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Dark Blue Moon, Part 2 (暗青の月(ダークブルームーン) その②, Dāku Burū Mūn Sono 2), originally Stand Users and Tobacco Smoke (スタンド使いとタバコの煙, Sutando Tsukai to Tabako no Kemuri) in the WSJ release, is the fifteenth chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the one hundred twenty-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Joseph warns Jotaro that an underwater Stand is trying to ambush him in the water. Grabbing the girl, Jotaro is saved by Hierophant Green, who brings both back to the boat. The group suspects the girl of being a Stand user who was trying to lure Jotaro into the water to attack him. She acts as if she doesn't know anything and threatens them with a knife, claiming to be a dangerous killer. Polnareff suggests throwing her back into the sea because she's just playing dumb, but Kakyoin worries about her safety if she ends up not being a Stand user. Joseph wonders how they can make her reveal the truth. Avdol asks how DIO is doing, in an attempt to make her accidentally reveal herself, but she denies knowing him.

The captain of the boat, Tennille, grabs the girl and goes to lock her away until they reach the harbor, rudely putting Jotaro's cigarette out, scolding him for smoking on deck. Angry, Jotaro accuses him of being the user of the Stand that attacked earlier, even though he was introduced to the group as trustworthy by the Speedwagon Foundation. Jotaro tells the group that there's a way to tell Stand users apart from ordinary people: when users sniff smoke from a cigarette, the blood vessels will be visible on their noses. Seeing everyone check their noses, even the captain, Jotaro calls him an idiot for falling for his bluff. The Captain reveals himself to be an imposter who killed the real Tennille and took his place, planning to kill the group one by one, but has now been forced to take on all five at the same time. He predicts that he will be able to defeat all of them.

The imposter grabs the girl and jumps into the water, where his underwater Stand would have the advantage, but Jotaro's Star Platinum acts faster than the imposter's fall and saves the girl.

Jotaro asks Avdol to say something, and the fortune teller questions the imposter about predicting something in front of a fortune teller. Polnareff completes the phrase by calling it a foolish attitude, mimicking Avdol and Polnareff's conversation in their earlier battle.


Dio Brando
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Author's Comment

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I saw a head-on bicycle collision in my neighborhood. Both turned out to be ok, but it still shocked me.

Magazine & Tankobon Differences

Volume Differences

WSJ TheMoonTarot.png

V14 tarot change vol.jpg

Volume 14, Chapter 15 (Page 16)
Changed tarot card design.

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V14 change 3 vol.jpg

Volume 14, Chapter 15 (Page 18)
Changed "Star Silver" (星の白金(スターシルバー), Sutā Shirubā)
to "Star Platinum" (星の白金(スタープラチナ), Sutā Purachina).



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