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Anubis, Part 2 (「アヌビス神」 その②, 'Anubisu-shin' Sono 2), originally The Interval of a Single Step (1歩の間合い, Ippo no Māi) in the WSJ release, is the eighty-first chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the one hundred ninety-fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


While in Kom Ombo, Polnareff gets separated from the rest of the group. He walks to a temple as he looks for his friends and notices someone following him in plain sight. Polnareff commends him for his bravery in attacking him directly. The man introduces himself as Chaka the user of Anubis. Chaka draws his sword, showing his desire for a duel. Polnareff notices that Chaka's movements show that he is an amateur, but decides to cautiously step back as something doesn't seem right to him. Polnareff runs behind a pillar, but Chaka slices through it, wounding Polnareff's chest but leaving both his clothes and the pillar perfectly intact. Chaka starts cutting through the pillar again, but Silver Chariot parries all the attacks. Polnareff dodges away and loses track of Chaka who is hiding behind the temple's pillars. Polnareff climbs onto a broken Pillar to look for Chaka, however suddenly Chaka cuts down an adjacent pillar onto Polnareff. Chaka rides the pillar and prepares to cut through it to kill Polnareff, but Polnareff uses his last resort tactic. Silver Chariot launches its rapier and strikes Chaka in the neck, incapacitating him. Polnareff notices the sword, now sheathed, lying next to Chaka. He picks it up and begins to unsheathe it.


Papyrus Seller
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Jotaro Kujo
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(Possessed by Anubis) (Incapacitated)

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