against Johngalli A.

Suddenly, Jolyne is shot in the heart. Thankfully, she weaves a bulletproof layer of string that protects her. Somehow, Johngalli A. has smuggled a sniper rifle in prison and is shooting them. A small Stand appears in the corridor, Manhattan Transfer, a small satellite that idly floats in the air. However, it can read air currents and effortlessly avoids Jolyne's strings. When the guard wakes up and wants to attack Jolyne in retaliation, a second bullet hits him in the head, wounding Jotaro's arm at the same time. Jolyne uses a lighter to activate the room's sprinklers, but even this doesn't affect Manhattan Transfer. The mysterious boy appears from behind the door and tells Jolyne about a secret tunnel in the room. However, Jolyne realizes that the boys is making himself a target and decides to go to the corridor to protect him. Jolyne enters another secret tunnel to a machine room, although she stays in the shaft. Jolyne expects the room to be secure as there are no windows and the boy is hiding in a sewage pipe, but bullets come out of a ventilation hole and are reflected by Manhattan Transfer to destroy the pipe and uncover the child. Jolyne creates a net to catch Johngalli A.'s attention and a fourth bullet is aimed at her. However, it misses because she broke a gas pipe, creating a hot layer of gas disrupting the enemy's ability to read the air currents. Jolyne strikes Manhattan Transfer.

The fight was just a dream

Jolyne goes down to talk to the boy and demands an explanation from him. On the way down, she bumps into a machine and feels a sharp pain caused by the bone in her pocket. Jotaro has come too. But suddenly, Johngalli A. also appears in the shaft, ready to shoot. Jotaro ignites the gas that has build up in the shaft to defeat Johngalli A., but the boy has disappeared. Jolyne notices that many details are wrong about the events that have just happened and so wakes up from a hallucination induced in her. The room is covered in acid. Thankfully, Jolyne manages to wake up Jotaro, who punches her into the door. Out of the room, Jolyne is not weakened by the acid anymore and is able to pull Jotaro out too. The two confirm it is reality as an alarm rings. Jotaro briefly explains his plan to get Jolyne out of prison.

The Stand Whitesnake steals Jotaro's memories and Stand

On the way out, Jolyne trips on a stairs. Jotaro holds out his hand, but Jolyne is disappointed when Jotaro tells her to be more careful about the pendant. Angry, she throws the pendant at Jotaro. Two guards suddenly come out from the end of the corridor, but a guard shoots his companion. It is Johngalli A. who has disguised himself into a guard to approach his targets. Jolyne is prepared to fight but Jotaro shoves her away to protect her from Manhattan Transfer bouncing the bullets. A second Stand, Whitesnake, comes out of its hiding spot and strikes. It hits Jotaro and steals two DISCs from him. As Johngalli A. keeps shooting, Jolyne tells her father to get out of the building from a window but Jotaro stays immobile. He tells Jolyne vital instruction about the pendant and about contacting the Speedwagon Foundation, but more importantly confesses that he always cherished Jolyne. Johngalli comes close to shoot, but Jolyne then deflects the bullets and makes him spin to disorient him. Finally, Stone Free pummels the enemy, knocking him out. Confident in his daughter, Jotaro falls into a deep coma.

Chasing Whitesnake

Jolyne willingly stays in prison to chase Whitesnake

Jolyne drags Jotaro out of the prison to the beach where a submarine awaits them. It is there that Jolyne fully realizes the damage Whitesnake inflicted. Jolyne puts Jotaro in the submarine, which automatically leaves. Feeling that she needs the DISCS and knowing that the enemy Stand is one of the prison's inhabitants, Jolyne decides to stay in Green Dolphin Street Prison to retrieve the DISCS that Whitesnake has stolen. When the guard dogs find her, she surrenders although she does need to deflect the shots of the overzealous guards. Jolyne converses with the boy and reveals her plan to him. For the time being, Jolyne is put in solitary confinement.

Battle Against Foo Fighters

Ermes Costello, having awakened her own Stand, Kiss, and battled Thunder McQueen, retrieved Thunder's memory DISC. By using the DISC, Jolyne and Ermes find a hidden stash of DISCs near a farm.

There is an intruder, but who?

Incidentally, two prisoners disappear in the farmlands surrounding the facility. Loccobarocco gathers the female prisoners to gather a search party. Jolyne volunteers, as well as Ermes. They and three other prisoners are cuffed with explosive bracelets and must run to the farmlands behind their supervisor, from whom they must not get too far away from or else the cuffs will explode. On the farmlands, the duo take out McQueen's DISC and confirm that there is a stash of DISCS hidden in the tyre of a tractor. The guard tells the two to start searching but Ermes makes a disapproving remark, attracting the guard's anger. He hits Ermes's bracelet with his baton and tries to make her fall on feces, but Jolyne pulls a leaf to cover the feces as Ermes falls on it, splashing the guard's pants. However, the guard angrily orders everyone to go toward the swamp instead of the hangar where the farming equipment is kept. Suddenly, Jolyne and Ermes notice that there are now 6 of them among the female prisoners. Furthermore, the guard is killed while everyone is distracted. The prisoner must seek the body but one of them dies when she accidentally strays too far.

F.F. pursues Jolyne and Ermes

It is clear that an enemy is there and Ermes discovers a peculiar creature in the water that drags her away. Jolyne creates a net to run above the water and fight it. It is a match for Stone Free but Jolyne repels it by baiting a stomach punch in her stomach, which she turns into strings to avoid the damage, then kicks the enemy Stand and pummels it. Jolyne tries to pull herself and Ermes back to the land, but the enemy pursues them and manages to grab Jolyne's leg. Ermes damages its arm with a sticker, making it let go. The enemy writhes in pain while Jolyne and Ermes manage to join solid ground.

