Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter 81 [346]

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Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 5 (吉良吉影は静かに暮らしたい その⑤ Kira Yoshikage wa Shizuka ni Kurashitai Sono 5), originally I'll Protect Them!! (オラが守る!! Ora ga Mamoru!!) in the WSJ release, is the eighty-first chapter of Diamond is Unbreakable and the three hundred forty-sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


After Shigechi was hit with Killer Queen's ability, he is hunted down by Kira in true serial killer fashion while he frantically tries to find Okuyasu and Josuke. As it appears that he lost Kira and reached the two, Kira is already there waiting for him. Shigechi is then killed in horrific fashion in front of the classroom Josuke and Okuyasu were in (They couldn't see nor hear the murder). With his dying command, Shigechi uses one dying Harvest to take one of Kira's buttons off of his suit (Kira being unaware) and takes it to Josuke. Josuke and Okuyasu see the dying Harvest holding the button, and then disappear, realizing that Shigechi had died. Kira, after erasing Shigechi off of the face of the Earth, simply picks up his bag and leaves.


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