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This article lists possible references made in popular series and by popular artists to art or concepts defining to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

References range in nature from tribute to plagiarism. Many are comic, while the "JoJo poses" in particular cross into greater cultural significance, with the greatest examples being those reproduced by a handful of popular Japanese performing artists.

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Link to this section A Certain Magical Index

In the first volume of the first chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel, the narration references JoJo's Bizarre Adventure when it compared the atmosphere in Kamijou Touma's room after he destroyed Index's clothing as when a Stand user has used its attack on someone.

  • In New Testament Volume 5, a mysterious character by the name of Fräulein Kreutune is introduced. The illustrator, Haimura Kiyotaka, comments on how she reminds him of the Pillar Men from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Link to this section A Certain Scientific Railgun

In the series, there is a restaurant located within Academy City, called Joseph's Coffee and Restaurant, notable for being often frequented by Misaka Mikoto and her friends. The name of the restaurant references the actual restaurant in Japan, Jonathan's Coffee and Restaurant, though in this case, they replaced "Jonathan" with "Joseph".
There is also a petshop featured in School District 7 and is named Horus Pet house, a direct reference to the part 3 antagonist of the same name and his stand. In the manga, the pet shop's logo features two animals, both of which seem to depict Pet Shop and Iggy, though this reference is lost in the anime.

  • In chapter 74, a precognitive esper named Shaei is introduced with the ability to use a camera to produce a photo of a future event. He describes an app that people use to find lost objects, using an example of an esper girl destroying a camera with a karate chop, referencing to Joseph Joestar's usage of Hermit Purple's abilities.
Link to this section A Witch's Printing Office
A Witch's Printing Office JoJo.jpg
In chapter 11 of A Witch's Printing Office, before Mika Kamiya and Wadley hang out with each other to relax, they both strike a pose, with Mika doing Jonathan Joestar's pose from the cover of Volume 4.
Link to this section Addicted to Curry
Addicted to Curry Jonathan.jpg
In chapter 356 of Addicted to Curry, Makito Koenji does Jonathan Joestar's pose from the cover of Volume 4. A quote is also said similarly to Jonathan's Sunlight Yellow Overdrive quote from Chapter 29.[1]
Link to this section Africa Salaryman
Many references are played out in this short scene, most being homages to Stardust Crusaders. Upon meeting his date partner, Toucan screams "WRYYYYY", Dio Brando's popular cry. As he does so, the camera spins around showing him performing DIO's signature pose from Chapter 117. All while this occurs the katakana for "Menacing" floats around Toucan. Toucan suddenly stops time, and a Stand-like figure resembling The World is temporarily summoned. When Toucan stops time he points towards the viewer in a similar fashion to Dio in Chapter 253 when he first reveals his stand. Once time is stopped, Toucan performs Jotaro's iconic pose from Volume 14. Afterward, he exclaims "Yare yare daze", Jotaro's signature catchphrase. Finally, once time has resumed, Toucan's co-worker, Lizard, begins mimicking the sound of a phone ringing, similar to how Vinegar Doppio does in Vento Aureo
Link to this section Ai-Mai-Mi
Summoning a Stand
In episode 4, while Mai is wondering if Mi had courage, she suddenly summons a Stand-like figure engraved with the kanji for "courage" (度胸, dokyō) that looks much like Magician's Red.
Link to this section Air Gear
When Itsuki Minami gropes a naked Simca, Ringo Noyamano is so furious that a monstrous Star Platinum-shaped shadow appears behind her and Ikki replies "Star Platinum!!?". At one point Ikki even uses one of Jonathan's ability, the "Zoom Punch" from Part 1.
Link to this section Aoharu X Machinegun
Aoharu X Kikanjuu Jojoref.png
Hotaru Tachibana can be seen doing a JoJo-inspired pose and having her toy-gun depicted in the manner of a Stand behind her in episode 4.
Link to this section Assassination Classroom

Chapter 176 displays various memories of the students hanging out/trying to kill their teacher Korosensei. In one of them, one student painted Korosensei being shot at by another student in the same manner as Tohth predicting Jotaro would be shot at by two bullets.

Yusei Matsui, the creator of Assassination Classroom, also joined Araki on a 2013 TV Special where he ate the latter's homemade spaghetti. As an avid fan of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Matsui drew an 8-page report on his experience with Araki and his cooking.
Link to this section Attack on Titan
In Chapter 43 of Attack on Titan, when Eren gets up to face Reiner, who is approaching him, he makes a similar pose that DIO makes yelling his iconic cry, "WRYYYYYYYYYY!". Reiner's walk is similar to another panel of DIO approaching Jotaro before they begin fighting.
Link to this section Ayashimon
In Chapter 1, the protagonist Maruo Kaido aspiring to be a manga protagonist references Jotaro Kujo as one of his idols among other Shonen Jump characters. Later in Chapter 9, Kaido unleashes a barrage of punches while exclaiming "Ora Ora Ora", much like Star Platinum.
Link to this section Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts
Several scenes pay homage to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. In one scene, Akihisa Yoshii is seen trying Mizuki Himeji's bento box, only to be dragged into the darkness by a bunch of hands. There is also a scene in episode 7 where an annoying man with Josuke Higashikata's hair and his girlfriend try to get married at the Kisaragi Grand Park. The scene features JoJo-inspired like frames and the character even does several poses from Jonathan Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, and Killer Queen.
Link to this section Baki the Grappler

In September 2021, a special tribute chapter for Itagaki Keisuke's Baki the Grappler franchise's 30th anniversary was released in Weekly Shonen Champion. This chapter was written by Yabako Sandrovich and illustrated by Daromeon, the creators of the Kengan Ashura and Kengan Omega manga series as a collaboration between the two series.

In the chapter, a character from the Baki series, the founder of the Shinshinkai karate dojo Orochi Doppo is invited to spectate a Kengan match and meets with Pa Paing, a character from the Kengan Omega series. After demonstrating the power of his karate chops, he asks Pa Paing "Do you understand?" (ドー・ユー・アンダスタンド). This is a reference to the character of Rubber Soul from Stardust Crusaders, who asks Jotaro Kujo the same question after demonstrating his own ability.
Link to this section Bastard!!
In Chapter 24 of Bastard!!, when Kai Harn takes out garlic and a crucifix to affect Di-Amon, Di-Amon proclaims these are only things in the world that Vampires fear (quickly revealed to be said in mockery of the useless attempt). The creator of the manga, Kazushi Hagiwara, apologizes at the bottom of the page to Araki with "荒木先生ごめんなさい" (Sorry, master Araki.).

In Chapter 26, Di-Amon uses a technique whereas he shoots rays out of his eyes, possibly referencing Dio Brando's "Space Ripper Stingy Eyes" technique.

In Chapter 64, when Abigail is continuing to attack Dark Schneider, he is seen shouting "オラ" (ORA) repeatedly. Referencing the Stand Cry that is synonymous with Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum. Hagiwara again apologizes to Araki at the bottom of the panel with "荒木せんせーゴメンっ!" (Sorry, master Araki!).

In Chapter 75, Di-Amon begs for his life after losing in a fight to Kall-Su. He claims that killing him would be “Useless” by shouting “無駄 無駄 無駄” repeatedly. Referencing the Stand Cry of Dio Brandon’s The World, along with it being one of his vampiric catchphrases. In the same chapter, Di-Amon also flees by severing his own head, possibly referencing Dio’s escape during his confrontation with Jonathan Joestar at his castle.

Link to this section Berserk
In the 115th chapter of the Berserk manga, the character Guts receives an injury from an apostle called Rosine, in which she attacks him with a giant needle that ends up penetrating him through his left cheek and exits out of the right. The situation is very similar to a wound that Jack the Ripper self-inflicts in Chapter 22. Kentaro Miura was known to be inspired by older manga series.
Link to this section Black Clover
In Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #32 2021 (July 12, 2021), Yuki Tabata, the author for Black Clover, wrote in his author comment for the week that his wife has been doing a really good impression of Guido Mista's Stand, Sex Pistols lately.[2]
Link to this section Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Shinbo-Bobo StoneMask.png
In Chapter 23 of the sequel series, Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, the character Gaoh is wearing a stone mask during a fight.
Link to this section Build King
In Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #15 2021 (March 29, 2021), Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, the author for Build King, wrote in his author comment for the week that he couldn't work when watching the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan anime since it was so good, as his right hand wouldn't move when watching it.[3]
Link to this section Bungo Stray Dogs
Kafka Asagiri, creator and writer of the Bungo Stray Dogs series, cites JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as a major influence while creating his manga. In a 2013 interview with Comic Natalie, he draws a similarity between Bungo Stray Dogs and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters, noting that although the humans are weak by themselves, they are still strong in a way that they can overcome obstacles with their courage and determination, and not just by using their Stands or special abilities.[4] Asagiri is also open towards his opinions on the series and often mentioned it on his Twitter.[5][6]
Link to this section Buso Renkin
In chapter 8 (episode 4), Kazuki Muto draws a picture of missing school student Koushaku Chono to show to other classmates. This picture is humorously drawn in the art style of Hirohiko Araki, much to everyone's surprise. Later on in chapter 48 (episode 15), the Warrior Chief Captain Bravo quotes Avdol's line of "YES I AM!" upon being recognized by the other characters on the beach. In chapter 49 (episode 16), he also mimics Polnareff's "Bravo, oh bravo!" pose (while riding a surfboard).
Link to this section Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis
Cardfight jojo pose.PNG
Episode 16 of Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis has the characters imitate the poses of characters from JoJo. Kumi Okazaki is doing Josuke's pose, Luna Yumizuki does Jotaro's, Tokoha Anjou does Jonathan's, and Am Chouno does Rohan's.
Link to this section Cells at Work!
In Chapter 16 of Cells at Work!, dengue virus is visualized as a Tengu mask. When it latches onto the faces of Langerhans cells, tendrils come out and pierce their skulls. Its way of attaching itself onto others is based on how the Stone Mask pierces the wearer's skull when activated.