Jolyne fights F.F.

One of the prisoners is an enemy but they cannot remember the five original members. The dilemma is rendered moot when it is revealed that the enemy is controlling the bodies of all of the prisoners. The enemy is a sentient plankton colony named Foo Fighters. It splits itself in two: one body runs to the hangar to hide the DISCS and a second one grabs the body of the guard, aiming to indirectly kill Jolyne and Ermes. While Ermes takes car of the one in the swamp, Jolyne runs back to the farmland. Thankfully, Ermes manages to defeat her opponent and lift the guard closer to the hangar. In the barn, Jolyne confronts the main Foo Fighters. Having spilled water all over the ground, it gains the advantage in the ensuing close-quarters fight and surrounds Jolyne with plankton. It takes Jolyne by the throat and begins to invade her body, but Jolyne manages to start the tractor, making it move towards Ermes on dry land. Foo Fighters must run on the soil and its water gets absorbed. Foo Fighter is almost dead.

F.F. allies itself with Jolyne and takes Atroe's corpse

However, Jolyne spares Foo Fighters and gives it some water, figuring that it didn't know any better and only wanted to survive. Touched, Foo Fighters accepts to become Jolyne's ally and they get Jotaro's Stand DISC. Foo Fighters disguises itself as a woman named Etro to pass off as a prisoner. They retrieve Jotaro's Stand DISC and Foo Fighters explains that this stash is only a hiding spot for DISCs Whitesnake doesn't need. It hides in in its cleavage when the guards arrive. The trio make up a story to keep suspicions off themselves. This whole operation catches the attention of Whitesnake's user, the prison priest Enrico Pucci.

Battle Against Miraschon

In possession of Jotaro's Stand DISC, Jolyne attracts the attention of Enrico Pucci, who previously dismissed her as a mere pawn in his plan. Realizing she poses a real danger to his success, Pucci sends Miraschon with her Stand Marilyn Manson to retrieve the Stand DISC and kill Jolyne.

Miraschon makes a bet against the heroes

Meanwhile, Jolyne, Ermes and Foo Fighters are playing catch in the courtyard. When F.F. throws a ball in the direction of a another prisoner, she catches the ball but the prisoner, revealed to be Miraschon, elbows her. At the 87th consecutive throw, Miraschon approaches them and bets that they won't complete 100 throws. Jolyne is suspicious but Ermes convinces her that they will need the money to contact the Speedwagon Foundation. However, F.F. is soon distracted by Miraschon sitting near its cup of water and makes a couple of mistaking threatening to make them lose. As F.F. throws, Jolyne is suddenly knocked by a stray basketball ball. Thankfully, Jolyne manages to pull herself in the direction of the ball by tying her string to a bench and the two complete the 100 throws. Angry, Jolyne reminds Miraschon that she bet separately with F.F. and Jolyne, making it $200 to pay up. they manage to complete the bet.

After Ermes is defeated, Jolyne continues to play to save her

Miraschon continues and offers them much more money if they manage to complete another 100 throws and the trio accepts. This time, Ermes and Foo Fighters are doing this. However, the free time session is declared over by the guards and Ermes is forced to bribe a guard to keep the ball. But the guard takes her catching glove. She cannot properly catch the next ball and must cheat to get it. Marilyn Manson immediately appears and takes Ermes's gold tooth and liver. The heroes haven't lost yet and Jolyne is forced to play, upping up the ante to 1000 throws for returning Ermes's organs and belongings to her.

As the prisoner must go back to the wards, Jolyne and Foo Fighters continue to play catch. But Miraschon disappears and the duo must seek her. Jolyne and Foo Fighters follow Miraschon into the showers but Miraschon switches off the lights while the ball is midair. Thankfully, Foo Fighter catches the ball. Foo Fighters shoot in the direction of Miraschon, hitting her arm and forcing her to open a door shedding some welcome light.
1,000 throws at Miraschon's face
Miraschon enters a room, followed by Jolyne, but she reveals that it is a service lift whose thick door and fenced gates close before Foo Fighters can pass the ball. Thankfully, F.F. forces the doors open just enough to throw the ball and for Stone Free to unravel it, making it pass through the fence.

Jolyne smacks Miraschon, who yields and returns Ermes's liver to her. However, a guard surprises Jolyne and takes her ball. Jolyne has officially lost the bet and the guard, whom Miraschon had bribed to steal Jolyne's ball, dismissively returns it. Jolyne tries to attack Miraschon but Marilyn Manson pins her to the wall. She narrowly takes Jotaro's Stand DISC but although Jolyne cannot attack Miraschon, she can still violently throw the baseball in her general direction, attached to a string so that it returns to her. Jolyne indirectly pummels Miraschon, who is defeated.

The information below derives from the Stone Ocean TV anime which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

The anime features a different resolution to the battle against Marilyn Manson.[6] Instead of forcing Miraschon herself to cancel the attack, Jolyne finds a loophole in the terms of their bet. The Stand recognizes it as legitimate, recalling itself, returning all the collected items and allowing the bet to continue unimpeded. Jolyne uses this opportunity to repeatedly pummel Miraschon until the bet is complete with 1,000 throws that put her out of commission. Her DISC still remains useless due to Whitesnake erasing her memory.

