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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Muhammad Avdol.


Muhammad Avdol was born at some point during the 1960s, and was a natural born Stand user.

The information below derives from Iggy the Stray Dog which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

Avdol's backstory is explained in more detail in the light novel Iggy the Stray Dog. Avdol was born to two unnamed parents from Cairo and lived his childhood in one of Cairo's slums which was notable for being unsafe. His father was the second son of a venerable family and a soldier. His mother, however, practiced astrology in the streets to earn money. Avdol lost his father at an early age, as he died defending fellow soldiers in the Six-Day War. He protected them from a grenade blast and only his arms remained after the explosion. Avdol and his mother still got by as the money from her street work and his father's pension supported them. His mother died not long after though, as she was killed by the Palestinian militia who had launched a mass shooting in Cairo. She was shot to death when trying to defend a small girl with her body.

After the death of his parents, Avdol was left as an orphan. He lived in the slums of Cairo, using his inherited talent of fortune telling (specifically his tarot skills) to get by. Avdol notes that unlike many natives of the slums, he didn't fall into a life of crime because he was inspired by his parents' tragic but heroic deaths, both of whom died to protect their comrades or the innocent.

Avdol managed to be hired by a rich woman, becoming her personal assistant. At one point, Avdol met Joseph Joestar in a party in England as the old man tried to woo Avdol's employer.

Concludes non-canon section.

Avdol encounters DIO
Avdol made a living as a fortune-teller in a bazaar named Khan el-Khalili in the Islamic district of Cairo, Egypt.[1] Before the events of Stardust Crusaders, he had met and barely tamed the Stand-wielding dog Iggy.

Four months prior, he encountered the newly resurrected DIO standing outside the first floor of his Fortune Telling Shop and barely escaped with his life and sanity, having been warned by his friend Joseph Joestar that DIO was dangerous. Subsequently, Joseph and Avdol tried to locate DIO but even though Joseph could take spirit photographies of DIO with Hermit Purple, he was always in the shadows and they couldn't guess his location.[2]

Stardust Crusaders (1988)

SPOILER WARNING: Part 3 spoiler details may follow.

Tokyo, Japan

Avdol discovers an unconscious Holy Kujo

Avdol and Joseph go to Tokyo, Japan, in order to recruit Jotaro Kujo. They find Jotaro in jail, refusing to go out despite being free. Jotaro claims to be possessed by an evil spirit. Avdol steps in to force Jotaro out. He summons Magician's Red, attacking Jotaro while he explains what Stands are. Properly summoning his own Stand, Jotaro breaks free of Magician's Red fire and breaks free of his cell to attack but Avdol stops the fight, as he's accomplished his goal. For the remainder of his stay in Tokyo, Avdol remains inside the Kujo's residence. After Jotaro brings Noriaki Kakyoin and frees him from DIO's control, Avdol sees that Holy has collapsed and confirms his suspicion that she too has developed a Stand. However, as she doesn't have the necessary fighting spirit, Avdol explains that she will eventually die.[3]

Jotaro uses his Stand to look at one of DIO's photography and identifies a fly. Avdol identifies it as a Nile Tse-tse fly, meaning that DIO must be in Egypt. Noriaki Kakyoin confirms that DIO is in Egypt and also asks to go with them. Avdol then names Jotaro's Stand Star Platinum, after the "Star" card of the tarot. After Holy is given to the care of doctors from the Speedwagon Foundation, the group gets ready to depart.

Hong Kong

Although the group plans to fly to Cairo, their flight is ruined by the attack of Tower of Gray, a beetle-like Stand whose unknown user loves to cause accidents. Kakyoin defeats Tower of Gray but it has already killed the pilots, causing the plane to crash near Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the group decides to rest in a restaurant but they then are immediately attacked by a French Stand user named Jean Pierre Polnareff.