Additionally, in season 2 episode 3 of the anime adapation, the initial scene of its activation also visually references the glimmering light emitting from the Stone Mask when Dio Brando uses it on himself in Episode 3 of JoJo's anime adaption. Notably, David Production did the anime adapations for both series.

Link to this section Chained Soldier
In Chapter 22 of Chained Soldier, Yuuki Wakura got grabbed by Saraha Wakasa unconsciously, putting him in compromising positions. This was commented with a changed up quote of Kars fate: "Though he wished to extract himself, he was unable to. So eventually, Yuuki stopped thinking." Yachiho Azuma has the ability Golden Hour, which can stop time by doing a "noble pose", referencing combined Dio.
Link to this section Chaser Game
Matsuyama Kars.jpg
In volume 4 of Hiroshi Matsuyama's manga Chaser Game (チェイサーゲーム, Cheisaa Geimu), which features fictional versions of the staff from CyberConnect2, Matsuyama does Kars's pose from the end of Chapter 104.
Link to this section Chieri's Love is 8 Meters Tall
Chieri's Love JoJo Ref.jpg

Chieri's Love is 8 Meters Tall (ちえりの恋は8メートル!, Chieri no Koi wa 8 Meter) is a comedy, romance manga by Mitogawa Wataru.

Chapter 22: In effort to try and calm himself down while Chieri teases him at the pool, Yumeji begins to count prime numbers to himself, similar to the habit of Enrico Pucci.
Link to this section Corpse Princess
Corpse princess.png
In the ending credits, some of the characters recreate some fairly blatant JoJo poses, including Jonathan, Joseph, and Johnny's.
Link to this section Deadpool: Samurai
Deadpool: Samurai (デッドプール : SAMURAI, Deadpool: Samurai) is a manga series written by Sanshiro Kasama and illustrated by Hikaru Uesugi.

Chapter 7: The chapter opens with Deadpool and company fighting in an empty room. In order to show the reader how they got to that point, Deadpool says he'll rewind time like Ringo's Stand, Mandom. He then proceeds to break the fourth wall by reversing the events of the fight to before it even happened through the Shonen Jump+ page slider.
Chapter 15: After defeating Loki with the help of his clone, Deadpool and himself do a handshake identical to that of Polnareff and Kakyoin during Chapter 181.

Link to this section Dear Anemone
In chapter 11 of the manga, character Ryuichi Yashiki, recently revived from the dead, reunites with protagonist Gaku Hachiue and allies. As he died mere moments before Hachiue's symbiotic bonding to the titular mutant plant Anemone, he reacts with shock and confusion at the sight of the entity. This immediately prompts Yashiki to ask Hachiue if Anemone is a Stand, much to Anemone's irritation.
Link to this section Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Gotouge referencing JoJo

Koyoharu Gotouge, the manga artist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, is a fan of JoJo according to their first editor, Tatsuhiko Katayama. This is confirmed in a twitcasting Q&A session from School of Jump where Gotouge reveals the three series that influenced Demon Slayer were JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Naruto, and Bleach.[7] Particular influences from JoJo include the breathing method being similar to the Ripple, and the motif of the immortal demon Muzan being reminiscent of Dio Brando.[8]

In a specific article on Gotouge, they list JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as the manga they want to re-read the most.

There are several other homages to JoJo throughout the manga.

In Chapter 129, Inosuke charges through a window yelling "WRYYYYYY", which is the battle cry mainly used by Dio Brando but also a few other characters in JoJo.

In Chapter 160, Doma sticks his finger into his skull, just like DIO does after drinking Joseph's blood.

Demons in the series like Muzan are also capable of transferring blood through their fingers as Dio does.

Link to this section DENKI-GAI
In the first episode, Director asks Umio what happened between him and Hiotan. Umio says "nothing" and then Director comes closer to Umio and licks his ear, saying that he has the "taste of a liar". This is a reference to the Giorno and Bruno's "taste of a liar" scene from Vento Aureo. In Episode 2, Director and Umio make JoJo poses (Director as Jonathan, Umio as Joseph). In Episode 7, Director makes a JoJo reference.
Link to this section Detective Conan
Aoyama Rohan.png

Rohan Kishibe is the featured detective in the 101st volume of Detective Conan's "Detective Picture Book" with a colored illustration and description by Gosho Aoyama.

Let me introduce Rohan Kishibe, the most unique of all famous detectives! Rohan is a super popular manga artist with a series in the Shonen Jump magazine. He's also an eccentric who devotes his entire life to manga! He trains his body for this sole purpose, waking up in the morning to do finger exercises, and immersing himself in his work with an almost inhuman degree of skill. Also, he's unable to control his curiosity when something catches his eye, which often leads to him getting involved in bizarre cases.

During these bizarre cases, he calls himself forth to investigate with the help of "Heaven's Door," which has the special ability to read a person's life like a book. In addition, he uses his intellect and tremendous self-confidence to get to the bottom of the mystery. Despite this, he seems more focused on his manga rather than solving the actual case... By the way, according to the author, Hirohiko Araki, Rohan Kishibe is his "ideal vision of a manga artist." If I could use Heaven's Door, I'd like to take a peek inside of Rohan... (laughs)

(My recommendation is... Millionaire Village)
—Gosho Aoyama
In 2023, Aoyama designed an original character called Pinga, a member of the Black Organization, for the 26th Detective Conan theatrical film, Black Iron Submarine, which was released on April 14, 2023. During a stage greeting event for the film on September 30, 2023, Aoyama revealed that he created Pinga's androgynous features to make him look like a character from JoJo, which was something the series had never done before.[9]
Link to this section The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
  • In Chapter 102, Saiki accidentally posed in a way that is similar to a JoJo pose while saying Jotaro's infamous catchphrase "Yare Yare Daze.."
  • In Episode 3 of Season 1 (Short Episode 12), Uryoku Chouno traps Saiki Kusuo into a box to perform a magic trick which later involves flattening him under a road roller as a reference to Jotaro Kujo and DIO's battle.
  • In Episode 15 of Season 1 (Short Episode 75), Kaido who was leading the way to a restaurant (and having poor sense of direction) says (while performing a JoJo pose) that they (he, Saiki and Nendou) are being attacked with a new Stand Power.
  • In Episode 2 of Season 2 (Short Episode 127), Saiki travels back in time to the "golden age" (November 22, 1994) Hirohiko Araki's note for Chapter 390 is shown with Araki's icon and Josuke Higashikata on a Weekly Shonen Jump issue Saiki is reading.
  • In Episode 6 of Season 2 (Short Episode 150), when Teruhashi Kokomi's charms fail to work on Saiko Metori, he declaims his refusal akin to Rohan Kishibe's face during his battle against Highway Star.
  • In Episode 22 of Season 2 (Short Episode 229), Kaido and Nendou argue over which Weekly Shonen Jump character is the strongest. Nendo argues that it's either Luckyman or Arale whereas Kaido states that it has to be Giorno because Gold Experience Requiem can nullify any ability.
Link to this section Dog & Scissors
Iggy pet shop Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou.jpg
Kazuhito Harumi, a high school boy who is obsessed with reading books is killed in the middle of a robbery and resurrected as a dachshund dog. While in his new form, Kazuhito is adopted by a man who owns a pet shop called Iggy (with a symbol of Iggy's face).
Link to this section Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagataro
Nagataro JoJo Ref 127.png

Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagataro (イジらないで、長瀞さ, Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san) is a manga series written and illustrated by Nanashi. In 2021, an anime adaptation by Telecom Animation Film was produced and as of 2023 has ran for a total of 24 episodes across two seasons.