Concludes non-canon section.

Battle Against Lang Rangler

One day, Jolyne uses the money she gained to make a call to the Speedwagon Foundation and agrees to go to the interior courtyard of the prison to wait for an agent named Savage Garden.

Jolyne meets Weather Report

Meanwhile, Emporio reappears besides Jolyne and leads her to the music room. A new ally, the amnesiac Weather Report, is present. Emporio indicates that the courtyard is situated behind a factory and that it must be accessed with a keycard. Weather Report detects Lang Rangler and the group decides to run away, tricking Lang away by hiding behind a ghost coat. However, Lang has spit on Jolyne's pants. Jolyne proceeds alone and bribes the guard of the checkpoint to get to the factory, but she soon realizes that she and everything she touches is floating.

The information below derives from the Stone Ocean TV anime which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

In the anime, Jolyne finishes the call and makes her way through the prison to the courtyard. She bribes her way out of the cafeteria but encounters Emporio on a flight of stairs. Emporio drags her to the ghost music room and introduces her to Weather and Anasui. Anasui briefly glares at Jolyne and walks out the room, but Weather agrees to tag along. The scene then plays out the same with Weather detecting Lang Rangler's presence in the room.[7]

Concludes non-canon section.

Jolyne without gravity

Lang Rangler reappears again. Experienced and equipped to move in a zero gravity zone, Lang Rangler effortlessly takes the DISC. Jolyne calls Weather Report for help, and his Stand Weather Report is shown to be able to control the weather, even on a subtle level. The battle activates some alarm and the gate to the factory begins to close. Lang moves inside the factory, as do Jolyne and Weather Report, now both free of gravity. In the factory, Jolyne begins to feel the effects of the decompression and needs to urinate, to her embarrassment. On a graver note, they realize that the very air they touch is going away from them. The decompression also forces their blood out. At this moment, Lang shoots scraps at them but Stone Free deflects them. To keep some air near them, Weather Report makes a suit of cloud for the both of them but the heroes must find and defeat the enemy before their oxygen supplies run out. Unfortunately, Lang has hidden somewhere in the factory.

Cloud suits to preserve the air around them
Cloud suits to preserve the air around them

Weather Report tries to get away from Jolyne to be free of the anti-gravity, using some drum barrels as a landmark. Lang is revealed to be behind the heroes and shoots with his gauntlets. Weather is wounded in the leg. Jolyne tries to cover Weather, but Lang shoots a drum barrel. It is pierced and the flowing air violently propels it toward Weather and the suit is damaged on impact. Weather is also sent back in Jolyne's range. Lang pushes his advantage and throws a couple of rats at Jolyne; they explode and the blood covers her suit, blinding her. Lang reloads and shoots at Jolyne, but she deploys her strings to block the projectiles and ties Lang, pulling him in the deadly zero gravity environment. Even though Lang destroys Jolyne's suit with a makeshift grenade, Weather sacrifices his suit to give Jolyne time. Lang cancels his Jumpin' Jack Flash but the returning air flow allows pushes Lang back in Stone Free's range. Stone Free pummels Lang, defeating him.

Raining Frogs

Jolyne defeats Lang

Weather Report is heavily wounded and is hidden behind drum barrels, for now. Jolyne finds a keycard on Lang and takes it. As she approaches the door, Jolyne crosses path with Enrico Pucci, who had noticed that Jolyne had called the Speedwagon Foundation and headed to the courtyard, planning to meet Lang on the way. Mistaking him for an ordinary priest, Jolyne begs him to let her go. Pucci decides to keep his identity hidden and allows Jolyne to pass. However, he puts a DISC in another guard, who waits for Jolyne in the courtyard, shoots her and takes the DISC. For his part, Weather Report hasn't identified the enemy but realizes that the plan is in danger. The guard prepares to shoot Jolyne in the head but Weather Report creates a rain of deadly poisonous frogs. The guard is hit and is poisoned. Pucci is stuck in the corridor when he loses his keycard to the courtyard in the confusion. Jolyne is in the middle of the rain but manages to use her strings to create a net.

Savage Garden is given Jotaro's DISC

When the rain ends, Whitesnake is sent to the courtyard and retrieve the DISC. However, Jolyne reveals that she is alive, having tied frogs together to create a makeshift shield. Jolyne snatches the DISC from Whitesnake and gives it to a messenger pigeon, Savage Garden. The pigeon flies away and Whitesnake can only angrily tell Jolyne that Jotaro Kujo is still not saved. In her wounded state, Jolyne still tries to tie a string to Whitesnake to discover the identity of the enemy but Pucci cuts if off. Jolyne is caught by the guards but is officially pardoned.

Battle Against Sports Maxx

An invisible zombie alligator

One day during breakfast, Jolyne tries to help Foo Fighters asserts itself. However, F.F.'s own methods seem to work. Jolyne then notices that Ermes has been absent lately. Foo Fighters thus reveals her Ermes's backstory and her plan to get revenge on Sports Maxx an inmate at Green Dolphin. Worried, Jolyne and Foo Fighters follow Ermes and see her trailing Sports Maxx. Jolyne expresses a wish to not let Ermes become a murderer but leaves, thinking that she's merely observing. They find her in one of the workshops, attacked by invisible animal zombies summoned by Sport Maxx' Limp Bizkit. Foo Fighters's leg is bitten off and Jolyne finds herself fighting an invisible alligator. Stone Free tries to pummel it but the alligator swathe her and F.F.. She deploys a net but is ambushed by the alligator who is clinging to the walls. Jolyne's shoulder is bitten off but Foo Fighter manages to kill it.

