Stardust Crusaders - Chapter 97 [210]

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Shooting DIO?! (DIO(ディオ)を撃つ!?, DIO o Utsu!?) is the ninety-seventh chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the two hundred tenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


In DIO's Mansion in Cairo, Hol Horse wanders through the darkness in search of his master. As he walks he stumbles over DIO's leftovers, amazed at their willingness to be fed to him. While Hol Horse thinks about DIO's amazing charisma, the devil himself asks Hol Horse why he is looking for him. Hol Horse, trembling in fear, reports to DIO of Mariah and Alessi's defeat at the hands of the Joestar group. DIO asks when he plans on defeating the Joestar group, stating that any idiot can gather information. DIO states that Hol Horse has already failed him twice. DIO places his fingers on Hol Horse's cigarette and shows that his left hand heals slower than the right. He has not fully adjusted to Jonathan's body and needs to suck Joestar blood in order to become truly invincible. DIO tells Hol Horse that if he fails again, he will kill him. DIO sits down and begins reading. Angry at the way he is treated, Hol Horse reveals his Emperor and aims at the back of DIO's head. Hol Horse is completely calm as he begins pulling the trigger. However, DIO disappears and reappears behind Hol Horse. DIO praises Hol Horse for being completely stoic while attempting to kill him. Hol Horse stares in amazement, unsure of how DIO could have instantaneously gotten behind him without moving the spider webs around him. In awe of the overwhelming power of The World, Hol Horse swears complete loyalty to DIO.


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