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Meteorologists say the wind's movements are unpredictable. They have a point. But the wind isn't completely unreadable.
—Johngalli A., SO Chapter 14

Johngalli A. (ジョンガリ・A Jongari Ē) is a minor antagonist featured in the sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean, specifically the "The Visitor" story arc.

Johngalli A. is a blind assassin directly responsible for framing Jolyne Cujoh and sending her to Green Dolphin Street Prison. He is one of DIO's last servants and ambushes Jolyne and Jotaro Kujo inside the prison. Johngalli A. is a Stand User, and tries to snipe the Kujos with the help of his Manhattan Transfer.


Johngalli A. is a man of average to above-average height and medium build. He has long, light hair, including a small braid bordering the left side of his face; and his cheeks are marked by a thin, vaguely tribal symbol. Johngalli A has cataracts, making his irises appear entirely white.[3] He also possesses a tattoo of Earth on his back.

Johngalli A. wears a plain shirt and dark trousers, which feature regular nearly full circular cuts, so that round patches dangle from the clothes. He also wears a holed tie with a square end.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin (Fair, black face markings and tattoos.)
Hair (Salmon)
Eyes (White (blind))
(Baby blue shirt, magenta tie with silver buttons, navy blue trousers.)


As a loyal follower of DIO, Johngalli A. shares his plan with Enrico Pucci. However, Jotaro notes that Johngalli A. may have never met DIO in person despite his loyalty.

Aiming to take revenge on the Joestar family, he participates in the plan to frame Jolyne Cujoh for murder and works towards killing her and Jotaro Kujo inside the prison.

An ex-soldier, his sentence is 7 years, for murder.



Main article: Manhattan Transfer

Johngalli A.'s Stand is Manhattan Transfer. It increases his sensitivity to the motion of air, and is capable of redirecting the bullets that he fires.

Johngalli A. is blind. However, he is an adept sniper. He disguises his rifle as a cane which he keeps on his person.

Manhattan Transfer (マンハッタン・トランスファー)Link to this section


Johngalli A. is a forgotten follower of DIO. Despite never meeting the Vampire in person, Johngalli was fanatically devoted to him. It is mentioned that Johngalli A was a veteran sniper before cataract turned him nearly blind.

Wanting the death of Jotaro, Johngalli A. entered Green Dolphin Street Prison as an inmate while Enrico Pucci became its priest. Johngalli then ordered several thugs outside of prison to throw a random hitchhiker out in the streets during the rain, that way Romeo Jisso would run over him, and Johngalli would then pay a corrupt lawyer to frame Jolyne for murder.

The Visitor

Johngalli attacks the Joestar

The day Jotaro Kujo comes to visit his daughter, Johngalli A. and Enrico Pucci enact their plan to take Jotaro out. Posted in the men's showers when Jotaro arrives, Johngalli A prepares for his part of the plan. Whitesnake traps Jotaro and Jolyne in a dream from which they snap out.

Johngalli executed by Whitesnake

Johngalli A. disguises himself as a guard and goes to the visiting room, shooting a nearby guard so that he can be free to attack the father and daughter. Johngalli A. shoots at his Stand Manhattan Transfer, posted behind a column, to redirect the bullets while Whitesnake comes from behind in a pincer attack. Jotaro saves his daughter and pushes her out of the way of the bullets, leaving himself vulnerable to Whitesnake who takes his memory and Stand. Johngalli empties his clip on Jolyne and Jotaro but Jolyne deflects the bullets and they try to flee outside the prison. However, when Johngalli A. turns around a corner to shoot her, Jolyne effortlessly deviates the bullets with strings. Johngalli sees strings in the barrel of his gun and loses time pulling them out, allowing Jolyne to tie his feet and yank the string to make him spin. Johngalli A. fakes surrender, pointing his gun upward to shoot at Manhattan Transfer floating near the ceiling but Jolyne doesn't lose time and pummels him heavily.

On the ground, Johngalli sees Whitesnake and asks him to take him back to the men's ward but Whitesnake kills him with his own gun with a bullet in the neck, silencing him forever and making it look like he committed suicide.


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Quote.png Quotes
Muscles can't be trusted. When skin is exposed to the wind, muscles become stressed and begin to subtly expand and contract. The body can't control these movements. A rifle should be supported with bone. Bones sense the stability of the ground and unify the gun with it. That's the kind of anchorage one can trust.
—Johngalli A., SO Chapter 14: The Visitor, Part 4
Meteorologists sat the wind's movements are unpredictable. They have a point. But the wind isn't completely unreadable. Is this fly just flying around aimlessly? No. It's sensing scents and the flow of the air as it flies. The fly's movements are the wind.
—Johngalli A., SO Chapter 14: The Visitor, Part 4
My Stand, Manhattan Transfer, is completely tracking your movements inside that meeting room! The time has come to finish off your bloodline! Now my life can finally begin! You robbed my heart of its support, and for that, I must take revenge!!
—Johngalli A. to the Joestars, SO Chapter 14: The Visitor, Part 4
Target changed to Jolyne! Full body confirmed! Locked on the head! Shoot!
—Johngalli A., SO Chapter 15: The Visitor, Part 5



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