Jolyne and Ermes follow Sports Maxx's trail to the prison cemetery where Sports Maxx summons a mob of invisible zombies. Jolynes deploys a net to detect the enemy but merely hits the zombie of an unrelated prostitute. Wounded by the zombie of a prisoner Maxx just killed, Jolyne witnesses Ermes's fight against Sports Maxx. Ermes wins but is severely wounded. The examination of Sports Maxx's memory DISC reveals Whitesnake used Sports Maxx to resurrect a mysterious bone which is now in the Ultra Security House Unit. Incidentally, Jolyne is also sent to the Ultra Security House Unit after being caught in the middle of trouble again. Thrown into her cell, Jolyne patiently awaits an opportunity and soldiers through the hardship. However, Pucci has sent four Stand users to kill her, while Foo Fighters enlists Emporio's second ally Narciso Anasui, possessing the Stand Diver Down, to help them protect Jolyne.

Ultra Security House Unit

Battle Against Viviano Westwood

Jolyne vs. Westwood

At one point, the guard Viviano Westwood becomes mad due to the influence of the Stand Survivor. Looking for a fight, Westwood frees all of the prisoners in the ward and targets Jolyne specifically. Despite Stone Free, Westwood is a match for Jolyne at close quarters. She manages to tie his fists to his neck and pummels him, but a chunk of Stone Free's arm is mysteriously torn away. Westwood is a Stand user. Again, Jolyne corners Westwood by covering his head with her long coat but another chunk of Stone Free's leg is chopped off as it attacks. Westwood headlocks Jolyne, allowing her to see the nature of the attack: Westwood's Stand, Planet Waves, makes small meteorites fall toward her. Jolyne frees herself by pulling her string from Westwood's ear canal to his eye. Westwood lets go but the meteorites disintegrate just before they hit him, without fail.

Jolyne wins against Westwood

Jolyne is heavily wounded and is distracted when she sees a prisoner with DIO's Bone. Westwood attacks and presses her against a wall, from which comes another meteorite. Jolyne avoids the first one but Westwood kicks her into the path of the second one. Jolyne takes Westwood's boot and uses it as a makeshift protection. The boot takes the impact and flies into Westwood's face Westwood wants to retaliate but Jolyne uses Stone Free to headbutt the guard. Westwood is taken out and she comes out victorious. Jolyne looks around and notices that all but two of the prisoners, the two other assassins, have been killed.

The third Stand user, an elderly man named Kenzou, confronts the battered Jolyne. Foo Fighters comes to the rescue and fights Kenzou and his neutral Stand Dragon's Dream, but Anasui deals the final blow, putting Kenzou out of commission.

Yo-Yo Ma

Jolyne acquires an egg

After F.F. heals, the group returns to the main hall of the punishment ward and Jolyne spots the same little prisoner with the bone. They follow him and discover that he's being turned into a plant. During the fight, the bone caused all the normal inmates to also turn into plants and Jolyne is starts being turned as she exposes herself to sunlight. Anasui roots out the plant parts out of her body and the group discovers The Green Baby, gestating in a translucent egg. After deciding to try to escape from prison, Jolyne and Anasui meet a fourth Stand, Yo-Yo Ma, which swallows the baby. Yo-Yo Ma is invulnerable to all attacks but acts servile, thus forcing them to take him along while F.F. stays in order to kill the Stand user.

Yo-Yo Ma's mysterious assassination method

Jolyne and Anasui steal a boat and try to cross the swamps. However, they are pursued by several guard boats armed with machine guns and they must hide. They are soon discovered by the guards. Anasui throws Yo-Yo Ma into one of the boats, destroying it, and neutralizes the second crew. Jolyne then realizes that her tongue is somehow disintegrating, preventing her from speaking. Unfortunately, Anasui doesn't understand what is happening to Jolyne at first and thinks that she's attracted to him. Thinking that the surrounding mosquitoes are the method of attack, Jolyne kills them but is further melted, as Yo-Yo Ma is using the water of the swamp mixed with his acidic acid to attack. Thankfully, Anasui neutralizes Yo-Yo Ma by fusing his brain to a frog.

Birth of the Green Baby

Yo-Yo Ma is neutralized when Anasui fuses the Stand's brain with that of a frog, and F.F. manages to kill Yo-Yo Ma's user D an G. Now, Jolyne and Anasui face the hatched Green Baby. Jolyne tries to approach the baby but the closer she gets, the smaller she shrinks. Determined to get the baby, Jolyne positions herself on a herb leaf to jump down toward it. However, the Stand Green, Green Grass of Home appears to defend the baby. It pulls towards it and tries to slam her against the ground but Anasui intervenes to save her. She and Anasui find themselves shrunk to a near microscopic level, chased by the enemy Stand. They then trap Green, Green Grass of Home in a bottle, only for the Stand to roll it away from the baby to get bigger. Jolyne and Anasui try to stop it but almost get crushed in the attempt. Luckily, The Green Baby is finally paying attention to Jolyne and touches her, cancelling the shrinking. While Anasui wants to kill the baby, Jolyne is against it.

Jolyne fights Pucci

Jolyne and Anasui regroup with F.F. and Weather. However, Weather suddenly impales Anasui and destroys F.F.'s head, revealing that it was Whitesnake in disguise. Jolyne is wounded too, but cuffs herself to Enrico Pucci. Although Whitesnake's power is extremely dangerous at close range, Jolyne manages to get the upper hand in the fight. Pucci then tosses Jotaro's memory DISC in the dying Anasui, forcing her to rush to his side. While Pucci acquires the Green Baby and enacts a ritual. Jolyne desperately tries to save Anasui and the DISC. In the end, F.F. spends the rest of its energy and dies after its spirit says a last goodbye to her.

