Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella (story arc)

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Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella (山岸由花子はシンデレラに憧れる, Yamagishi Yukako wa Shinderera ni Akogareru) is the fifteenth story arc in Diamond is Unbreakable.

It narrates Yukako's attempt at conquering Koichi's heart with the help of the esthetician Aya Tsuji.


Yukako is still in love with Koichi but doesn't know how to repair their relationship. Following Joseph's advice, she meets Aya Tsuji, the beautician and manager of the Cinderella salon who makes her more attractive with Cinderella. Yukako manages to win Koichi's heart but forgets to put on her lipstick, rendering her ugly.

When Yukako, Koichi, and Aya meet again in the latter's salon, Aya tests Koichi by having him choose Yukako's original face from a multitude of other faces. When Koichi wants Aya to make him blind if he's mistaken, Aya is impressed by his love and gives Yukako her original face back.[1]


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