Magician's Red vs. Silver Chariot

Polnareff presents his knight-Stand, Silver Chariot, and its incredible fencing prowess. Avdol is the first to challenge Polnareff. In the Tiger Balm Garden, the two begin their duel. Advol adopts a defensive stance and Polnareff carves a statue in the shape of Magician's Red to show off. Advol uses a special technique: the Cross-fire Hurricane. Magician's Red spits an ankh of fire but Silver Chariot sends it back at Magician's Red, seemingly burning it. Magician's Red throws itself at Silver Chariot and Polnareff cuts it in two. However, the flames pass on to Silver Chariot, as Avdol reveals that he's faked being injured and used the statue Silver Chariot made as a decoy. Avdol shoots a second Cross-fire Hurricane at Silver Chariot, but Polnareff stands back up unharmed. Silver Chariot was protected by its armor and cast it off to dramatically increase in speed. Avdol shoots a flame but Silver Chariot easily evades it. When Avdol shoots his Cross-fire Hurricane Special, Polnareff expects to knock it back but is taken by surprise by the first flame Avdol has shot. Avdol wins the battle. Polnareff is covered in flames and Avdol tosses him a dagger to commit suicide, but unexpectedly, Polnareff refuses to use the dagger against Avdol and decides to kill himself. Impressed by Polnareff's honor, Avdol cancels the flames and Jotaro extracts DIO's spore.

South China Sea & Singapore

The group takes a ship to Singapore crewed by sailors whose background has been checked by the Speedwagon Foundation. In the sea, Avdol is present when Jotaro unmasks the Imposter Captain Tennille, whose Stand Dark Blue Moon is especially powerful in the sea. Jotaro defeats the enemy Stand user, but the Imposter had already sabotaged the ship, forcing everyone on the lifeboats. In the middle of the sea, the group encounters a large ship, only to discover that it's a Stand named Strength. The user, an orangutan, battles Jotaro but is quickly defeated. In Singapore, Avdol remains at Joseph's side, while Polnareff and Jotaro are attacked by Devo the Cursed's Ebony Devil and Rubber Soul and his Yellow Temperance respectively. The Joestar Group subsequently takes a train to India.

Avdol is fatally wounded after being stabbed by Hanged Man and shot by Hol Horse


In Calcutta, Polnareff is confronted by Hanged Man, the Stand of the man who killed his sister. Polnareff heads out alone to avenge his sister. Avdol tries to dissuade him, but Polnareff calls him a coward for having fled DIO. The two go on separate ways on bad terms. Later, Polnareff is ambushed by Hol Horse and J. Geil. Polnareff is taken by surprise by Emperor's bullets that can fly around his sword. Thankfully, Avdol shoves Polnareff aside. Unaware of the abilities of Hol Horse's Emperor and J. Geil's Hanged Man, Avdol falls prey to a combination attack of the two Stand users, being stabbed from behind by J. Geil's Hanged Man and shot by Hol Horse's Emperor. Their combined attack, however, didn't have the wanted effect, as the pain suffered by the stab of Hanged Man caused Avdol to tilt his head backward, causing Emperor's bullet to only scratch his forehead instead of directly hitting it. His survival was kept a secret from Polnareff, as the group didn't want Avdol to be attacked while he was recovering from his injuries and Polnareff's lack of caution would cause the enemy to find out that Avdol was still alive.

Avdol's return

Avdol reveals his survival to Jean Pierre Polnareff

From there, it was assumed that he died while he was recovering. After his recovery, he bought a submarine in secret and awaited the rest of the group on an island in the Red Sea. Avdol disguised himself as his father, refusing to talk to Polnareff to keep his secret. When Polnareff fell victim to Cameo's onslaught, tricked by clones made by Judgement of Sherry Polnareff and Avdol, the real Avdol revealed himself. Summoning Magician's Red, Avdol destroyed the clay clones and easily dispatched Judgement before taking out Cameo.