In the aftermath of the battle, Jolyne is caught again by the guards and put in solitary confinement.

Escaping Prison

Battle Against Miuccia Miuller

Jolyne has to remind herself she can only remember 3 things

While Enrico Pucci departs from the prison, Jolyne meets with Emporio inside of her cell and plans to escape the prison. She plans to follow and defeat the priest but another enemy awaits her Miuccia Miuller. Miu Miu warns Jolyne not to even think of escaping and Jolyne attacks. She then suddenly finds herself in her cell in the women's ward. Confused, Jolyne sees writings on her hands. Fist, she must take the pen quickly; second, she cannot learn more than three new memories because of Jail House Lock; third, she must find the enemy, Miu Miu. Jolyne tries to heed her words, but is constantly distracted. Desperate, Jolyne stitches on herself that she must find Emporio. Somehow, Jolyne manages to close on Emporio's room. Jolyne suddenly sees Miu Miu and pursues her but forgets and finds herself surrounded by approaching guards. Thankfully, she manages to hide and reach Emporio's room where she sees the boy in the same condition as hers.

Miu Miu follows them inside of the room and shoots several bullets, making Jolyne miss two bullets that hit Emporio and his computer. Miu Miu shoots again but Jolyne looks at their reflection in a mirror to catch them all. She also writes to Emporio to print out the information. Jolyne drives Miu Miu out of the room and catches her, but several incoming guards make her forget about Miu Miu until she reappears to attack. Jolyne is thrown down the staircase and finds herself surrounded by dozens of guards. However, Emporio comes out with a print in binary. Jolyne is able to create Miu Miu's portrait and works out that she's the enemy; Jolyne makes Stone Free pummel her. Defeated, Miu Miu has to cancel her power on Jolyne and Emporio but also make the guards forget too. Thanks to this, Jolyne, Emporio and Ermes are able to escape the prison.

Meeting Romeo Again

Jolyne sees Romeo again

Emporio, Jolyne and Ermes escape from prison and pursue Enrico Pucci across Florida toward the coordinates North Latitude 28°24', West Longitude 80°36', the location of the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral.

Jolyne goes first to her ex-boyfriend Romeo, who gives her a helicopter out of repentance for his actions. Using Kiss, Jolyne and Ermes cut Romeo's tongue to prevent him from giving the police information as to their location.

Battle Against Rikiel

During the flight, Jolyne faintly senses Pucci's position and knows that he is in Orlando, but she also feels other similar people. Suddenly, something enters the helicopter and somehow forces everyone to close their eyes. When Jolyne forces her eye open, she sees that the helicopter is crashing. The enemy is too fast to see but also nimble enough to avoid her net. Thus, she decides to have everyone jump down from the helicopter into the swamps below. During their fall, Ermes sees a swarm strange rod-like creature flying near them. Jolyne manages to slow their fall by attaching herself to the helicopter.

Rikiel and Jolyne exchange attacks and Jolyne wins

On the ground, the heroes meet Rikiel, one of DIO's sons. Wise to his tactics, Jolyne and Ermes harass him by throwing rocks at him. However, Rikiel gains the focus to efficiently use his Stand Sky High. He can command the rods to induce ailments in Ermes and Jolyne's body, preventing them from approaching. When Emporio works out that the rods suck out body heat and indirectly cause ailments, Rikiel decide to deal a fatal blow and aims the brain stem just above the neck. However, Jolyne then sets herself on fire with a ghost lighter to protect herself from the rods. Jolyne approaches Rikiel, who also sets himself on fire to copy her resolve. When she attacks, she misses and sees that Rikiel is now an illusion. In truth, Rikiel is targeting the inside of her mouth and specifically the hypothalamus, causing her to see hallucinations. However, Jolyne decides to simply close her mouth and stop breathing. She catches Rikiel and pummels him. At the same time, she notices the Star Birthmark on him and plans to interrogate him. However, Rikiel shuts down his pain receptors and puts his hand on Jolyne's neck, extinguishing the flames here and allow the rods to attack. While the rods aim at Jolyne's neck, she keeps on pummelling Rikiel and luckily, wins. Defeated, Rikiel keeps repeating that Pucci is destined to win and that Weather Report is Pucci's younger brother. Furious, Ermes violently punches him.

Battle Against Donatello Versus

Donatello loses to Jolyne and Ermes

Jolyne, Ermes and Emporio soon reach the hospital in which Pucci is hiding. Before going in, Jolyne lets Emporio stay outside and gives him Jotaro's memory DISC. However, Donatello Versus, the third of DIO's sons, intervenes with his Stand Under World. A stray bullet flies from a room, catching Jolyne and Ermes's attention. They enter the room and see a sinkhole in which are Pucci and Versus. Jolyne goes into the hole and a cavern below but suddenly finds herself in a plane, or rather the memory of a plane that will crash soon. Jolyne tries to signal Ermes but she too is lured inside the same plane. When she opens the plane door to escape, she finds herself inside of a fighter jet that will also crash. With no other option, Jolyne calls Emporio for help. Jolyne decides to make the fighter jet collide with the plane and Emporio informs them that precisely two passengers survived. The pair find their seat but Under World throws a couple of sick children on the seat. Nonetheless, Ermes and Jolyne cooperate to survive. Ermes duplicates the memories of the survivors to act as protection for her and the children, and Jolyne unravels herself to hide inside Ermes. Jolyne confronts Versus and immobilizes him, but Versus reveals Weather Report's memory DISC that he's stolen from Pucci. Under World returns the DISC to Weather, and several rainbows appear.