In Chapter 127 of the manga, Sana Sunomiya suddenly poses like Joseph Joestar from the cover of Volume 8, while Hana Sunomiya does Jotaro Kujo's signature pointing pose from Volume 14. The background also features "menacing" Katakana/SFX (ゴゴゴ).
Link to this section Dorei-ku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei
Doreiku JoJo.jpg
In chapter 7 of Dorei-ku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei, Shiori Adachi and Taiju Nakano are at a cafe together wondering how they should duel with each other, when two guys approach their table asking them if they want to hang out. The two guys briefly pose when introducing themselves, doing Narciso Anasui's pose from SO Chapter 59 and Jonathan Joestar's pose from the cover of Volume 4.
Link to this section Drifters
In an omake for the second volume of Drifters, Kouta Hirano describes Hirohiko Araki as "an ex-Shinsengumi vice-commander mangaka who can stop time, is a magic boy and a BT, screams "Baru-baru-baru-baru!", has four testicles in the alternate universe and is under execution, under jailbreak".
Link to this section Drugstore in Another World
In Episode 8 of Drugstore in Another World, the main character Reiji Kirio has a discussion with Lord Valgas, the Count that governs the area that surrounds Reiji's village. The latter is convinced that his daughter, Elaine, is avoiding him and Reiji suspects it to be related to puberty. After using Reiji's medicinal odorless body soap, Valgas attempts to talk to Elaine, but not before striking a pose commonly associated with Josuke Higashikata.
Link to this section End of the Series! Behind the scenes from Shonen Jump's Golden Age
In Chapter 5 of the autobiographical manga "End of the Series! Behind the scenes from Shonen Jump's Golden Age", the author Maki Koji narrates his meeting with Hirohiko Araki and the rivalry between "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" and "Godsider".
Link to this section ETOTAMA
In episode 5 of Etotama, smoke covers the room due to the main character being sick with a unique virus. The smoke clears up and reveals the characters doing poses, a couple of which are from JoJo.
Link to this section Excel Saga
Ropponmatsu2 is an android who appears in various episodes. In episode 16, it is found by Excel in a delivery box and shows the Star Birthmark.
Link to this section Fairy Tail
Lamy, an enemy character from the dark guild Tartaros in Fairy Tail, is seen doing a JoJo pose in Part 5-Part 6 era art style in episode 238 and in the 20th opening.
Link to this section Fire Force
Dam Dam Dam!
In chapter 120 of Fire Force, the character Ogun Montgomery unleashes a fury of punches while shouting "Dam Dam Dam". This is a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's famous stand rush cries. Additionally, in the anime adaption, this reference is pushed even further with Ogun shouting multiple Ora's in quick succession, in reference to Star Platinum's famous "Ora" stand rush.
Link to this section Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma
In Chapter 71, during Megumi and Kurokiba's food battle, they invoke imaginary Stands and enter a blazing fist battle. The character design of Megumi's Stand is similar to Spice Girl, while Kurokiba's Stand has a skin pattern similar to King Crimson.
Link to this section Fate/school life: Himuro no Tenchi
Shinji doing Josuke's pose from Chapter 439.
In the comedy spin off of Fate/stay night, the character of Shinji Matou makes several appearances throughout. In many of these, Shinji pulls various poses, with exaggerated sound effects followed behind him. These poses are lifted from Josuke Higashikata, Jonathan Joestar and Giorno Giovanna.
Link to this section Fate/stay night
Link to this section Gantz
Yukako billboard
In chapter 383 of Gantz, a billboard appears depicting Yukako Yamagishi from Chapter 350. The sign was inspired by the real-life billboards used to promote the single "Breeeeze Girl" by the band Base Ball Bear, which could be seen in Japan.[10]
Link to this section GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There!
In chapter 22, Rory Mercury goes on a rampage against foreign special forces during the Hakone Incident. The Japanese Minister of Defense, an avid fan of anime, asks if she had "put on the stone mask and feeds on blood". This was omitted from the anime adaptation.
Link to this section Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
One of the Tachikomatic Days sketches during Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG shows that after getting outfitted with a new "Agent" equipment one of the Tachikoma gets an Araki-style appearance and an ability to summon a Stand-like Agent that has the ability to stop time, "Reset The World".
Link to this section Gintama
The Ghost Ryokan arc in episodes 131-134 (chapters 196-201) has the protagonists enter a haunted inn that services spiritual beings called "Stands" (which are actually just ghosts), so that they may attain the happiness necessary for them to reach the afterlife. The "Stands" may possess the "Stand user" to grant him special abilities, which parody the conventional Stand naming derived from musical themes. The anime equivalent of the arc has Gintoki Sakata defining a "Stand" while Star Platinum appears as an example, donning Gintoki's trademark attire, and includes a reference to Hirohiko Araki as a "backward-aging fairy". The main antagonist of the arc, Oiwa, also uses Star Platinum's battle cry "ORAORAORA".
Link to this section Given
Chapter 11
Chapter 21.5

One of the main characters of Given, Mafuyu Sato will often have a metaphorical Pomeranian appear beside him when depicted a certain way. The end of Chapter 11 includes a short gag-comic of the other main character, Ritsuka Uenoyama, asking Sato if the dog is some type of Stand. Sato also mentions that Ueonyama has a munchkin cat behind him with menacing SFX.

In Chapter 21.5, the characters look over several documents outlining meta-data about themselves, such as their stats and backgrounds. One of sections within the dossier contains "Stand Data" which jokingly refers to the metaphorical animals that appear behind them, such as Sato's dog. One of the characters, Ugetsu Murata, reveals his "Stand" to be a giant crow.
Link to this section GJ Club
In episode 2 of GJ Club, Kyōya Shinomiya is reading Volume 14 of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. In episode 7, he turns into ORE-MAN and does several poses, a couple took from JoJo.
Link to this section Gokujo
In both the anime and manga, the main character, Aya Akabane, is often seen doing JoJo-like poses when discussing things relating to beauty.
Link to this section Golden Kamuy
Not a JoJo reference

In the Golden Kamuy Official Fanbook, when asked which writer influenced him the most, Satoru Noda answered Hirohiko Araki. However, in the same interview, he states that he doesn't intend to include JoJo parodies in Golden Kamuy.

In Chapter 145 of the manga, the main character Saichi Sugimoto rapidly releases a fast barrage of punches followed by after-images of himself. The page itself resembles panels from Chapter 46 and Chapter 69 of Stardust Crusaders, however, Noda notes that this was actually a reference to Fist of the North Star.[11]

"Zettai Korosu Man"
The text at the beginning of Chapter 230 of the manga, Absolute Murder Man (絶対殺すマン, Zettai Korosu Man), is likely a reference to Japan's colloquial name for Tusk ACT4.
Link to this section Good Luck Girl!
Good Luck Girl (貧乏神が!, Binbō-gami ga!) is a comedy manga by Yoshiaki Sukeno. In 2012, an anime adaptation by Sunrise was produced and ran for a total of 13 episodes.


Chapter 9: After returning Keita Tsuwabuki's hankercheif, Ichiko makes a remark about feeling reinvigorated, comparing the feeling to wearing a new pair of panties on New Year's Day. This line is taken directly from Josuke Higashikata after the Highway Star story arc.
Chapter 21: While Nadeshiko Adenokouji is expressing her jealousy and rage with Ichiko and Ranamaru Rindou, the panel layout, art style, and dialogue is a parody of when Yoshihiro Kira threatens to kill Josuke and Jotaro if they attempt to pursue his son.
Chapter 24: The panel layout and art style from when the random girl attacks Bobby resembles that of Esidisi attacking Caesar after having taken control of Suzi Q's body in Battle Tendency. The random girl also makes a remark after being defeated, claiming that it felt as if she was possessed.
Chapter 40: A "Binbōgami Item" that turns a pumpkin into a horse carriage is a redrawing of one of the chariots used during the battle between Joseph and Wamuu.


Episode 1: While monologuing about her popularity and beauty, Ichiko Sakura imagines herself posing like Kars from the end of Chapter 104.
Episode 6: After returning Keita Tsuwabuki's hankercheif, Ichiko's outfit, hair, and art style change entirely, as she recreates the panel of Josuke feeling reinvigorated after the Highway Star story arc. As per the original panel, she also makes a remark about comparing her refreshed state to wearing a new pair of panties on New Year's Day.

Link to this section Grand Blue
Grand Blue JoJo.jpg

In chapter 47 of Grand Blue, Kouhei Imamura and Iori Kitahara are figuring out how to find the supposed stalker of Shiori Kitahara, Iori asks how they will sniff out the pervert and Kouhei replies that is where he comes in, saying "Birds of a feather flock together, right? Like how St*nd users gravitate toward each other."

The panel also shows a picture of Joseph Joestar with his appearance from Stardust Crusaders with him saying "It's a powerful vision!". This is referencing his quote, "Indeed Jotaro, what you have called an "evil spirit" is but a powerful vision created by your own life energy!", from Chapter 116.

