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★ㅤI am currently focusing on the All-Star Battle R character pages. Message me (wiki or Discord) if you're interested in helping. (This is not related to All-Star Battle Resold.)ㅤ★

President... do you have something to say to me? You want me to get you a drink before you die, or something? (大統領...オレに何が言いたい?死め前に飲み物でも欲しいのか?, Daitōryō... Ore ni nani ga ītai? Shime mae ni nomimono demo hoshī no ka?)

Hello! こんにちは!Hola! مرحب!

I'm Kojo, YouTuber, wannabe game developer, and immense JoJo fan (duh). At the moment, I particularly like focusing on the game and character game pages as those are the wiki pages that currently lack the most content. I also occassionaly update short chapter and episode page descriptions for elaboration and further detail of events.

I currently have a measly 7,498 edits on this wiki.

About me

My name is Kojo Bailey. Whether that is my real name or not is up for interpretation, that is, unless you get a hold of my birth certificate.

I was born in Liverpool and have since lived in many different countries. That being said, I hope to live in Japan or Spain someday, assuming the countries don't blow up in the few years I have left of school. As a result, I'm currently learning Japanese, Spanish, and also Arabic (since I currently live in the Middle East). Hopefully, I'll be somewhat fluent in Spanish by the time I graduate, with decent Japanese too.

One thing I've noticed about myself, is that when I'm genuinely interested in something, I can become incredibly invested in it. This is how I came to edit for the JoJoWiki, being a huge JoJo fan, and I've considered looking deeper into the communities of my other interests. However, despite how much people (and ourselves) say otherwise, the JoJo community really is one of the best fandoms out there.


I only started watching the Phantom Blood anime in early 2020, but am currently up to date with the recent Stone Ocean anime. I can't remember what even inspired me to start watching JoJo, but I was hooked as soon as I did. The artstyle and 3D opening were nothing like I'd ever seen before in an anime. Phantom Blood only being 9 episodes allowed me to get a sense for what the series would hold, and once Joseph Joestar showed up in Battle Tendency, it was full speed ahead.

Despite watching the anime first, I'm a big manga reader (and books in general). My brother decided to buy all the available JoJo English manga on his Kindle, which I read all the way through – stopping at the most recent release of Vento Aureo. Since then, I've gone on to read JoJo's Colored Adventure: Steel Ball Run digitally, and am currently reading JoJolion. After JoJolion, I plan to read through the Stone Ocean manga, as well as spin-off series like TSKR and CDDH. Hopefully I can finish JJL before a lot of The JOJOLands is out.


One of my biggest hobbies currently is the modding of videogames - in particular, All-Star Battle R. This craze began shortly after the game released, and since then, I've rose to become an administrator of the JoJo's Bizarre Modding Community on Discord and the creator of JoJo's Bizarre Modding Wiki on Miraheze. You can find most of my mods on Nexus Mods, and I've modded more than just ASBR, like Plants vs. Zombies.

Other Anime/Shows

Outside of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, I've watched/read quite a few anime/manga. The ones that stick out to me the most are:

Light Yagami/Kira - Death Note

Personally, I'd say I prefer manga over anime in most instances, especially for more complicated, less action-packed series like Death Note. Therefore, I typically enjoy watching the anime for the opposite, such as Demon Slayer. That being said, some manga are simply incredible (and way ahead of the anime), like in the instance of One Punch Man. Despite my preferences, I have a deep appreciation for both manga and anime, unless one of the mediums is notoriously bad.

PvZ Roof level

I'm also a huge Whovian, and was a pretty avid reader of the Alex Rider series. If I was to nominate a fiction book - that isn't a manga - as my favourite, it would either be Ready Player One or its sequel, Ready Player Two, both by Ernest Cline. For non-fiction, it has to be Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale for the interactions between Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook.

I'm also a bit of a gamer, having spent ungodly amounts of time playing Terraria, Smash Ultimate and Brawl Stars (I've done more, but these are easily my top 3 most played). I've loved Plants vs Zombies since childhood.

