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The JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack containing music from the 2000 release of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OVA.

The soundtrack was enclosed with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 Stardust Crusaders DVD BOX (ACBA-10482) and entirely composed by Marco D'Ambrosio.


  • Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by Marco d'Ambrosio (BMI)
  • Soundtrack Co-Produced by Terri d'Ambrosio
  • Remixed and Mastered by Mark Behm
  • Recorded and Mastered at MarcoCo. Studios
  • Illustration: Junichi Hayama

Comment from the Composer

When asked to work on this prequel for JoJo, after having first worked on the sequel many years earlier, I was very happy and excited. I thought this is just like Star Wars! Because of that, I knew the challenges were going to be the same. In scoring these episodes, I tried to keep the same themes for the main characters except a little less developed and orchestrated so that if all the episodes were to be played consecutively there would be a natural progression in the music. At the same time, I also wanted to use more contemporary technology and musical styles, so I used more guitars, electronics and modern beats than in the sequel. It's amazing that I have been a part of JoJo for more than 10 years! it has truly become an important part of my career. It's a bizarre adventure for sure, and I'm glad to be a part of it. I hope this music will help make you a part of it also.
—Marco d' Ambrosio


No. Title (English) Description Time
1. Magician's Red An introduction to the power of Avdol's Stand. (01:37)
2. Birth of Star Platinum The magnificent force is deep within JoJo, and he is starting to find it. (1:21)
3. FlashBack An intense moment when JoJo sees a long family history with DIO. (1:23)
4. Kakyoin Kakyoin's cool yet strong character comes through in this cue. (1:29)
5. Star Platinum/Garden After a fierce standoff between JoJo and Avdol, their growing friendship brings us to a quiet moment in Holy's garden. (4:48)
6. J. Geil J. Geil's theme is introduced here, during the description of one of his grotesque murders. (1:06)
7. Holy/The Plane During a plane flight, everyone's concern for Holy is interrupted. (1:31)
8. Polnareff vs Avdol Polnareff introduces himself, with his typical comical French bravado. (2:09)
9. Polnareff's Anger Polnareff's moods change easily, and he is quick to anger. (1:14)
10. The Crane/At Sea Again A surprising change of music for a surprising new kind of enemy Stand. (3:32)
11. Battle Music This music helps show the fierce, fighting strength of JoJo and his new friends. (2:54)
12. In The Mirror There is something strange that cannot be seen, and Polnareff is not at ease. (1:41)
13. Polnareff Searches Polnareff is deeply hurt by his sister's death and he's determined to find her killer. (1:07)
14. J. Geil and the Snake Hol Horse and J. Geil are truly sick and evil. (1:04)
15. Polnareff's Feelings Polnareff feels he must pursue his own goals and leave his friends behind. (4:59)
16. Sanskrit Chant This music tries to capture the flavor of the land, the world these characters are venturing into. (00:54)
17. Hanged Man Enters Ruthless and almost invisible, Hanged Man is everywhere you look. (2:59)
18. Polnareff's Battle The speed and sharpness of Silver Chariot! (1:11)
19. The Chase/Dying Impostor The evil Stands are also smart and elusive. (1:44)
20. The Funeral A funeral song fit for a great and noble warrior. (1:30)
21. Battle/Avdol/Calmness Everything in JoJo's world is not always as it seems, it's never over when you think it is. (5:13)
22. Dark Tension Death and mystery shroud a city with a cold veil. (2:33)
23. Enya's Last Words A powerful old woman is defeated, yet her secret dies with her. (4:05)
24. JoJo's Counter-Attack JoJo grows in strength and mind with every battle. (1:18)
25. Old Woman/Inn/She Knew Enya's beauty is cleverly disguised, or is it? (2:47)
26. Crisis JoJo's theme in one of its many forms. (0:57)
27. End Credits Is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? Titles and Descriptions with Comment from Marco. (2:35)
Disc Length (60:47)




2kOST BookletPage.png
  • The box art for the OST is of, at the time, a pre-order only DVD case. There was a regular boxset released on May 25, 2007 that contained the music disc & a booklet talking about the pre-order Bonus.


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