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I can see your strengths, you guyyyyys! Bring it on!! Fight club!! (長所が見えるぞォォォォォォ おまえらあああああ かかって来いッ!!ファイトクラブだ!!Chōsho ga mieru zooooooo! Omae raaaaaa! Kakatte koi!! Faito kurabu da!!)
—Viviano Westwood, SO Chapter 60: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 1

Viviano Westwood (ヴィヴァーノ・ウエストウッド Vivāno Uesutouddo) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean, specifically the "The Secret of Guard Westwood" story arc.

Westwood works as a prison guard in Green Dolphin Street Prison and is one of the four people sent to assassinate Jolyne Cujoh in the Ultra Security House Unit. Under the influence of Survivor and in conjunction with his own Stand, Planet Waves, he proves to be a deadly force in close-quarters combat.


Viviano Westwood is a muscular man with a sharp square face. After his companion violently punches him, a significant part of his inner mouth, gum and teeth included, is visible. He has dark hair and a buzzcut. Westwood wears the uniform of the Green Dolphin Street Prison guards.

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(Baby blue shirt, blue armbands and pants, golden shoulder badge, white belt with a golden buckle, brown boots.)


Survivor's ability enrages Westwood, turning him savage.

Ordinarily, Viviano Westwood is a regular prison guard at Green Dolphin Street Prison. He has fun antagonizing convicts, and is friendly with his colleague Sonny Likir, even making bets with him.[3] He believes prisoners are the scum of society[4] and hates them, confessing to being irritated in their presence and that being treated "like shit" by the likes of them infuriates him.[4]

When under the influence of Survivor, Westwood becomes overwhelmed by rage, turning into a bellicose man who relishes fighting. Because he's become so aggressive, he opens all the cells in the isolation ward in order to challenge all its detainees[5] and ends up fighting Jolyne in a brutal close-quarters struggle. Despite going berserk, Westwood is still able to praise his opponent, for instance commending the strength of Likir's punch[6] or perceiving Jolyne's strings as beautiful because they are her best weapons.[7] Under Survivor's influence, Westwood is also prone to declaring he's the strongest.[8]

Since Westwood's job involves detaining prisoners everyday, he has mastered certain techniques that prevent them from struggling, such as effective headlocks.

During their fight, Weestwood leeringly taunts Jolyne by saying that he wouldn't mind having her grab his crotch.[9]



Main article: Planet Waves

Westwood uses Planet Waves to have small meteors fall from the sky and hit anything near him. The Stand's ability draws the meteors to its user, but they always disintegrate before touching him as a safeguard.

Planet Waves (プラネット・ウェイブス)Link to this section
Meteorite Attraction


Westwood is a prison guard trained to detain prisoners. His methods of holding down prisoners involve crippling them.

Deadlock(デッドロック Deddorokku)Link to this section
Viviano tightens his opponent's left shoulder joint at the same time as the neck, preventing them from raising their right arm. The only weakness to this technique is that the person he is detaining can still use their right hand to grab his crotch, but it wouldn't be a problem as long as Viviano is careful.[10] Viviano uses this technique to hold enemies long enough for the meteors from his Stand to hit them. Viviano is also capable of using this technique with just his legs.[10]



Westwood is a guard that worked at the Green Dolphin Street Prison for three years, after working in a Miami customs house prior. Enrico Pucci gave him a Stand at an undisclosed time, although it is said that it was either an hour or the day before he attacks Jolyne Cujoh.

Stone Ocean

Jolyne vs. Westwood

Viviano works as one of the guards in Green Dolphin Street's Ultra Security House Unit. After Jolyne Cujoh is thrown in there as punishment, Viviano and his partner Sonny Likir patrol the ward to hose the prisoners in their cells as part of the daily shower. Viviano bets $15 that Jolyne doesn't hide the moment she sees their flashlight and loses barge into Jolyne's cell with a floodlight as part of a bet. Unbeknownst to them, the water from the hose has spread to every cell in the punishment ward and is helping Survivor in increasing everyone's aggressiveness. The hose malfunctions and some water splashes Viviano's uniform, who lightly hits Sonny's shoulder without thinking. The dispute degenerates into a no-holds-barred fightfrom which Westwood comes out victorious after locking his leg. His bloodlust not yet satiated, Westwood opens the door of all the cell and publicly challenges the inmates. Westwood begins to fight Jolyne.

Westwood headbutted by Stone Free

Despite Stone Free, Westwood is a match for Jolyne at close quarters. While Jolyne can use her strings to tie up Westwood's limb, his aggressiveness gives him a superhuman ability for close-quarters fighting. She manages to tie his fists to his neck and pummels him, he unconsciously uses Planet Waves to tear away a chunk of Stone Free's arm and escape. Again, Jolyne corners Westwood by covering his head with her longcoat but another chunk of Stone Free's leg is chopped off as it attacks. Westwood headlocks Jolyne, allowing her to see the nature of the attack: Westwood's Stand, Planet Waves, makes small meteorites fall toward her. Jolyne frees herself by pulling her string from Westwood's ear canal to his eye. Westwood lets go but the meteorites disintegrate just before they hit him, without fail. Jolyne is heavily wounded and is distracted when she sees a prisoner with DIO's Bone. Westwood attacks and presses her against a wall, from which comes another meteorite. Jolyne avoids the first one but Westwood kicks her into the path of the second one. Jolyne takes Westwood's boot and uses it as a makeshift protection. The boot takes the impact and flies into Westwood's face. Westwood wants to retaliate but Jolyne uses Stone Free to headbutt the guard. Westwood is taken out and she comes out victorious.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • You pack a good punch, bastard!!
    —Viviano Westwood, SO Chapter 60: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 1
  • I'm gonna go crazy, and make you pay! It's gonna feel so good when I make you pay! Make you pay, make you pay, I'm gonna relieve all my stress and make you pay! I'm the strongest, and I'm gonna make you pay!
    —Viviano Westwood, SO Chapter 63: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 4
  • Prisoners are the scum of society! There's nothing more infuriating than being treated like shit from scum like you!!!
    —Viviano Westwood, SO Chapter 63: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 4
  • How many have hit you already? Hmm? Weird... there are burning rocks flying from the sky towards me... are they meteors? Is this my strength..?
    —Viviano Westwood, SO Chapter 65: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 6
  • One more hit! The finishing blow is coming!
    —Viviano Westwood, SO Chapter 65: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 6
  • You scummy prisoner!
    —Viviano Westwood, SO Chapter 66: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 7
  • Wh... What is this bitch?!! She doesn't give up... She won't give up...! Shit!! It's true... If something else hits the meteor... it would hit me... How terrible...! How dare she do something so terrible to me...! This bitch...!
    —Viviano Westwood about Jolyne Cujoh, SO Chapter 66: The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 7



  • Viviano's name was originally written as Vibiano Westwood (ヴィビアーノ・ウエストウッド Vibiāno Uesutouddo) in the Weekly Shonen Jump serialization of Stone Ocean. The name was changed in the tankobon release.


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