After joining again with the group they traveled in Avdol's new submarine, but it was quickly destroyed by Midler's High Priestess while they were traveling in the water. As the submarine sank, Avdol and the others were forced to take scuba gear and swim. High Priestess then formed into the bedrock of the ocean and proceeded to eat them. It tried to crush Jotaro with its teeth, but Jotaro was able to use Star Platinum to completely smash High Priestess's teeth's defeating its user.

Arrival to Egypt (1989)

The Nile River, Egypt

Avdol briefly clashes against Geb

Once in Egypt, Avdol asked the Speedwagon Foundation to bring Iggy to join the group. Moreover, they learned that nine supplementary Stand users were in DIO's service, surprising even Avdol who thought they defeated nearly all of the tarot. After meeting with the Foundation's envoys, the group saw the envoy's helicopter crashed in the desert. Geb, a Stand of water remotely piloted by the Stand user N'Doul, was responsible for the crash. Hiding in the sand, Geb managed to surprise Noriaki Kakyoin and take him out. However, Geb was then distracted by the ringing wristwatch of a dead pilot, making the group realize that N'Doul was listening to sound to pinpoint where his enemies were. The group tried to flee on their car but Geb quickly destroyed it by creating quicksands. By throwing his own ring cuffs into the sand, Avdol tried to trick N'Doul into thinking he was slowly walking and waited for Geb to resurface. Although N'Doul took the bait, the enemy Stand user realized at the last moment that it was a trick and avoided Magician's Red's flames, counterattacking and slashing at Avdol's throat, who was taken out.

Avdol had to recover from his injuries in Aswan but his wound was not severe and he was able to accompany the rest of the group.
Avdol and Joseph Joestar get stuck together

In Luxor, Avdol fell victim to Mariah's Bastet when he tried to save an already magnetized Joseph from an escalator. Pursuing Mariah in the streets, the two then became stuck together. After passing through a series of increasingly embarrassing situations, the pair got stuck on train tracks. Revealing herself, Mariah gloated as a passing train would run them over and they couldn't possibly get away, but Avdol then used his Magician's Red to dig a hole underneath the tracks. Although they had her, Mariah threw bolts and nuts at them, managing to get away. Getting serious, Joseph created a map of the city with Hermit Purple. Thanks to that, they managed to surround her, although they had amassed a lot of metallic objects along the way. However, Mariah was still in a strong position as a she was underneath high voltage power lines. She cut the lines and the cables were attracted to Joseph and Avdol, who was able to melt the cables to defend himself. Nonetheless, a nearby truck was attracted to him and threatened to crush him. After begging Mariah to stop, Joseph unveiled his true plan. The old man let go his grip on the pavement and let himself fly toward Avdol, crushing Mariah in the mass of metal.

Cairo, Egypt

Avdol watches Jotaro playing poker against D'Arby

Having divined a photography of DIO's lair, the group began their search. In the outskirts of Cairo, Avdol is present during Polnareff, Joseph, and Jotaro's battles against Daniel J. D'Arby as a spectator. Jotaro bets Avdol's soul along with Jotaro's own soul and his mother's during their poker game, giving Avdol anxiety toward the outcome of the match. Afterward, Avdol was one of the victims of Hol Horse's assassination attempts in the older districts of Cairo, but survived thanks to Hol Horse's sheer bad luck. As Holy Kujo's condition worsened, Advol resorted to asking a beggar from Cairo to find DIO's Mansion. However, the beggar was killed. The next day, the group reunited with Kakyoin and it was Iggy, who had found the mansion earlier, who led the group to DIO's Mansion.