Heavy Weather Unleashed

Snails invade Orlando

As Weather regains his memories, he awakens a previously sealed power named Heavy Weather. When Ermes accidentally touches the rainbow, her arm turns into a bunch of snail eggs and she herself slowly turns into one. They try to get out of the hospital, but a swarm of snails is blocking the exit. Moreover, Jolyne has touched Ermes and is also slowly turning into a snail. Navigating the main hall manage to create a safe path by duplicating a glass window and surfing on it. The duo reach a car, but their condition as half-snails prevents them from driving properly and they crash near Versus and Emporio.

Versus summons the Miami Dolphins to push Jolyne away but she hides inside a pipe, rolls towards Versus, and attacks. When Versus summons a memory of the salt to dehydrate Jolyne's body, her arm is desiccated and Versus obtains Jotaro's memory DISC. Nonetheless, Jolyne has touched Emporio who has touched Versus and thus Versus is turned into a snail. The heroes subsequently capture Versus and force him to drive their car.

Unfortunately, they crash the car against Weather Report and Pucci, who were in the middle of a fight. The distraction allows the priest to kill his brother and escape. Jolyne tries to attack Pucci but it is revealed that it was Versus turned into an illusion. Versus is dead, and so is Weather Report. Thankfully, they acquire his mighty Stand Weather Report, in the form of a DISC. They also manage to give Jotaro's memory DISC back to the Speedwagon Foundation.

Countdown to Heaven

Jolyne and her companions drive to Cape Canaveral to stop Pucci from 'attaining heaven.' On the way here, Jolyne falls asleep but Ermes suddenly spots an alligator. Still furious about the undead alligator back at the prison, Jolyne tosses whatever is in her hand at the alligator and hits it. A crying Anasui begs her to open her palm, which confuses her.

Battle Against Pucci and C-MOON

Jolyne fights C-MOON

Suddenly, the gravity they experience shifts horizontally, and Ermes is separated from the group by falling debris. The land turns into a cliff. Nonetheless, the heroes manage to reach the court of the Kennedy Space Center. Suddenly, as Jolyne reaches a booth the Stand C-MOON reveals itself. It touches Jolyne's arm, reversing it inside out. C-MOON is unhindered by the gravity phenomenon and is also quite agile, and jumps around the booth to ambush Jolyne, eventually touching her leg. But Jolyne figures that hitting C-MOON a second time with the affected limbs can reverse the effects. A close quarters fistfight ensues, with Jolyne deducing that C-MOON is remote controlled and that Pucci must be near. C-MOON destroys the booth and manages to knock away Anasui as it intervenes from afar with Diver Down. However, Jolyne uses this opportunity to tie a string around C-MOON's neck and Anasui's arm, choking the enemy Stand. C-MOON tries to destroy the string but Diver Down absorbs the damage, forcing Pucci to come out and directly command his Stand. Pucci positions himself so that Jolyne helplessly floats and is vulnerable to C-MOON, who directly punches her in the chest. Jolyne's body falls towards the horizon.

However, Jolyne soon comes back to harass Pucci. It is revealed that she's turning her body into Möbius strips to cancel the effects of C-MOON on her body. Jolyne is able to fight Pucci head-on until Pucci grabs a gun, at which point time stops and Pucci is punched away by Star Platinum. Jotaro and Ermes have managed to reach Kennedy Space Center. Surrounded, Pucci nonetheless realizes that he can still complete his plan. He reaches a specific point in space and unlocks the ultimate power sooner than expected. A bright light envelops everyone, and they are knocked out.

Battle Against Pucci and Made in Heaven

The heroes see that time is accelerating

Some time later, Jolyne wakes up, she and her companions unharmed while approaching helicopters confirm that gravity has returned to normal. Somehow, everyone was moved 200 meters from the shuttle, and the priest has disappeared. Jotaro can still sense Pucci though, and Ermes claims that Pucci is hiding, entering a building to protect herself from an incoming rain. However, everyone finds themselves soaked, and the rain has already stopped. Suddenly, the automatic door of the building closes itself at a tremendous speed on Ermes. Dumbfounded, Ermes escapes with some difficulties due to the speed of the door. Jotaro now notices that he's dried off, and Anasui, trying to stop an unbalanced rock from falling on Ermes, realizes that it's already fallen. Jolyne, looking at the already setting sun, realizes that things are going way more rapidly than usual.

While everyone decides to move away from the open space, Jotaro stops time with Star Platinum, managing to see the new Stand briefly. To Jotaro's dismay, time resumes before he could act. Anasui and the others pull Jotaro up a roof, and Anasui uses this moment to stupidly ask permission to marry Jolyne from her father, dumbfounding Jotaro to the point he grabs Jolyne in a protective manner away from him. Jotaro stops time and sees Pucci and his Stand Made in Heaven bending a palm tree to use it as a catapult, eventually thrown to the roof faster than Jotaro can react. Due to his overwhelming speed advantage, Pucci mortally wounds Jotaro but Diver Down absorbs the damage. The roof is unsafe now and thus the heroes ties themselves together. Shooting a bullet while holding a replica of the bullet from Kiss, they are able to "fly" around but Pucci still pursues them. It is here that Anasui dooms the group and tells Emporio to shoot towards the sea where Pucci has supposedly nowhere to hide. During the flight, Anasui formulates his plan. With the heroes so close together, Diver Down can protect them all and shield them. The moment Pucci attacks, Jotaro will have an opportunity to retaliate. Seeing hope in this plan, Jolyne motivates Anasui by telling him that he can ask her to marry him after they survive this battle.

