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D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1 (ダービー・ザ・ギャンブラー その①, Dābī za Gyanburā Sono 1), originally The Soul-Stealing Gamble (魂を奪うギャンブル, Tamashī o Ubau Gyanburu) in the WSJ release, is the ninety-eighth chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the two hundred eleventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The Joestar group has finally reached Cairo; their journey to defeat DIO and save Holy will soon come to a close. First, the Joestar group will have to locate DIO's hideout within the Egyptian capital. The group finds themselves at a bar at the outskirts of the city, asking the patrons if they have seen the mansion within a photo taken by Hermit Purple. After gaining no traction, the group leaves but is stopped by a man saying he knows the location of the mansion. The man gracefully shuffles a deck of cards as he is asked for the mansion's location. The man tells them that he cannot reveal the information for free, but he is unwilling to accept their money. The man, Daniel J. D'Arby, states that he will gamble with the information as a prize. Polnareff, annoyed at D'Arby's unwillingness to take the money, takes on his challenge. D'Arby throws two pieces of meat outside. The bet is deciding which one the nearby stray cat will eat first. D'Arby takes the left, and Polnareff takes the right. D'Arby decides that if he wins his prize will be Polnareff's soul. The cat takes the left, causing Polnareff to lose. As upon agreement, D'Arby uses his Osiris to take Polnareff's soul.


Dio Brando
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