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Reality... bend to my will! (『真実』よッ! 我が意のままにッ!!)
—Heaven-Attained DIO, Eyes of Heaven

Heaven-Attained DIO (天国に到達したDIO, Tengoku ni Tōtatsu-shita Dio, lit. "DIO, Having Reached Heaven"), commonly shortened to Heaven DIO (天国DIO, Tengoku Dio), is the main antagonist of the video game Eyes of Heaven.

He is a version of DIO from a parallel world that succeeded in killing the Joestar family and achieving his goal of obtaining heaven. As a result, he wields the nigh-invincible Stand, The World Over Heaven, which allows him to rewrite reality to his will.



This form of DIO has ghostly pale skin with a light purple hue. He is tall and has a muscular build. Unlike his main world counterpart, this variant of DIO sports much longer hair, which extends to his waist and frames his face with chin-length bangs. At the back, his hair splits in the middle, flowing outward behind his shoulders like wings.

On his forehead, he wears a broad golden headpiece in the shape of a star's upper half. Below his eyes are diagonal golden facial markings with the repeating word "DIO" on them, which run down his cheeks. His headpiece and facial markings bear a resemblance to the patterns that Enrico Pucci's hair forms into after he fuses with The Green Baby.

DIO is dressed in a white leotard and chaps. He wears a golden usekh collar with a golden "D" emblem affixed to the center, as well as a white cape attached to the back. The trims of his collar have the word "DIO" engraved all around it. He wears a golden belt over his chaps and a golden-trimmed white waistcloth. He also wears golden kneepads that, along with his belt, bear the same "D" emblem as his collar. The emblem on his right leg is mirrored, a feature he shares with his Stand.

Below his shoulders, DIO wears large golden arm cuffs with "DIO" written twice around it. On his wrists, he wears five large golden bracelets. DIO has golden curled-toe shoes with a star pattern engraved on the center, and the back of his hands bear large golden star emblems as well.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Light purple with gold face markings)
(White clothes with gold jewelry and shoes)


Unbelievable... Never for a moment did I think you'd be able to intervene in my reality... But by its very nature, there can only ever be one reality... And the reality that I, DIO, create... is more than enough! (まさか……我が『真実』に介入してくるとは 思わなかったぞ………… だが、『真実』というものは、たったひとつでなければならない… このDIOのもたらす『真実』… それだけで充分なのだ)
—Heaven-Attained DIO, to Jotaro Kujo

Like the original DIO, Heaven-Attained DIO is consistently manipulative and violently domineering, and repeatedly shows a lack of conscience and empathy. DIO's new ability to overwrite reality itself only furthers his boundless ambition and love for power. His narcissism is evident in his appearance, his name proudly displayed all across his face and body.

DIO uses anything or anyone he can in order to further his goals, disregarding any kind of morality or handicap. Through manipulation, seduction, and wanton violence, DIO continues to seek greater power by attaining the Saint's Corpse and the souls of 36 sinners. DIO also enjoys being in a position of power, and repeatedly states how great he feels being in a dominating position. On the contrary, DIO cannot tolerate anyone standing up to him or rivaling him in power, and becomes enraged and deeply disturbed at the thought.



Main article: The World Over Heaven

Heaven-Attained DIO's evolved Stand, The World Over Heaven, has the insurmountable ability to overwrite reality itself, in addition to its former ability to stop time. By striking something using his Stand's fists, DIO is able to completely rewrite or eradicate its very existence. In addition, the Stand also retains the original The World's incredible strength, speed, and precision.

The World Over Heaven (ザ・ワールド・オーバーヘブン)Link to this section
Reality Overwrite


DIO displays several physical traits typical of vampires, including superhuman strength and immunity to the natural process of aging. However, due to the limitless power of his Stand, it is unknown how much of his superhuman ability is derived from his power to overwrite himself, nor whether the usual weaknesses of vampires continue to apply to him.


The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.


