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Baby Face (ベイビィ・フェイス, Beibī Feisu) is the twelfth story arc in Vento Aureo. It narrates the battle between Giorno and Baby Face, a homunculus which can decompose itself into cubes, as Baby Face tries to kidnap Trish.


Melone, a member of La Squadra Esecuzioni, arrives at the scene of Pesci and Prosciutto's deaths and retrieves a sample of Bucciarati's DNA. Using this and his Stand Baby Face, Melone "impregnates" a hot-headed young woman on board the train in order to "birth" a remote Stand that will pursue Bucciarati.[1] This remote Stand (also called Baby Face) quickly grows to full size, killing its mother and catching up to the gang using Melone's motorcycle.[2]

The gang is in the process of stealing a car when Baby Face catches up to them.[3] Capturing both Trish and Bucciarati, Baby Face steals a piece of Giorno's throat, rendering him unable to call to the rest of the gang for help. However, Giorno realizes that Gold Experience and Baby Face are opposites: Gold Experience creates life while Baby Face takes it away. This inspires Giorno to transform objects into human body parts to heal himself.[4]

After a tense give-and-take between the two, Baby Face tires of following Melone's advice and tries to attack his enemy head on, allowing Giorno to easily defeat it; he then turns the Stand's corpse into a snake, which returns to and kills Melone.[5]


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Anime Episodes


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