Jolyne stays to fight Pucci and let Emporio escape

In the water, the group realizes their mistake. The accelerating time causes a heavy tide and the waves block the view. Pucci manipulates Stone Free to kill Anasui and throws knives at Jolyne. Fearing for his daughter, Jotaro loses time pushing her aside. Time resumes before he can properly attack and Jotaro's head is split in two by Made in Heaven. Similarly, Ermes's arms are cut off. For her part, Jolyne is still heavily wounded by a knife in her stomach. When Pucci attacks Emporio, Jolyne attacks from below the water with Stone Free. Evading the attack, Pucci is taken by surprise as a thrown knife cuts his right eye. Pucci dives underwater in anger.

In the water, Jolyne has found a pod of dolphins to which she attaches herself and Emporio. Dying from her knife wound, Jolyne knows that the dolphin will safely carry Emporio away from Pucci, who cannot simply pursue them in the middle of the ocean. However, Jolyne still acts as a beacon for Pucci due to their psychic connection and to guarantee Emporio is safe, Jolyne cuts off her string. Entrusting the future to Emporio, Jolyne Cujoh makes her last stand in the middle of the ocean. She is ultimately killed by Pucci, but Emporio is able to escape Pucci. Her passing is signaled by a kaleidoscope of butterflies flying into the sky. The end of the universe comes.

What a Wonderful World

Emporio meets Irene, a reincarnation of Jolyne.

The universe is reset and Emporio finds himself back at Green Dolphin Street Prison, with notable differences. Everyone is now able to see their future. Moreover, Emporio also sees an alternate version of Jolyne and Jotaro. Pucci appears to dispose of Emporio but as they reach Emporio's ghost room, he inadvertently pushes Weather Report's Stand DISC in Emporio. Thanks to it, Emporio is ultimately able to kill Pucci.

After another cycle of the universe, Emporio finds Jolyne reborn as Irene and her boyfriend Anakiss, who is the reincarnation of Anasui. She comforts Emporio when she sees him alone in the rain and offers to give him a ride, revealing that she and Anakiss are on their way to meet with her father to get his approval for their marriage.[8]

Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI

This story heavily deviates from the main story and shouldn't be considered canon.

The story starts in an airport, where Jolyne is waiting for a plane for Tokyo. Ten days beforehand, her mother died from an illness. Jolyne is later seen thinking about how her mother had her clothing tailored to fit Jolyne before she died.

Jolyne then turns to see a small blue unicorn looking at her, with three men close by. Two of the men, Bucciarati and Abbacchio, are government agents. The other, Polpo, is a citizen who has lost his pet.

Bucciarati says that the animal is very important to the government and asks to search Jolyne. When she refuses, Bucciarati looks at surveillance footage where Jolyne is seen with the pet, shown to be the unicorn she saw earlier. The unicorn is bleeding, and Bucciarati warns Polpo about the consequences of potentially harming it. Then, Jolyne is seen kneeling down in front of the camera. When she gets up, the unicorn has disappeared.

Bucciarati corners Jolyne, telling her to hand it over or be arrested. Jolyne, confused and in tears, still refuses, saying that it would be all alone in a strange country. When Bucciarati goes to apprehend her, he notices the unicorn on her scarf.

Passing out of view under Bucciarati's tablet computer, the unicorn emerges in the appearance of a white, adult unicorn. Jolyne concludes that she is dreaming, but that the dream is a message of hope, and that it is "power".

Fujiko's Bizarre Worldly Wisdom

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

The story seems to happen after Jolyne gets acquainted with Foo Fighters and before she can deliver the Star Platinum DISC to the Speedwagon Foundation.

One day, Jolyne finds a piece of erotica that Gwess has left laying between books. Embarrassed, Gwess snatches it from Jolyne's hands and tells Jolyne not to look through her stuff. Jolyne merely says that she has been admiring the quality of the drawing and asks where it comes from. Gwess mentions Fujiko Fujiyama, the inmate from whom Gwess bought her drawing, but her answer is evasive.

During lunch, Foo Fighters asks Ermes for her spaghetti bolognese' sauce and the two bicker about it. Suddenly an inmate approaches another woman and begs her to draw for her immediately, but the artist declines because she has other commissions to fulfill. The inmate, named Fujiko Fujiyama, approaches Jolyne. Fujiko mentions the incident in which Jolyne was caught masturbating in her cell, to which Jolyne asks how she knows the story. Foo Fighters reveals that she's seen from Atroe's memories that Ermes gossiped about it to Atroe. Jolyne gets angry but she's interrupted by Fujiko, who proposes Jolyne to buy a sketch Fujiko has made of her.

Explaining the cultural importance of erotica, Fujiko expresses an interest in Jolyne, admiring her body before Jolyne slaps her hand away. Nonetheless, Jolyne is impressed by the sketch Fujiko has made of her. Though Ermes points out and makes fun of the drawing’s idealized proportions, Jolyne gladly buys her sketch for $20, praising how the art made her feel good and saying that it is one of the simple pleasure of life that one must enjoy.