Heaven-Attained DIO is a version of DIO from a parallel world in which the events of Stardust Crusaders ended with Jotaro's defeat and the annihilation of the Joestar group. Free to pursue his original goal of obtaining heaven, DIO collected the souls of the 36 sinners required alongside Enrico Pucci, evolving his Stand into The World Over Heaven and attaining godlike power. Now unrivaled and unstoppable, DIO proceeded to conquer the world, turning it into a boundless and empty ocean.

DIO as seen through Hermit Purple

Funny Valentine eventually arrived in Heaven-Attained DIO's world while attempting to escape from the infinite rotation inflicted upon him by Johnny Joestar. DIO used the power of his Stand to remove the infinite spin from Valentine; in return, Valentine told DIO about the Saint's Corpse and the multitude of parallel worlds branching from its world, DIO's being among them. Desiring the satisfaction of conquering the base world as well, DIO used his power to travel there, resurrecting his fallen acolytes and overwriting new ones to form an army.

Eyes of Heaven

After obtaining the spine of the Saint's Corpse, DIO sends his followers to battle the Joestar family and their allies, all the while waiting in his own world. When Enya the Hag signals that the Joestar party has collected the other corpse parts, DIO summons them to his realm, where he easily overwhelms both Gold Experience Requiem and Tusk ACT4, stealing all but one of the corpse parts. DIO's final assault on the group is interrupted, however, when Jotaro uses the corpse's torso to warp the party away from him. Irritated but remaining calm, DIO gifts the corpse parts to his most powerful subordinates, sending them out once more to retrieve the torso and eliminate the Joestar group.

Funny Valentine fights a losing battle against DIO

In the meantime, Pucci reports Funny Valentine's deception to DIO, the president having informed Jotaro of his plan and the properties of parallel worlds. Confronting Valentine over his treachery, DIO pursues Valentine through countless parallel worlds, eventually succeeding in cornering him. Not wanting to waste such a powerful Stand user, DIO offers Valentine forgiveness in exchange for his renewed loyalty. Valentine refuses, and is swiftly erased from existence.

Jotaro and his group re-obtain their lost corpse parts, defeat Enrico Pucci, and confront DIO once more in Cairo. While fighting Jotaro and Johnny, DIO touches Coco Jumbo with his Stand, allowing him to overwrite and banish the Joestars' allies to other locations in space and time. DIO eventually seemingly loses, but he quickly negates the damage dealt to him, allowing Jotaro to deduce his Stand's ability. With Jotaro and Jolyne staying behind to fight DIO, the other Joestars set off to regain their overwritten allies, only to realize too late that DIO's plan was to claim their souls at maximum power.

DIO gleefully begins his rematch against Jotaro

Absorbing the 36 souls of the Joestar group along with the completed Saint's Corpse, DIO begins to rewrite the world in his own image once more before fatally wounding Jotaro. However, Jotaro then nullifies his own injury, his Stand having evolved through the realization of DIO's evolution. Jotaro and Jolyne make a final stand against DIO, but their efforts are for naught, as DIO heals his own wounds once more. DIO then kills Jolyne and absorbs her soul, gleefully relishing in his assured triumph.

The newly-empowered DIO moves to finish Jotaro off, but the latter unexpectedly reveals the bracelets of the main world's DIO, which fuse with Heaven-Attained DIO's and destroy his arms. With DIO unable to overwrite reality until his arms heal, Jotaro decides to wait until his enemy has recovered to deliver the finishing blow. DIO does not share his sense of honor, and instead uses his own blood to blind Jotaro. Before DIO can gloat, however, Jotaro delivers a decisive punch before finishing him with a barrage of punches. As DIO's body breaks down, the souls he has absorbed flow out of him as his reality is engulfed in light.[4]


