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Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI (徐倫、GUCCIで飛ぶ, Jorīn, Gutchi de tobu) is a full-color one-shot manga written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It was featured in the February 2013 issue of SPUR, a women's fashion magazine published by Shueisha, on December 22, 2012. It is the second one-shot related to the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series to be published in SPUR.[1]

The one-shot was made in collaboration with creative director Frida Giannini of Gucci, and was inspired by the company's Cruise 2013 Collection.[2] An official English translation was posted digitally on Gucci's official Facebook page to promote the release of the one-shot, though it was deleted soon after.[3]

Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI features the protagonist of Stone Ocean, Jolyne Cujoh, alongside several characters from Vento Aureo, but their circumstances and personalities are drastically different from the main series.


Jolyne Cujoh, a seventeen-year-old high school student, waits at an airport for a flight to Tokyo. After her mother's death ten days earlier, Jolyne hopes to move in with her distant relatives in Japan. Jolyne takes solace in her mother's clothing, which her mother had altered to fit her before she passed away. Hearing a noise behind her, Jolyne turns to see a blue baby unicorn, trembling in fear.

Two government agents, Bruno Bucciarati and Leone Abbacchio, inspect the hallway before asking to search Jolyne's possessions. Bucciarati explains that a private citizen named Polpo has lost a valuable pet under government protection. Despite his warning that smuggling the animal would constitute a major felony, Jolyne refuses to allow Bucciarati to search her luggage. Bucciarati then uses a tablet computer to inspect the footage recorded by a nearby security camera.

According to the camera footage, Jolyne had noticed the unicorn three minutes prior and beckoned it toward her. The unicorn was bleeding from its leg, causing Bucciarati to threaten Polpo over its improper care. As the unicorn finally reached Jolyne, she bent down to comfort it... and when she stood back up, the unicorn had disappeared. Bucciarati accuses Jolyne of hiding the unicorn, but she denies any knowledge of its location. Moreover, she refuses to cooperate with the government, crying at the prospect of the unicorn living life in a cage far away from its home. Bucciarati grabs Jolyne's collar to arrest her, but sees that the unicorn has appeared on her scarf.

The unicorn emerges from beneath Bucciarati's tablet, now fully grown into a white adult unicorn. Jolyne realizes that she is dreaming an important dream, one brought on by her mother's clothes. WIth hope swelling within her, Jolyne concludes that the dream is a message of power.


Jolyne's Mother
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February 2013 Issue of SPUR
  • The cover of the SPUR issue that the one-shot is included in was also designed by Araki. It features Dutch model Svea Kloosterhof loosely emulating Jolyne's style, presented next to a drawing of a zipper revealing flowers.[4]


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