Coincidentally, there is a Stand called Grand Blue in the JORGE JOESTAR light novel.
Link to this section Gugure Kokkuri-san
In episode 6, Inugami puts Kohina Ichimatsu's head in the mouth of a big spirit to change her face. Inugami is beaten by Kokkuri-san for his actions and Kohina does Risotto Nero's pose over Inugami's body.
Link to this section Hacka Doll the Animation
Hacka doll road roller.gif
In episode 5, Hacka Doll v.4 finds a guy on the streets reading a car magazine and tries to gift him a car. She briefly recreates DIO's Road Roller attack before throwing the car at him.[12]
Link to this section Haikyu!!
Haikyu!! S4 Ep 10 - Tanaka Kakyoin Pose.jpg
In episode 10 of Haikyu!! season 4, Ryunosuke Tanaka does the pose of Noriaki Kakyoin from Chapter 123.
Link to this section Haiyore! Nyaruko: Crawling With Love!
As a gag-series, it features one of the highest amounts of references to JoJo.

Episode 1:

  • "Earth's pleasures are the best in the universe!" (8:36) (Stroheim)
  • "If it is not exposed, it is not a crime"[13] (9:10) (Jotaro - Ch.236)

Episode 2:

  • "He's bellissimo cute, isn't he?" (4:40) (Melone - Ch.500)
  • "Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora! (11:51)" (Star Platinum)
  • "There is one reason for your defeat. One simple reason. It's because... It's because you pissed me off!" (16:03) (Jotaro - Ch.264)
  • "Useless!" (16:25) (Dio)
  • "What a pain..." (16:37) (Jotaro)

Episode 3:

  • "Yasaka Mahiro Wants to Live in Peace" (4:56) (Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly - Volume 37)
  • "No, today there's a preview of the new Iron Striver series "The Unbreakable Trapezohedron!" (18:27) (Part 4)
  • "I will transcend Nyarlathotep." (19:25) (Dio - Ch.11)
  • ""Muda muda muda muda muda muda..." (19:28) (DIO)
  • "Mahiro, do you know how many loaves of bread you've eaten up 'til now?" (19:49) (Dio - Ch.25)

Episode 4:

  • "Defeating you won't be so hard." (14:02) (Rohan - Ch.375)

Episode 9:

  • You don't have to be so scared that you'll be stabbed with a fork. Relax, Nyarlko." (20:47) (DIO - Ch.252)

W Episode 1:

  • "Until you go to the nurse's office, I will not let go of your hand!" (10:14) (Jonathan - Ch.4)

W Episode 5:

W Episode 6:

  • "Ari ari ari arrivederci!"[14] (21:56) (Bruno - Ch.449)

W Episode 11:

  • "Hinjaku, hinjaku!" (0:44) (Dio - Ch.38)

Link to this section Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin
In Chapter 6, the protagonist Boyle Samejima is invited to a coworker's house to prepare sweet potatoes. Once there, the coworker is greeted by a group of kids who caught a turtle and named it Polnareff.
Link to this section Hayate the Combat Butler
In one episode Klaus Seishirou parodies the famous scene of Dio turned into a vampire by the Stone Mask, with the same SFX that arises on the screen. Yukiji Katsura also mimics the technique "Sunlight Yellow Overdrive", exclaiming "Violet Overdrive" as her battle cry while attacking him.[15]
Link to this section Hanebado!
In episode 9, when Connie Christensen calls the others to attention in the school tennis court from the second floor, main character Ayano Hanesaki, standing below Connie, signs to her that she "can see her panties" using the same unconventional signs ("pan-tsu-maru-mie") Polnareff makes during the High Priestess attack.[16]
Link to this section Harisugawa in Mirror World
Harisugawa Kars.jpg
When Mao Satomi pulls the mirror out of her bag to apologize to Tetsu Harisugawa in chapter 14 of Harisugawa in Mirror World, Harisugawa is shown posing like Kars's frozen body from Chapter 113.
Link to this section Himouto! Umaru-chan
In the first episode of the second season, Himouto! Umaru-chan R, the main character Umaru Doma is left home alone during the weekend due to her older brother, Taihei Doma, having to work overnight at his job to meet a deadline. Umaru spends the entire night playing videogames and ends up sleeping for most of the daytime. She wakes up at 8pm and panically notes that she had burned through 16 hours. While saying this, a depiction of King Crimson can be seen behind her.
Link to this section Hellsing
Hirano jojo.jpg
In an omake of the manga after the 47th chapter, a panel depicts Josuke Higashikata, Rohan Kishibe, and Yoshihiro Kira in the Hellsing-omake art style. Josuke states that "volume 6" can be read as "ro-kan", while Yoshihiro says that's awesome and gives a real JoJo feel because it's like Rohan Kishibe. Luke Valentine says "Kira" is a ruthless bastard. His brother Jan wonders if he means Yoshikage Kira with the background saying "Bites the Dust", but Luke replies that he means the Kira from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.
Link to this section Hozuki's Coolheadedness
At the end of episode 9, during the next episode preview, Hoozuki is heard using the battle cry "Ora Ora" (very distinctly an impersonation of OVA Star Platinum) while he punches Enma Daio; this is followed by a reference to Fist of the North Star.
Link to this section Humanity Has Declined
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita.png
Episode 4 shows the character Y doing Jonathan's Volume 4 pose, the katakana for "Menacing" can also be seen.[17] Coincidentally, Y's voice actress, Miyuki Sawashiro, also voiced Jolyne in All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven.
Link to this section Hungry Marie
In chapter 10 of Hungry Marie, Taiga (appearing as Marie) repeatedly says "Nope" ("Muri", which is basically "Muda"). Anna tells him to settle down because he's starting to look like a JoJo's character.
Link to this section Hunter x Hunter
Stone mask hxh.png

The early episodes of the 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime adaptation feature an intro that includes a golden mask with a red gem and vampire-like fangs. This mask strongly resembles the Stone Mask with the Red Stone of Aja.

Hunter x Hunter Vol 36 Ch 378 Akogareru.png

In chapter 378, the character Luini references the quote from Dio Brando's follower in Phantom Blood, "I've got shivers! I admire him!" (そこにシビれる!あこがれるゥ!, Soko ni shibireru! Akogarerū!), while spying on the characters Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan.

Halkenberg catching bullet.png

In chapter 382, the character Halkenberg is depicted shooting himself and having his Nen Beast catch the bullet, very similar to how Jotaro Kujo has his Stand Star Platinum catch a bullet he shoots to his head in his introduction.

Tserriednich nen ability.png

In chapter 387, the character Tserriednich explains his Nen ability, which is very similar to Diavolo's Stand King Crimson and its Epitaph ability. Both abilities allow the user to see 10 seconds into the future and change their actions according to it while everyone else is unable to perceive their changed actions.

What a wonderful world hxh.jpg

In chapter 389, a character is depicted reading the "Book of Tyson", which is said to use music lyrics to convey messages, very similar to how Araki tends to use music references for his names and story. The final chapter of this book is called "What a Wonderful World", which is the name of the final chapter of Stone Ocean.

Hinrigh nen ability.png
In chapter 390, the character Hinrigh is shown using his ability, which can turn any device or object he touches into a living creature. The device or weapon can retain its original function and can be manipulated at will. This ability is very similar to Giorno Giovanna's Stand Gold Experience.
Link to this section Hyakko
Johnny cosplay in the background
In chapter 43 of Hyakko, a person cosplaying Johnny can be seen in the background.
Link to this section Hyperdimension Neptunia
Lastation no Security wa Sekai Ichi!
In episode 1 of the Japanese version, IF will yell "ora ora ora" when attacking a group of Dogoos. This was removed in the English dub. In episode 6, Neptune makes fun of Noire who was convinced that her security system is unbreakable. She does it by paraphrasing Stroheim's famous quote accompanied with on-screen SFX.[18]
Link to this section I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying
Episode 2 of Second Thread features the iconic "To Be Continued" arrow before the ending theme plays.
Link to this section I Could Kill You if I Really Wanted To
I Could Kill You if I Really Wanted To (本気出せばお前殺せる, Honkidaseba omae koroseru) is a manga series written and illustrated by Rooftop Cisco (屋根裏シスコ).

Chapter 2: The cover illustration depicts Sakurako making the same pose Giorno Giovanna made while declaring his dream of becoming a "Gang-Star", in this case, Sakurako is describing her dream for overwhelming power.
Chapter 8: While reflecting on their first encounter, Toru envisions Sakurako breaking down gender stereotypes as if she was unleashing a barrage of punches while the Katakana for “Ora Ora Ora” surround her.
Chapter 15: One of the last few scenes of the series shows the main cast lined up in a similar fashion to the Joestar Group of Stardust Crusaders when departing Japan to confront DIO.