Later, Jolyne attends a yoga session. Suddenly, she feels a great sexual drive from nowhere. Confused, Jolyne tries but fails to control herself. When the guard strikes her with a baton, Jolyne is surprised to feel pleasure. Jolyne realizes that she's probably being attacked by an enemy Stand, but her libido becomes overwhelming. She tries to suppress the effect with pain and steals a pen from the guard to stab her thigh with it. However, she still only feels addicting pleasure. Jolyne becomes more and more excited until she suddenly reaches a state of enlightenment. The libido disappears without explanation for Jolyne, and she's then able to complete her yoga session. Jolyne ultimately forgets about Fujiko, who was responsible for it but was retired by Whitesnake.

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

The story begins as the heroes try to fight Enrico Pucci as he acquired C-MOON and has taken refuge at Kennedy Space Center. Jolyne and Emporio Alnino then suddenly witness Ermes Costello and Narciso Anasui suddenly betraying them and think it is a part of Pucci's newfound power.

It is then that the Jotaro Kujo from 1989 appears, having learned that soemone is messing with the space time continuum and travelled through time and space with the help of a part of a Saint's Corpse to solve the situation. Jolyne and Emporio are both relieved upon seeing Jotaro alive and well, but Jolyne is caught off guard by his younger age. Jotaro joins Jolyne in fighting Ermes and Anasui, and manages to restore both. Anasui becomes jealous of Jotaro's proximity to Jolyne until she properly introduces her father, surprising even Jotaro himself. Sick of explanations by this point, Jotaro orders Ermes, Anasui and Emporio into the turtle to hear the older Joseph's explanation. Before Jolyne can join them, she and Jotaro are attacked by a phenomenon-possessed Weather Report, who escapes following his defeat. Finally, Pucci himself appears before Jotaro and Jolyne, accompanied by Pet Shop. Pucci explains that "his friend" has shown him a greater truth than the path to Heaven he once sought, and that it is this truth he now strives to achieve. Despite Pucci's unsuccessful attack on the father-daughter duo, he announces his intent to guide the people of the world to eternal bliss through the true path to Heaven, which he dubs the "Eyes of Heaven." As he and Pet Shop depart, Pucci warns Jotaro that, once his group gathers the entire Saint's Corpse, "his friend" will draw open the curtains to Heaven himself.

After finding the Corpse's right arm and entrusting it to Jolyne, the group returns to Morioh to receive Rohan's report on the mysterious phenomena, unaware that Funny Valentine has witnessed the battle from afar. When Jotaro finds himself unable to exit Morioh through the light rift, Speedwagon observes that the rift is only permitting certain individuals to pass through. At the end, only Jonathan Joestar and Josuke are permitted into the rift. As the rest of the group stays behind in Morioh, Jolyne decides to go for a walk and soon stumbles into a gambler at Morioh's Cafe Deux Magots. The gambler coerces Jolyne into betting her soul on a coin flip; just as Jotaro recognizes the gambler as his old foe Daniel J. D'Arby, Jolyne loses the bet and has her soul taken by Osiris. Jotaro then examines D'Arby's coin, which, naturally, has tails on both sides. Determined not to be humiliated again, D'Arby has come independently of "his" orders to challenge Jotaro to a poker game, with both his and Jolyne's souls on the line. Jotaro comes out on top, and D'Arby is forced to return Jolyne's soul to her body.

Jonathan and Josuke come back with two more corpse parts entrusted to their counterparts from a different universe: Johnny Joestar and Josuke "8". At this moment, Heaven-Attained DIO appears to attack the heroes. His Stand has evolved into The World Over Heaven, which can rewrite reality. DIO easily overpowers Johnny, Giorno Giovanna and even Jotaro. Thankfully several light rifts appear and allow the heroes to escape.

The Joestars lose their Corpse Parts save Jotaro and have to travel again to reacquire them. Eventually, they manage to gain their corpse parts back and also restore several supplementary allies.

The group finally returns to Egypt to confront Heaven-Attained DIO. Jotaro and Johnny face DIO in battle, where he demonstrates his power over space and time, including the power to turn his enemies against themselves. Despite all odds, the two seemingly defeat him, only for DIO to immediately heal his wounds. DIO additionally reveals that he discreetly marked Coco Jumbo with The World Over Heaven during the battle, thus obtaining power over all of those inside the turtle. As Jotaro and Jolyne stay behind to battle DIO once more, the other Joestars and Speedwagon use the light rifts to track down and restore their allies. However, Giorno realizes too late that DIO's true plan was to separate the Joestars and their allies from Jotaro and Jolyne, allowing him to overwrite the group and absorb their souls at full power, along with the complete Saint's Corpse. DIO, who now holds the power to rewrite the universe itself to his liking, strikes Jotaro decisively and proclaims his complete victory... and yet Jotaro remains standing. To the surprise of both DIO and Jolyne, Star Platinum has evolved into Star Platinum Over Heaven and countered DIO's ability, being the same type of Stand as DIO's. With their hope reinforced, the Kujos make one final stand against DIO.

Despite his defeat, DIO simply heals his wounds once more before killing Jolyne and absorbing her soul. Fortunately, Jotaro manages to defeat DIO once and for all, altering fate for the better.

Jolyne enjoys a better life after fate is changed. During the ending credits, it is shown that her adventure du 2011 is going better, with all her companions and Jotaro posing together for a photo. She is seen at the end in 1999 in Morioh when Jotaro brings her with him. Jotaro lets her play around and comforts her when she approaches him, though he is here to seek Josuke.


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