Battle in DIO's Mansion

When the group finally arrived in DIO's mansion, they were greeted by Telence T. D'Arby, the butler of the mansion. Telence then abducted Jotaro, Kakyoin and Joseph through a black hole and Joseph told Avdol to wait a bit before burning the mansion. After waiting 10 minutes, Avdol, Polnareff and Iggy decided to investigate the mansion instead. Avdol said that he couldn't act as Polnareff's guardian and he should be more careful from now on. The group came across a labyrinthine interior but Avdol managed to detect the presence of Kenny G. in the area before Iggy defeated him, showing that the strange landscape was but an illusion. After the mansion returned to its regular appearance, Avdol placed his hand on a pillar where he noticed a message written on it that read "He who reads this carving and turns aback shall perish".

Avdol sacrifices his life protecting Polnareff and Iggy

After turning his head around, Avdol witnessed Cream manifesting from its void. Polnareff and Iggy were both unaware of Vanilla Ice's presence and, without hesitation, Avdol quickly pushed them both out of the way of Vanilla Ice's attack and received said attack head-on. Avdol's death was instantaneous as he is erased, his arms being the only thing of his body left intact until Vanilla Ice's Cream came back and ate them.

However, while facing Polnareff, Ice stated that Avdol was responsible for his injuries since he was the one who saved Polnareff and Iggy. After Ice's defeat, Avdol, along with Iggy, who also died after sustaining grievous injuries from Ice, were seen as souls transcending into heaven.


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

The Genesis of Universe

One-Way Trip from Desert to Hell

Oil tanker flying over the Joestar Group

After the fight with N'Doul, the Joestar Group is forced to traverse the desert on foot with little remaining water, while being assaulted by the scorching heat and the blinding sunlight. Kakyoin, who has been carried by Avdol for the past three days, suddenly moans out in pain. He refuses Avdol's suggestion to rest and apologizes to Joseph for being a burden. Joseph makes Kakyoin sit down and treats his wound with whiskey. As the group rests, they pass around the remaining flask of water, emptying it completely.

On the horizon, they see a city, one of the numerous mirages they've seen in the past three days. They get up and continue walking. From the mirage, a black oil tanker begins moving through the sky towards them. It passes over them and disappears on the opposite side of the horizon. Polnareff begins to doubt his sanity, but Joseph points out that the water that has fallen from the ship is real. The group comes to the conclusion that they are being attacked by a Stand. On the same day, a fuel tank truck and a medieval European castle fly over them.

At night, the group is besieged by a sandstorm. As they continue walking, the wind becomes weaker, as if it's being blocked by a large object. To their surprise, that object turns out to be a working diesel locomotive. Avdol suggests boarding it, but Polnareff insists that this is a mirage. Avdol responds that, at night and during a sandstorm, the Stand could not create mirages. Joseph convinces his allies that they have no other choice. Jotaro steps into the locomotive. The LED message panel lights up, saying that at the last stop, Hell City, they will be connected to an express train to Aswan, their destination. The rest of the group board the train.

The Joestar group encountering Satanic Coupler

As the train leaves, the driver, Absalom, introduces himself and his train, Satanic Coupler, through the speakers. The sandstorm stops an hour before arriving at their destination and is immediately replaced by a mirage, which manifests itself as countless pieces of the United States. The group's attempts to stop or escape the train prove to be in vain, as the train is in Absalom's full control. The Joestar group unleashes their Stands and begins pummelling the insides of the train. It was, however, to no success as the train morphed and expanded to cushion the blows. From Satanic Coupler emerge numerous tentacles, wrapping around the group and releasing a paralizing liquid. The walls of the train become transparent to reveal a nightmarish mirage of a city. Absalom, with uncharacteristic aggression, declares his desire to cruelly punish the civilized men before they die.

Satanic Coupler has already been moving through the city for several hours. After another announcement from Absalom, the tentacles, wrapped around the Joestar group, begin pumping out their blood, extracting information from their brains. The train begins to transform, becoming more modern. On top of that, Iggy’s perception of locomotives as monsters causes the train to grow horns and quills all over its surface. Jotaro and Polnareff coincidentally come up with the same plan; they begin pumping the Stand with advantageous information. The tentacles retract, and the fixed windows change into manual-opening windows. Jotaro and Polnareff escape successfully with Iggy, but Joseph, Avdol, and Kakyoin react too late, and the windows become fixed again.