Link to this section Inari Kon Kon
Irina and deo.jpg
In episode 6, Toka Fushimi begins to type If I don't rescue Irina from the sinister Deo's clutches seemingly referring to Erina and Dio. Coincidentally, Touka has the same voice actor as Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Yoji Ueda) in the Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency anime adaptation.
Link to this section Isekai Affair
In a scene of this H-manga, the protagonist uses a spell called "The World" to stop time.
Link to this section Isekai Nonbiri Nouka - Farming Life in Another World
Isekai Nonbiri Nouka JoJo Reference.png
In episode 3, Tia mentions that Ru blows everything up and the iconic "To Be Continued" arrow from JoJo is shown in the bottom left, although it isn't the end of the episode.
Link to this section Jashin-chan Dropkick (Dropkick on My Devil!)
Jashin-Chan Dropkick Pillar Men Reference.png
In the first episode of the third season (Jashin-chan Dropkick X), many characters are drawn in different styles for comedic purposes. The commercial bumper shows three men posing in front of a full moon, imitating a scene from the 2012 anime's 2nd opening, BLOODY STREAM. The art style of the characters match those seen in the 2nd season of the anime, Stardust Crusaders.
Link to this section Jujutsu Kaisen
JJK Chapter 81

In Chapter 81 of Jujutsu Kaisen, the character Kokichi Muta faces off against one of the series's villains, Mahito. While equipped with his cursed corpse, Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute, Kokichi fires off a multi-blast energy technique referred to as Pigeon Viola. In the manga, the SFX "パパウ, パウパウ" (Papau, paupau) can be seen on the page where Muta launches the attack. This famous SFX is borrowed from the scene within JoJo where Will Anthonio Zeppeli launches his ripple cutter at Jack the Ripper.

WSJ 2021 No.44

In the "Jump New World Manga Award" section of Weekly Shonen Jump 2021 Issue No.44, Gege Akutami is asked about his thought process when coming up with abilities. He mentions the character, Kirara Hoshi, in particular and how he tried to create their ability using the complexity you would see from Stone Ocean and beyond in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. However, he believes that it didn't turn out well due to focusing too much on making it different and distinct.

JJK Chapter 189

In Chapter 189, the JuJutsu sorcerers, Kinji Hakari and Hajime Kashimo face off as part of the Culling Game. During the fight, Hakari mentions that he has "manga" on the brain and then proceeds to throw Kashimo over the sea in an attempt to discharge his electricity-based curse in the water. The act is likely a reference to the fight between Josuke Higashikata and Akira Otoishi, where Akira's Stand, Red Hot Chili Pepper, is defeated in a similar fashion.

In the preview for Episode 42 (Season 2 Episode 18), Panda counts prime numbers to calm down. This is a reference to Enrico Pucci from Stone Ocean as Tomokazu Seki voices both of them.[19]
Link to this section Kageki Shoujo
In Chapter 12, Sugimoto is asked by one of her friends if the pose she is making is from JoJo.
Link to this section Kill la Kill
Ryuko's "secret technique": Running away!
In Chapter 1 (manga), upon realizing that she can't defeat the Boxing Team Captain, Takaharu Fukuroda, Ryūko Matoi uses her "trump card", which is "Running Away!", surprising all present characters. She even runs in the same manner as Joseph Joestar when he runs away from Straizo and Kars.
Link to this section Kiss Him, Not Me
In episode 3, main protagonist Kae punches at the camera repeatedly while scream "muri" several times, just like DIO's "muda", and ends by doing Dio's "WRYYY" pose. In the second eyecatch of the episode 8, the Serinuma family are doing several JoJo poses: the protagonist Kae is doing Joseph's pose, her mother Mitsuko is doing Jonathan's pose and her older brother Takuro is doing Josuke's pose
Link to this section Komi Can't Communicate
In episode 12 of the second season, Najimi Osana, Omoharu Nakanaka, and Ren Yamai playing eraser wars in excessive way by unleashing fury of flicks. Najimi shouts a battle cry akin to Star Platinum's, Omoharu shouts a battle cry akin to The World's, and Yamai shouts a battle cry akin to Crazy Diamond's.
Chapter 257 of Komi Can't Communicate ends with "To Be Communicated" in an arrow, mimicking JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's iconic "To Be Continued".
Link to this section Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead
In episode 3 of this anime, Ayumu Aikawa performs a dance to hip-hop-like music. The lyrics of this song are a clear reference to Jonathan's most famous attack.[20]
  • Jonathan: "Furueru zo hāto! Moetsukiru hodo hīto! Kisamu zo, ketsueki no bīto!! SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE!" (My heart resonates! Heat enough to burn! My blood's beat is razor-sharp!)
  • Ayumu: "Miro yo, ore no hāto! Kizame yo, ore no bīto! Sarani, ore wa bīto! Jōsho, junjō, sore wa yūjō!" (Look at my heart! Engrave my beat! Also, I'm the heat! Invincible and innocent, this is the friendship!)
The last words are a reference to Bruford's conversion from a zombie via the Sunlight Yellow Overdrive barrage. Ayumu ends the dance with Dio's pose.
Link to this section Koro Sensei Quest
In episode 5 when Ritsu turns the class into stone, the students are seen doing multiple different poses in which on of them is referencing Wamuu's pose from Chapter 64.
KorosenseiQ JoJo.JPG
Link to this section Lucky ☆ Star
Lucky Star JoJo.gif
The show has several JoJo references. In particular, one appears when Hiyori Tamura trips and falls to the ground in a dramatic manner. Her art style changes to that of JoJo and the similar SFX appear around her as well.
Link to this section Macademi Wasshoi!
In episode 4, in order to fight Baltia's black giant, Eitaro Sakuma exclaims that he will fight her. Meanwhile, he makes a pose similar to Risotto Nero. When ordering his assistant Eineus to launch a giant robot sized Eineus, he makes Jonathan's trademark hand over face pose.
Link to this section Maji de Otaku na English! Ribbon-chan: Eigo de Tatakau Mahou Shoujo
Ribbon-chan JoJo ref.png
In episode 7, all the main characters are gathered in a park "ready to defeat" the main antagonist. There, the main antagonist, Valko, is admitting her defeat but suddenly random side characters pop up. Valko reacts to this like it was ripped straight out of some kind of battle shonen series, with her hand striking a JoJo-esque pose, her hair resembling weirdly Polnareff from Stardust Crusaders, and background effects showing and trembling.
Link to this section March comes in like a Lion
Hayashida posing like Jotaro
In episode 8 of season 2, in the middle of an argument, Hayashida suddenly points in a similar fashion to Jotaro with purple rumble SFX appearing on the screen.
Link to this section Maria†Holic
Episode 8 of the series shows JoJo-styled SFX, coupled with a "To be continued" sign.
Link to this section Mayoi Neko Overrun!
During a game of Jenga, Chise Umenomori summons a Stand similar to Star Platinum to help her pull a brick out. There is another scene that is in the manga only, where the Stray Cat's Club is at the beach, and they appear to be making a sand sculpture of Iggy's stand, The Fool.
Link to this section Me & Roboco
Me & Roboco is a gag manga series that constantly references other series, mainly those featured on Weekly Shonen Jump.

In chapter 69, the class goals signboard reads "Remember how many slices of bread you've eaten so far in life", quoting Dio's famous phrase from Chapter 25.

In chapter 111, the main character Bondo Taira poses similarly to Jonathan's Volume 4 pose while the character Gorilla Gachi does Josuke's Volume 36 pose.

Link to this section Medaka Box
In Chapter 116 of Medaka Box, Najimi Ajimu gives a speech to Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, listing out the qualities of various protagonists of other Shonen Jump series. Jotaro Kujo is among those referenced, who Najimi states is cool. In the end, she asks Zenkichi if he wants to be a main character like them.
Link to this section Meganebu!
Towards the end of episode 2, Yukiya Minabe finishes his pair of glasses and begins executing both Joseph and Jotaro's poses. In episode 6, all of the Meganebu members perform famous poses on a train, like a challenge or game.
Link to this section Mob Psycho 100
Mob Psycho 100 (モブサイコ100, Mobu Saiko Hyaku) is a manga series written and illustrated by ONE. In 2016, an anime adaptation by Studio Bones was produced and ran for a total of 37 episodes across three seasons.

"Demon Rush"
In episode 4 of the anime (chapter 11 of the manga), a delinquent character named Tenga Onigawara is introduced. Many of Onigawara's characteristics seem similar to that of Josuke Higashikata from Diamond is Unbreakable. Notably his pompadour hair style and special "Demon Rush" attack, a rapid barrage of fast consecutive punches. In the manga, several "DoDoDo" SFX are visible during Onigawara's "Demon Rush", a SFX commonly seen in JoJo.
Link to this section Monogatari Series
In Nisemonogatari episode 6, Hitagi Senjougahara performs various poses in succession, including Wamuu's pose from Chapter 64. In the TV version of episode 9, Koyomi Araragi mimics Jotaro's finger point from the cover of Volume 14 (specifically the variant with knees bent, as seen in JoJo's Venture and its revisions). The latter reference was removed in the Blu-ray version.