Quote.png Quotes
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  • The Saint's Corpse repels all evil. However, at the same time! It also seeks its other parts. (『遺体』は『害悪なるもの』を弾き飛ばそうとする だが、同時に! 『遺体』『遺体』と出会いたがっている)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO, Eyes of Heaven
  • I was told that the Joestars had defeated me here in this main world... But if those Stands are all you've got, I fail to see how! (この『基本世界(・・・・)』ではジョースターどもが わたし(・・・)を倒したと聞いていたが… その程度のスタンドでは話にならんわッ!!)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO, after countering Johnny, Giorno, and Jotaro
  • The corpse part Jotaro holds must be the Joestars' last hope... I'll rip that hope from them and plunge them into the depths of despair... Then at last, I'll erase them from this main world! With my Stand: The World Over Heaven... (承太郎の持つ『遺体』は、ジョースターどもにとって 最後の希望… それを奪い取り、やつらを絶望の淵に沈めた上で… この『基本世界』から消滅させてやる わがスタンド、 『ザ・ワールド・オーバーヘブン』でな…)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO, Eyes of Heaven
  • Something wrong, Valentine? Is something chasing you? You look so terrified... Heh heh. (どうした? ヴァレンタイン 何かに追われているのか? そんなにおびえて…フフ)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO, cornering Funny Valentine
  • Humans live to overcome their fears and worries, so they can live in peace. I can give you the reality you long for. The reality that will finally bring peace to the depths of your heart... (人間は誰でも不安や恐怖を 克服して安心を得るために生きる わたしはお前の望む『真実』を与えてやれる お前が心の底から安心できる『真実』をな…)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO, bargaining with Valentine
  • This is... The World Over Heaven. I, DIO, can arrive at any reality I wish! Funny Valentine... You no longer exist... anywhere. (これが… 『ザ・ワールド・オーバーヘブン』だ このDIOの望む『真実』に必ず到達するのだ ファニー・ヴァレンタイン お前はもう どこにも存在しない…)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO, after erasing Valentine
  • Now then, Joestars. In the world I come from, you've already been exterminated. Your deaths will serve as a tribute to my dear friend Pucci. (ジョースターどもよ このDIOのいた『世界』では すでに滅ぼしてやったが… わが友プッチへの手向けでもある…)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO, Eyes of Heaven
  • Heh heh heh... I see the pride and courage of the Joestar family has allowed them to triumph over destiny! However! The moment you did so, your souls' power reached its maximum! (フッフッフッ… 『ジョースター家』は、その誇りと勇気をもって 運命に勝利して来た だが! その時こそ、『魂』の力が最大限となるのだ!)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO, absorbing the Joestar party's souls
  • My hand will always reach reality... A reality free of obstructions... (わが手は必ず『真実』に届くのだ… 『邪魔者は存在しない』という『真実』にな…)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO, after striking Jotaro
  • The Joestar bloodline... It was always such a nuisance, like piles of dog shit strewn over the path of my destiny... But at last, at the very end, it turns out the Joestars were always destined to serve me! Fu ha ha ha ha ha! (ジョースターの血統というのは 我が運命という路上にころがる 犬のクソのようにジャマなもんだったが…… 最後の最後は このDIOに利用されるのが ジョースターの宿命だったようだ… フハハハハハハハハハ)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO, after erasing Jolyne
  • How's that?! I've blinded you! I've won! Now DI... (どうだ! この目つぶしはッ! 勝ったッ! 死…ッ!)
    —Heaven-Attained DIO's final words, Eyes of Heaven

Name Variants

Heaven-Attained DIO (天国に到達したDIO)Link to this section
Name Variants:
Language Name Usage

Japan Romanization
Tengoku ni Tōtatsu-shita Dio
Japan Japanese
天国DIO (Heaven DIO)
Used for the in-game display in Eyes of Heaven
United States of America English
DIO, Gone to Heaven
Used in the English localization of Eyes of Heaven.
United States of America English
Heavenly DIO
Used for the in-game display in the English localization of Eyes of Heaven



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