A day later, Michal, afraid, hands out food to Joseph, Kakyoin, and Avdol, who are still constrained by the Stand. Absalom proclaims his intention to keep them alive to make them see the painful deaths of Jotaro and Polnareff. Avdol ironically points out Michal's lack of enthusiasm regarding the upcoming events. Absalom, enraged, kicks Avdol's side, scaring the girl even more.

The next day, Absalom encounters Jotaro and Iggy in the desert. Joseph, Kakyoin, and Avdol, powerless, watch as the fight unfolds from the train's window. As the battle goes on, Jotaro's moves become slow, and the uniform is covered in tears and Jotaro's blood. Jotaro manages to separate the locomotive from the passenger car, while Absalom is distracted by his sand copy made by The Fool. Absalom screams in desperation and stops the train with a turnabout. In a flash, the passenger car turns into a pile of steel beams with Joseph, Avdol, and Kakyoin. Smiling, they rush to Jotaro to thank him. Michal activates her Stand, Dark Mirage. Cisterns, factories, chimney stacks, intire office districts begin raining down, forming an industrial zone as maddening as the mirage-city. Following Joseph's suggestion, they run to the buildings in the newly formed industrial area.

Jotaro, Joseph, Avdol, and Kakyoin find themselves in the middle of a two-hundred-meter-long corridor, quietly anticipating the next attack. Satanic Coupler knocks down a wall begins persuing the group, dodging their attacks by digging through the walls. While discussing their plan of action, Jotaro hears the train crashing through a wall 50 meters away from them and comes to the conclusion that Absalom is just hitting the hallway randomly. He suggests simply to run, to the surprise of his friends. After running about a hundred meters, they reach a stairway and, as per Avdol's suggestion, head to a warehouse. Avdol melts the door of the warehouse, and they get in. Satanic Coupler begins circling the warehouse, steadily coming closer. It makes a sharp turn towards them as they disperse. Joseph uses Hermit Purple to detach his prosthetic arm. When Satanic Coupler makes a turn, Joseph throws the arm under the wheels, spilling oil everywhere. Without any friction, the train couldn't move. Jotaro unleashes Star Platinum’s barrage of punches on the underside of Satanic Coupler. It shatters into a thousand pieces and disappears bit by bit. At the same time, Polnareff strikes Michal, which causes the mirage to dissolve completely.

Their battle comes to an end

Michal is unconscious, while Absalom is spitting out blood, telling the Joestar group that he’ll give up only when he dies. Absalom sends a microscopic version of his Stand inside Avdol's body; if his psychic link with it ends, the boiler will explode. Jotaro shrinks his Stand and uses Star Finger to destroy the boiler. Suddenly the villagers appear, and, after witnessing the scene, the elder decides that the Joestar group are the subjects of a devil called Ababasubombo. He says that Absalom and Michal are very precious to them, so he and the other villagers drive them off.

On the evening of the fifth day, the Joestar group put an end to their battle. They continue their journey, heading to a city at the base of the mountains, ten kilometers away. They wonder what could be the cause of Absalom's hatred.