In episode 7 of Owarimonogatari, Koyomi Araragi poses similarly to Rohan Kishibe's in-game render from All-Star Battle. Interestingly, Hiroshi Kamiya, Araragi's voice actor, also voices Rohan in All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven.

In episode 8 of Koyomimonogatari, Ougi Oshino mimics Wamuu's pose from Chapter 64.

In Zoku Owarimonogatari episode 5, Yotsugi Ononoki picks up a sign and poses similarly to DIO in Chapter 259.

Link to this section Monster Musume

In episode 3 of the anime adaptation of Monster Musume, Centorea Shianus explains that as a centaur, her species is known for being valiant knights who honor loyalty above all. She mentions that her various ancestors also served under similar values with visions of them appearing in the background. At this point, Kimihito Kurusu asks if their images behind her are Stands.

Monster Musume Kira ref.jpg
In Chapter 50, when Suu holds up a prosthetic hand she found earlier, Miia is grossed out and questions if the vampire they are looking for bites off hands. As well as wondering if they are a serial murderer with a hand fetish, referencing Yoshikage Kira's notable traits.
Link to this section Motejuku Renai Soudan
In the one-shot Motejuku Renai Soudan by Amon Dai that published in WSJ Issue #34, a female clerk falls and hits a person with a copy of JOJO A-GO!GO!.[21]
Link to this section Mr. Osomatsu

Jyushimatsu prepares for his date in episode 9. In one of his outfits he is wearing the Stone Mask. Also in episode 8 while Jyushimatsu holds Iyami, JoJo-style "menacing" SFX (ゴゴゴ) flows in the background.

Osomatsu pose.jpg
Karamatsu also makes Jonathan's pose in episode 25.
Link to this section Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood
Sophie lifting a road roller
In attempt to scare off Akari so she can be left to her quiet life, Sophie (a vampire) lifts a road roller above her head to show off her strength, in reference to the final fight with Dio Brando and Jotaro Kujo. This is also a reference to Jonathan Joestar's line "I can even lift this rock" and possibly Yoshikage Kira wanting a quiet life.
Link to this section Murciélago
In chapter 12 of Murciélago, the Stone Mask is amongst a collection of masks in the background of a panel.
Link to this section M×0
M×0 JoJo.jpg
In chapter 95 of M×0, a character says a quote similar to Dio Brando's quote of rejecting humanity from Chapter 11 and also does Dio's pose from that same moment.[22]
Link to this section My Bride is a Mermaid
Being a comedy show, Seto no Hanayome features some JoJo references in a parody fashion.[23]
  • The Isono 8th Junior High Bancho group at some point strike multiple JoJo poses.
  • In the 20th episode, the viewer can see Kai Mikawa doing Noriaki Kakyoin's pose when he prepares to fight Tower of Gray.
Link to this section My Hero Academia
Mina Ashido (left)
The creator of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi, posted a sketch to his Twitter account on May 29, 2021, in which the characters playfully pose. One of the characters, Mina Ashido, can be seen mimicking DIO's iconic WRY pose.
Link to this section My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
Hayama Hayato mimicking Giorno's pose

In episode 4 of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Hayato Hayama mimics Giorno's famous "I have a dream!" pose in Hachiman Hikigaya's delusion.

Hikigaya's reference to Stand user
In episode 7, Hachiman is referencing Stand users by comparing them to loners. The complete line is "Just like how Stand users are attracted to each other, it looks like loners are also very adept at finding other loners."
Link to this section My Wife is the Student Council President
Oku-sama-ga-seito-kaichou episode 2 jojo poses.jpg
In the second episode, Izumi asks Wakana why she was sleeping in his bed and she explained she went to the bathroom the previous night and got lost. The signs on the bathroom are displayed performing Jotaro and Josuke's poses.
Link to this section Negima! Magister Negi Magi
During a fight in the school tournament (Chapter 102), the protagonist, Negi Springfield, is pitted against his student, Takane D. Goodman, who is capable of summoning a shadow being. Images of the tournament end up online with one of the comments exclaiming that "It's a Stand user!", making a pun due to the huge resemblance to ordinary evocation mode of Stands.
Link to this section No Game No Life
  • In episode 2, Stephanie Dola makes a fuss of her emotions towards Sora, and amid frustration, she shouts "WRYYYYYYYY!!" while striking a pose, directly referencing DIO in Part 3.
  • In episode 3, Sora says Rohan Kishibe's quote "But I refuse!" (だが断る, Daga kotowaru), and then, he and Shiro pose like Rohan does, refusing Clammy Zell's proposal, similarly to Rohan rejecting Highway Star's proposal.
  • In Episode 8, upon seeing the Eastern Federation's ambassador, Izuna Hatsuse, Sora and Shiro shouts King Crimson!!, skipping time and warping themselves to Izuna'side, referencing Diavolo's Stand and his ability, and there, Sora references Cioccolata's petting of Secco after he did a trick with a huge text bubble full of よし.
  • In Special Episode 2, Sora imitates the scene where Pucci calms himself by counting prime numbers.
Link to this section No-Rin
In episode 3, Kamatori Kei wears a ridiculous swimsuit causing some characters to react much like Dio's friends when witnessing Dio kiss Erina. In the same episode, a scene change occurs referencing a scene from Steel Ball Run. In Episode 5, when Kaoru (Rose) Hanazono finds Ringo, he cites Noriaki Kakyoin's "Saa, oshioki (Rose says oyatsu) no jikanda yo, baby" quote, in English that will be "Now, it's time for punishment (Rose says snacks instead), baby". Also, Kousaku says Jonathan's famous "Furueru zo haato! Moetsukiru hodo hiito!" quote when he almost kisses Kaoru. There's a kiss scene similar to the Dio and Erina kiss between Kousaku and Kaoru where Kaoru says the same quote about Erina (Kousaku)'s first kiss; and Kousaku says the same phrase when Dio was being beaten by Jonathan, imitating Dio's crying scene. Also, Rose cites a couple times the catchphrase of Muhammad Avdol from Part 3 (YES, I AM!), and he loves prime numbers (like Enrico Pucci in Part 6). Kei makes various JoJo poses when he tries to stop Kousaku and Kaoru and when he explains Kaoru's true personality. Kaoru says Melone's Bellissimo and Di Molto! quotes.
Link to this section One Piece
In chapter 531, a prisoner in Impel Down is shown with a Joestar birthmark on his shoulder.
One Piece Jojo.jpeg

In the SBS (special column where the manga creator, Eiichiro Oda, answers questions from fans) of One Piece volume 74, Oda receives a message from "Yoshikage 0130". 0130 refers to Yoshikage Kira's birthday, January 30.

Kira's message to Oda: "Robin's hands are truly gorgeous. Please let me rub them."
Link to this section Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!
In one episode Anastasia mentions her bear losing an arm and appropriately named Mr. Joester. In another episode, the cast is seen recreating iconic JoJo poses with sfx covering the screen.
Link to this section Oreshura
One of the main characters, Masuzu Natsukawa, often brings up JoJo throughout the show. Natsukawa's "boyfiend" also happens to be a fan of JoJo, and whenever Masuzu's temperament gets too unpredictable, he even has the habit of using JoJo related topics to change the subject and brighten the mood.
Link to this section Outlaw Players
In Volume 1, Sakuu asks Okoto about Aefka, the avatar following him. Okoto responds that Aefka is his Stand, and Aefka takes a form similar to Star Platinum; Okoto's face also changes to an art style similar to Araki's. Sakuu then asks if Stands can be used in the game's world, and if he can have one as well.
Link to this section Pokémon
In the 860th episode of the Pokémon anime series, Team Rocket's Meowth does Dio's "WRYYY" Pose, Jonathan's Volume 4 pose and Jotaro's Volume 13 pose while mimicking Dio's battle cry, saying "Muda-nya Muda-nya Muda-nya".[24]
Link to this section Pop Team Epic
Pop Team Epic Episode 12 Made in Heaven reference

Pop Team Epic is a manga that chronicles the shenanigans of Popuko and Pipimi. In the twelfth episode of the anime adaptation, both of the characters Popuko and Pipimi shout "Made in Heaven!" in reference to Enrico Pucci's Stand. Moreover, in the male voice acting segment of the episode, Popuko and Pipimi are voiced by Sho Hayami and Jouji Nakata respectively,[25] both of whom had voiced Pucci in previous JoJo media.

Similarly, in the tenth episode, a sound effect to The Hand's erasing ability is briefly heard during Pipimi's cooking show. In the male version, it also features Wataru Takagi, the voice of Okuyasu Nijimura.[26]

In the thirteenth episode which aired on April 1, 2019, two versions of the same special were released. In one segment featuring arcade games, Giorno Giovanna's voice actor, Kensho Ono, voices Pipimi. In a visual similar to the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure SFC game, he does the traditional "MUDA" stand cry.

