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Gold Experience (黄金体験(ゴールド・エクスペリエンス), Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu) is the first story arc in Vento Aureo.

It narrates the meeting between Koichi and Giorno Giovanna, the estranged son of DIO, in Naples, Italy.


The story begins in 2001: 2 years after the battle against Yoshikage Kira, Koichi Hirose travels to Italy by Jotaro's favor. He departs Naples Airport to find a boy by the name of Haruno Shiobana, as the Speedwagon Foundation hopes to do research on him for an as of yet unknown reason. He comes across a peculiar young man who can stuff his whole ear into its hole, and accepts a taxi ride from him. The young man then drives off with Koichi's luggage, making him use Echoes ACT3's 3 Freeze to stop the car, before the culprit confidently flees.[1] Koichi overhears two airport security guards reveal the young man's name as Giorno Giovanna, and infers that Giorno might be Haruno Shiobana. When Koichi looks for his luggage, all he finds is a frog in the passenger's seat that hops away. He uses ACT1 to attempt to search for Giorno.

Meanwhile, Giorno meets with the gangster Leaky-Eye Luca, who attempts to take Giorno's money and attacks with his shovel. The frog appears and jumps onto Giorno, prompting Luca to attack it. His attack is reflected and he is killed. Giorno reveals his Stand's ability as the frog turns back into Koichi's luggage.[2] Koichi continues looking for Giorno and his stolen luggage, and when he finally finds him, he uses his Echoes ACT3 to attack before he could escape. Giorno finally brings out his Stand, Gold Experience, and creates a tree to escape from Koichi. Koichi tries to attack, but the attempt is in vain due to Gold Experience's powers, and Giorno flees again.[3]


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