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His Name Is Diavolo (そいつの名はディアボロ, Soitsu no Na wa Diaboro) is the twenty-second story arc in Vento Aureo.

It narrates Diavolo and Doppio's attempt to approach and kill Polnareff in the Colosseum, with the aid of a blind and deaf Bruno Bucciarati.


Leading an injured Bucciarati toward the Colosseum, Doppio is told that Bucciarati is in fact undead and can only feel people's souls. Diavolo then disguises his soul as Trish's to gain his trust, and the two sneak past the rest of the gang.[1]

A flashback details the past of a certain person. In 1967, a baby was born inside an all-women prison, seemingly after a two-year pregnancy. A priest in Sardinia adopted and raised the child, who grew into a timid yet easygoing teenager. At the age of 19, the young man was seen with a woman by the priest. Deciding that his son was old enough to have his own car, the priest began to build a garage near the young man's room. To his horror, the priest discovered the man's mother with her mouth sewn shut beneath the house's concrete. That night, a fire consumed the whole village; among the registered casualties was the man's name, Diavolo.

In the present, Doppio and Bucciarati are ordered to stop moving by Polnareff. Polnareff, suspicious of the unknown figure near Bucciarati, is told by a still-mistaken Bucciarati that Trish is unregistered in the gang but has proven herself to be trustworthy. Polnareff demands that "Trish" shows her Stand; at this moment, the boss identifies an Arrow in Polnareff's hand. Now recognizing the identity of Bucciarati's ally, Diavolo swears to kill him for good.

Another flashback sheds light on Polnareff's past with Diavolo. After DIO's defeat, Polnareff collaborated with Jotaro to track the Arrows. Hearing about Italy's rise of criminal activity at the time, Polnareff infiltrated Passione and discovered the boss's identity. However, the gang's prominence made him unable to contact Jotaro; when he underestimated and engaged the boss in battle, the boss crippled him and left him for dead.

Doppio mysteriously disappears from Bucciarati's side.[2] The boss takes over Doppio's body and reveals his true appearance to Polnareff, who recognizes Diavolo but can't fathom how he got so close to him. Though Polnareff has deduced a method of detecting when time is erased, Diavolo avoids the brunt of his attack and erases time once more. Blinding Polnareff with his blood, Diavolo prepares to kill Polnareff, only to be interrupted by a blinding light: Polnareff has pierced Silver Chariot with the Arrow.[3] Diavolo finishes Polnareff as time resumes and retrieves the arrow from a disappearing Silver Chariot.

As the rest of Team Bucciarati arrives in the Colosseum, Diavolo notices a figure in black walking away from him. Despite his attempts to engage the figure, Diavolo finds himself falling asleep. As Bucciarati's team collapses and falls asleep, the figure picks up the Arrow as it walks off.[4]


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