PTE GioGio ref.gif
In season 2 episode 8, Popuko's hair disappears with a red glitch effect making her bald, accompanied by calming music playing in the background. This is a reference to the fan made video series about a corrupted version of GioGio's Bizarre Adventure uploaded by teso teragoya. One video has a scene where Bruno Bucciarati's hair has the same glitch effect with its texture replaced with his skin color, making him appear bald while the Staff Roll BGM plays.[27]
Link to this section Prince Kajitetsu
Prince Kajitetsu JoJo.jpg
In the chapter of Prince Kajitetsu from Weekly Young Jump 2008 #52, a character says to a Yanki that since his hair is like that (as in a pompadour), he should use Crazy Diamond to fix it.[1]
Link to this section PriPara
  • In episode 86, on-screen SFX of "ドドドド" is used.
  • In Episode 125, Celebrity along with another idol group named Super Celebrity 3 do Josuke's Volume 36 pose, Jotaro's Volume 14 pose, and Joseph's Volume 8 pose
Link to this section Psycho Pass
Psycho Pass Official Profiling.jpg
According to his character profile in the PSYCHO-PASS Official Profiling guidebook, Shusei Kagari's favorite manga is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure because "he wishes he had a special power like a Stand or Ripple." The profile also lists his favorite thing in his room as a "Premium JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Figure".
Link to this section Puni Puni Poemy
In Episode 1, Nabeshin fights with Alien #1 who summons a Stand-like figure incredibly similar to Star Platinum's 1993 OVA iteration. Nabeshin makes a comment him reffering to his ability as "Stand-ish".
Link to this section Q-Transformers: Mystery of Convoy Returns
In episode 9 of season 1 of Q-Transformers: Mystery of Convoy Returns, Tracks briefly poses in reference to Josuke Higashikata's pose from the cover of WSJ 1994 Issue #1/Volume 36 and Jonathan Joestar’s pose from the cover of Volume 4.

Coincidentally, more then half of the cast on the show also voiced in the anime adaption and various video games of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Link to this section Rainbow Days
In Chapter 32, during a photo challenge, Tsuyoshi says that he hesitated between doing a standard pose and a JoJo pose. Keiichi responds that he wants to do a JoJo pose as well.
Link to this section REAL
Real manga jojo ref.JPG
In chapter 7 of REAL, a group of boys visit their friend Kanta who is hospitalized and offer him manga. One of them is "JoJo Part 9". At the time of the publication in 2001, it was intended as a joke about the longevity of the series. In reality, JoJo's ninth part began publishing in 2023.
Link to this section Rosario + Vampire
The series has a number of blatant references to JoJo. One chapter appears to have been inspired by the Tower of Gray arc as the main cast travels to Hong Kong, but is intercepted along the way by an assassin and then survive the plane crash.
Link to this section Run with the Wind
In episode 10, Iwakura mentions the phrase, "But, I refuse!", inquiring Akane to ask if Iwakura meant to make a reference to the same line by Rohan Kishibe. When Iwakaru makes it clear he has no clue what Akane's talking about, the lineart in Akane's face shifts to resemble Rohan's as he questions how his friend doesn't know about the infamous line.
Link to this section Sailor Moon
In Sailor Moon R episode 13, An and Ail, the primary antagonists of the Makai Tree arc, taunt the Sailor Senshi with DIO's infamous "muda muda muda muda muda" battlecry, with Ail striking a pose similar to DIO's "over the shoulder" pose.
Link to this section Sakigake!! Otokojuku
Heihachi Edajima, the headmaster of Otokojuku, is shown reading Battle Tendency in Weekly Shonen Jump several times throughout the series. First in episode 5, and then later in episode 10. In Episode 11 of the first season, when Momotaro Tsurugi arrives to challenge Akashi, characters bearing Dio Brando and Joseph Joestar's likeness can be seen in the shots of the crowd.
Link to this section Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
In Episode 4 of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the characters find some "ultimate weapon" buried beneath them, which turns out to be an Ultraman stone mask. Throughout the series one of the characters, Usui, is constantly trying to get attention due to being unnoticeable. In one episode where everyone's character is the opposite of what it normally is, he is very noticeable and appears in the JoJo art style while imitating familiar poses.
Link to this section Sei So Tsui Dan Sha
Sei So Tsui Dan Sha.png
At one point in this H manga, the mother does Avdol's "YES I AM" pose, when Polnareff realizes he is actually alive.
Link to this section Senyuu
In one of the episodes a character named Samejima is portrayed in Araki style doing Joseph's pose accompanied by the SFX. Samejima and Joseph are also voiced by the same VA, Sugita Tomokazu. Another character, Februar, is shown in Araki style as well.
Link to this section Shinzou ni Kui wo Uchitsukete
There are multiple JoJo references in Shinzou ni Kui wo Uchitsukete. In the first chapter when Braum Dracul reveals he is a vampire, Remon asks if he is a son of DIO. In a later chapter, Fanny and Remon copy Polnareff and Kakyoin's handshake from the submarine. In the reveal of Remon's apartment, multiple JoJo figures and even posters are shown in her room. There are even more references, including quotations of the manga.
Link to this section Shomin Sample
Aika Tenkuubashi, a high class girl in a private school discovers manga for the first time and comes to the assumption that all kids in normal schools have super powers. In the anime, she imagines showing off her avatar to everyone in a obvious JoJo-esque fashion. During the same scene in the manga, she "stops time" whilst doing a pose and shouting Platina Star.
Link to this section Show By Rock!!
Cyan Pose.png
In Episode 4, Cyan is seen to be doing Jonathan's famous pose.
Link to this section Sket Dance
Mariko summoning her "Stand"
The student Saotome Mariko summons a "Stand" named Lovely Soul as example of Shojo manga, making it a pun due to JoJo being a Shonen manga. In the episode 71 a student introducing himself as Kuroda Rodin appeared doing the famous Giorno's pose.
Sket dance-gyorno reference.jpg
Link to this section Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san
Menacing Room

The menacing sound effects can be seen in episode 4 of Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san.

The Pillars Of Night
In episode 12, Honda-san describes his co-workers as "pillars of the night-shop" while they pose as the Pillar Men.
Link to this section Space Dandy
Space dandy star-shaped birthmark.png
In the first episode of the second season, Dandy, QT and Meow hop through different alternate universes until they reach the third Dandy, who mentions he is looking for eight people with star-shaped birthmarks.
Link to this section Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle
On the way to endopolis.png
In "The Princess in Endopolis", the 10th episode of the series's anime adaptation, the princess heads to the human world to obtain a specific "sleep product". Accompanied by various servant's of the Demon King, the disguised characters mimic the iconic "Let's Go!" pose seen in Stardust Crusaders as the Joestars first set out for Egypt. The exact, accompanying sound effect is also visually present during the scene.
Link to this section Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3
C3 jojo.jpg
One episode features the characters portrayed in JoJo style making various JoJo poses, including that of Josuke, Dio and Johnny.
Link to this section Student Councils Discretion
Sugisaki Ken, the main character, claims that all boys have a Stand called Illusion which enables them to fantasize about girls even when blindfolded. After that he makes one of Joseph's poses.
  • Minatsu says that Stands should not be counted as weapons in the colosseum while striking a JoJo pose with Killer Queen in the background.
Link to this section Super Psychic Policeman Chojo
In chapter 14, Meguru Chojo decides to pay a visit to the fabled Mother of Chinjuku, thinking she is a phony psychic. He is subdued once he realizes he can't read her mind and is tricked into selling his plastic model sets to her in exchange for power stones. Back at the station, while explaining his own stone's powers to his colleagues, he is mimicking Josuke Higashikata's pose on the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump's 1994 Issue #1, even adopting JoJo's signature facial lines.
Link to this section Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
One episode features characters striking some famous JoJo poses, such as Jonathan's, Joseph's, Jotaro's and Anasui's.
  • In the second season Hercule becomes a model for art lessons. Teacher orders her to make an inspiring JoJo pose which he calls 'exploding'.
  • In the TD opening Sheryl makes Joseph's face when he cries after Caesar's death.
  • In one episode of TD Nero emanates JoJo SFX-like aura.
  • From time to time spontaneous JoJo SFX appear and girls make manly faces.
Link to this section Teekyu 5
Jojo teekyuu 5.jpg
In the episode 11, Marimo's mom wants to show Tomalin how to make mochi in a traditional way, so she begins to hit the dough with her fists. Her face changes to Araki's style and she shouts a battle cry akin to Crazy Diamond's.
Link to this section THE iDOLM@STER
In 6th episode Kotori imagines what would happen if the girls of 765 Pro were to open a tamatebako from Urashima Tarō myth. Her fantasies are shown as JoJo-stylized manga pages.
Link to this section The Wonderful Season With You
The bonus chapter shows the main characters, Enoki and Shirataki going in a date at an art exhibition with Jotaro Kujo being represented. The author of the fictional exhibition is listed to be Araki Karohiko, a reference to Hirohiko Araki.
Link to this section Theseus no Fune
In chapter 13, when Shin asks his pupils if they have a dream, Naohiro says that he will defeat Dio using Hamon and mimics Jonathan's Sunlight Yellow Overdrive.
Link to this section To Love Ru Darkness
In the 44.5th chapter of the series, Rito Yuuki is seen holding a bag of various bizarre items. The logo on the bag reads: Stardust Store - JOJO HAND, featuring pictures of the Lucky Land Communications logo. In Chapter 53, the character Yami is seen in the library reading a book whose cover features Oingo and Boingo in Tohth's artstyle. Part of Oingo's name can be seen on the spine and a picture of Iggy is shown on the back cover.
Link to this section Triage X
Joestar's Caffee & Restaurant.
In the series, there is a character named Yuu Momokino who attends Mochizuki High School along with the Arashi Mikami. She works as a waitress at "Joestar's Caffee & Restaurant", referencing the Joestar Family and "Jonathan's Family Restaurant". The latter being the commonly assumed yet false namesake of Jonathan Joestar.
Link to this section UQ Holder
UQ Holder reference to JoJo
In chapter 105, while time is frozen, Touta Konoe mimics The World during the flashback where DIO first tests it's ability. The scene even includes Tōta with his arms inside gears, recreating the interlocking wheels of time image. Two panels later Tōta says "and this is more than just five seconds!" referring to how long time has been frozen.
Link to this section Until I love Myself: The Journey of a Nonbinary Manga Artist
Until I Love Myself Ref.png