The Gravestone of Hot Sand

At the gates to the underworld

Joseph and Avdol, while returning to the hotel, suddenly sense an enemy nearby. Unable to fight in a crowded area, they head to an alley and call out their Stands. To their utter bewilderment, instead of an alley, the two find themselves at the gates of the underworld. In front of them were 42 judges and a scale with a feather and a beating heart. To see if it's an illusion, Avdol unleashes Magician's Red’s flames upon them. Joseph, who, through Hermit Purple, determined that this is not the case, tried to stop him. It was too late; the 42 men cry out in pain before being turned to ash along with the gates and the scales. Joseph tries to calm down Avdol, who becomes extremely distressed after seemingly doing something unforgivable. At the end of the alley, they see an old man holding a papyrus in his hands. He tells them about his Stand, The Genesis of Universe, and introduces himself as The Scribe Ani. He tells them about the crusades, and a whole army appears in front of Joseph and Avdol. One of the soldiers charges at Joseph and manages to cut his cheek. Avdol, now knowing that they're not real people, cuts through the army that stands in his way, with Joseph following behind. Their road is suddenly obstructed by a giant sphinx. Joseph wraps Hermit Purple around an emergency ladder, grabs Avdol, and climbs up to the fourth floor. They break through the emergency exit and finally get away from their pursuers. At the end of the hallway, they see an Egyptian ship with countless warriors advancing towards them.

Stabbed by a Roman soldier
They barely manage to avoid the ship's attack. The rubble begins falling off everywhere, accumulating in the ground. From the rubble, emerges a statue of the high priest Pinedjem. It swings its fist at Joseph. He dodges it but loses his balance and trips, as another fist approaches him. Avdol tries to help, but Joseph is out of reach. Suddenly Polnareff shows up and shoves Joseph out of the way. The statue leaps at them. Polnareff prepares to strike it, but the statue turns back to rubble before Silver Chariot reaches it, burying him. When Avdol tries to help him, he gets stabbed in the chest by a Roman soldier and collapses to the ground. Ani mocks the group for their fear of death; he kicks Avdol and spits on him as he moans in pain. Joseph and Polnareff split and run towards Ani, aiming to strike him at the same time. They, however, only manage to graze his Stand, as, behind him, emerges a Roman army, raining arrows on the two. As they futilely try to avoid them, they bump into an unseen wall and lose consciousness.
The Genesis of Universe turns to dust

The Scribe Ani is browsing The Genesis of Universe to find the right way to finish off Joseph, Polnareff, and Avdol. He then hears Jotaro's micking voice behind him. Unbeknownst to him, he had already summoned the beast-goddess Ammit under the road. Jotaro stumbles in the middle of a punch as the ground erupts beneath his feet, revealing the collosal demon Ammit. Star Platinum unleashes a barrage of fists on her, which proves to be completely ineffective; she doesn't budge even a little. But, while chasing Jotaro, Ammit disappears in a cloud of smoke, as the book was damaged by Joseph and Polnareff's earlier attack. Ani, again, searches for the right passage while he's out of Jotaro’s range. Star Platinum acts quickly and throws a bottle of perfume at the old man, blinding him and giving Jotaro a chance to get close. Ani drops his Stand and starts rubbing his eyes. He tries to locate it on the ground, but it is already in Jotaro's hands. Under Star Platinum's flurry of punches, the old man and his Stand crumble into dust.

After being treated for their injuries, the Joestar group meets in a cafe. Avdol wonders about the identity of The Scribe Ani. After a long pause, Jotaro responds that it doesn't matter; he is now just sand in the desert.

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

When Heaven-Attained DIO starts to rewrite reality, Avdol is among the people who are resurrected and brainwashed into becoming DIO's servants.

Thus Avdol and a similarly brainwashed Iggy attack the heroes, starting with Jean Pierre Polnareff on his plane just before takeoff, at Cairo's airport. They eventually follow Polnareff to the lobby and confront Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar and also Robert E. O. Speedwagon. They explain they have been sent but keep DIO's identity a secret.

To avoid endangering civilians, the heroes fight Avdol and Iggy on the rooftops of Cairo. They are beaten but suddenly disappear. Avdol and Iggy reappear later, at Air Supplena Island in 1939, where they are beaten and restored to their right mind.

DIO springs a trap and Avdol is among the 36 souls that DIO absorbs in order to attain even greater power. Fortunately, Jotaro defeats DIO once and for all, altering fate for the better.

When Jotaro finds himself back at Cairo Airport. Polnareff announces that he will be watching over their injured friends who have now survived their battles, including Avdol.


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