Until I Love Myself: The Journey of a Nonbinary Manga Artist (女の体をゆるすまで, Jibun no Karada o Yurusu Made) is an autobiographical manga series written and illustrated by Poppy Pesuyama.

In chapter 13 of the series, Pesuyama introduces their High School friend, Gelatin, and how they quickly got along after learning they shared many shared interests. While discussing music and manga, the name Yoshikage Kira comes up, a direct reference to the Diamond is Unbreakable villian of the same name.
Link to this section Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!
In episode 6, Summer! The Beach! I Want to Test My Courage!, Ami and Itsuhito are seen spying on Shinichi and Hana, hoping to catch them with each other. Itsuhito makes a remark about how "Next time he'll get them for sure!" with Ami responding that she would bet Kakyoin's soul on his failure. This line is in reference to when Jotaro wages Kakyoin's soul in Chapter 215. In the manga, there's a reference found in chapter 64. Where Hana's younger sister Yanagi poses like Kars from the end of Chapter 104. Even including members of his vampire army.
Link to this section Vector Ball
In Chapter 18 of Makoto Raiku's Vector Ball, there is a reference to Chapter 265 during America-sensei's English language club. For her first lesson, she recites "Kakyoin! Iggy! Avdol! It's all over!" while crying as her students repeat after her.
Link to this section When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace
In Episode 5, Tomoyo Kanzaki recreates an iconic pose of Kakyoin while playing as a "Chuuni" character. In Episode 8, Hajime Kiryū talks about Jurai Andō's group, which he called Virgin Child, imagining them in JoJo poses (Andō poses as Jonathan, Tomoyo as Jotaro, Hatoko as Josuke, Chifuyu as Giorno and Sayumi as Killer Queen).
Link to this section Wise Man's Grandchild
In Episode 5, some of the male side characters are shown doing some of the more well-known poses. From left to right: Mark Bean poses similarly to Jotaro's Volume 13 pose, Julius von Littenheim poses similarly to Jonathan's Volume 4 pose, Tony Freyd does Josuke's Volume 36 pose, and Thor von Flegel does Killer Queen's iconic pose from Chapter 362.
Link to this section Witch Watch
In Chapter 35 of Witch Watch, a character named Jun Horai says that he likes Giorno Giovanna and Josuke Higashikata from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in response to being asked whether there's a girl he likes.

In Chapter 38, a character named Tenryu Kiyomiya has his hand stuck to his hat at all times. It's stated that this is a phenomenon similar to how Jotaro's hat and hair became one object.

In Chapter 103, a character named Rui Fujiki starts acting like Purple Haze after consuming an experimental energy drink.

Link to this section Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

In Episode 8 of the anime, the female protagonist, Narumi Momose, is talking with Naoya Nifuji, the younger brother of the male gamer protagonist, Hirotaka Nifuji. She notes that unlike Hirotaka, Naoya is similar but not as introverted or interested in video games. Narumi thinks about Hirotaka and it shows him playing a video game and saying he's like Tusk ACT4, or more specifically Tusk's colloquial name, Absolute Murder Man (絶対殺すマン, Zettai Korosu Man).


In Episode 9, Narumi and Hirotaka go on a date at an amusement park. Hirotaka sets up a rule where they have to pay a fine every time they reference anything nerdy, prompting Narumi to complain about the rule while also reenacting Esidisi's crying scene (and then paying a fine for doing so).
Link to this section Yakitate!! Japan
Pierrot's Stand Cry

In chapter 72, Pierrot shows his hate towards Microwave Bread, and while doing so, He throws a Barrage of Punches at a microwave while screaming his own name like a Stand Cry.

Art Style on 3rd Panel
On one of the OMAKE 4-Koma comedy serie of Yakitate! Japan, you can see the mangaka commeting how long his manga has been running and that his Art Style changed so much over the years and that Art Style is none other than Jojo's.
Link to this section Yandere Kanojo
Yandere Kanojo.png

In Chapter 11, they advertise a Drama CD for the series released on May 26, 2010. One of the panels notes that the character Reina is voiced by Ai Matayoshi and shows her shouting lines from Jotaro and DIO.

In chapter 45, Manabu comments about Stand users being attracted to each other.[citation needed]
Link to this section Yo-kai Watch

In episode 13, Keita becomes possessed by the dancing seaweed Yo-Kai Wakame-kun, Konbu-san, and Mekabu-chan during a physical education class on dancing. Throughout the day he is seen doing dance poses, Josuke's being one of them.


In episode 87, a yokai named Otonabull appears and possesses people, causing them to act like adults. At some point he meets Manjimutt and tries to become his apprentice. After he accepts, they decide to go on a bizarre adventure.

In a scene in episode 207, the art style of the characters shifts to resemble JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The scenes were drawn by Kohei Ashiya.[28]

Yo kai ref 1.png

In episode 7 of the sequel series Yo-kai Watch Shadowside. The protagonists are reading a story of a man's encounter with a Yo-Kai named Kaosake-Onna, recreated in a goofy art style very similar to that of the stand Tohth.
Link to this section Yu-Gi-Oh!
The January 2003 issue of English Shonen Jump features an interview with series creator, Kazuki Takahashi where he lists Akira, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Dragon Ball as his favorite manga series. In a later 2015 Shonen Jump interview, he names Araki in particular as an artist that inspired him. Within the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Art artbook, on the subject of the duality between light and dark, Takahashi explains that he was greatly inspired by the "darkness" within the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.[29]

Takahashi was also a notable contributor to the 25 Years with JoJo anniversary booklet, having drawn a picture of Josuke from JoJolion and Crazy Diamond. Within it, he mentions Part 4 to be his favorite part and is looking forward to Part 8 due to the similar setting.

Link to this section You're Being Summoned, Azazel
Volume 7 of the manga features the Stone Mask as one of the exhibits in the Legendary Treasure Museum. In episode 3, Salamander Kiritake was introducing himself with JoJo-styled SFX effects in the background.
Link to this section Youth Chang-Chaka-Chang
Youth Chang-Chaka-Chang (青春じゃんじゃかじゃかじゃか, Seishun Jan-Jaka-Jaka-Jaka) is a one-shot written and illustrated by Hiroaki Samura. It was later included in a compliation of other one-shot by Samura titled, Hiroaki Samura's Emerald and Other Stories (シスタージェネレーター 沙村広明短編集, Shisutā Jenerētā Samura Hiroaki Tanpenshū)

Youth Chang Chaka Chang Baoh.jpg
While listening to a cassette containing a love song for her by a classmate, Kiwa compares the ear-piercing music to that of the "sound torture" scene from Baoh the Visitor, a reference to Chapter 9 of the series when Sumire is being tortured with sound in order to lure out Baoh.
Link to this section Zatch Bell!
In the extra chapter of volume 25 of Zatch Bell!, a parody of the Tonio chapters was done in 3 pages by Mamodo (Demon) Raiku. In those pages, he reenacts the scene between Tonio and Okuyasu by feeding himself a Mozzarella and Tomato Salad while dressed in their attire.


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