My YouTube Videos


Below are a list of my contributions to the wiki that I can recall. Random, one-time edits are not included:

Full Pages

Significant Updates




Page Ideas

Notes of what I might work on next (mostly for my own reminding).

  • Naples Station
    • Features in ASBR and EoH
  • Kujo Mansion
    • Quite a lot to note design-wise
    • A significant location to the Joestars in particular
    • A fair bit happens there
  • Venice
    • Features in both BT and VA, and mentioned in SBR
    • Joseph meets Lisa Lisa
    • A lot of illustrations are shown in JoJo
  • SBR Train
    • Holds some significant scenes from SBR
  • Chicago Residence (SBR)
    • Lots of rooms shown
    • Death of 2 characters
  • Millionaire Village & Mountains
    • Interesting story with some depth
  • Boyoyoing Cape
    • Famous landmark of Morioh
    • Long time spent there

To-Do List Quick Access

  • Update Episode pages as rewatching the anime
  • Create Episode galleries for pages that don't have them (stitched frames only!)
  • Add "To be continued" screens from the end of the episodes and add to personal gallery
  • Add playlists to OST galleries
    • Size is 650
    • Use Vid template
    • Wrap in Center template
  • Translate episode pages

  • Update summaries while going through the manga
  • Create summaries for volumes that are missing them (and that can be accurately translated)

Character Galleries

  • Add demo moveset vids to demo character galleries



  • ASBR main render
  • Costumes & Colors
  • Appearances in main, official artwork (such as the game's official poster)


  • Videos (generally 480p and around 3MB or less)
    • All moves, specials, heat attacks, assist attacks, etc.
    • Try to group certain moves together (e.g. HHA & GHA next to each other, in that order)
    • Put move names in captions. Move-type in bold, move-name in normal text
    • See GVid for info on how to use template
{{GVid|file_name.extension|caption='''Move Type:''' Move Name}}
{{GVid|ASBR Jotaro GHA.mp4|caption='''Great Heat Attack:''' You pissed me off.}}
  • Gallery pics
    • Include name of move and how it's being used
    • Note that this section is significantly less important than the videos; don't add to it for no reason


  • Entrance poses/animations
  • Taunts/animations
  • Win poses/animations


  • Basically anything and everything else involving the character
    • Keep promotional stuff first (e.g. the demo poster)

  • Replace <tabber> template with {{tabber}}
  • Change headers to acronyms for tabs that are too long
  • Re-word to remove the person's name (e.g. "Jotaro punching" -> "Punching")
  • Split games into more tabs
    • ASB/EoH: Appearance, Poses, Gameplay, Misc
  • Last Survivor content
    • (Costume) Variations
    • Poses
    • Soul Chips
    • Profile Cards
    • Misc
      • Last Survivor banner (if applicable)
      • Challenge events
      • Gameplay shots
  • JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop! content
    • Main pics + Icons + Stickers (for each version of a character)
    • Promo art
    • Available gifs

  • Add official Japanese w/ {{nihongo2}}
  • Fix formatting to be consistent on all quotes
    • No bold text
    • 『』for emphasised words (unless manga specifies otherwise)
    • '[text]' for english/romaji emphasis
  • Code fixing (Jotaro|{{Ch|44}} instead of Jotaro, {{Ch|44}})
  • Add missing citations




Whether it be personality, backstory, character arc, or some other magic element, these are my favourite characters across the series (including TSKR). Note that I am yet to finish either Stone Ocean or JoJolion.

Characters are ordered from more (left/top) to less (right/bottom) favourite.

My Favourite Characters

These opinions are currently outdated.

These refer to overall openings, rather than strictly opening themes.

Also, instead of choosing my favourites here, I've ranked them in order of best to worst (top to bottom). If it isn't obvious, I'm a sucker for the 3D openings.


Cover Name Artist Use Release Date
1 Jojo OP4.jpg JoJo: Memories of That Blood ~end of THE WORLD~
(ジョジョ その血の記憶
~end of THE WORLD~
SC Episodes
25 - 48
January 28, 2015
2 Jojo OP2.jpg BLOODY STREAM Coda Episodes
11 - 26
January 30, 2013
3 JoJo OP8.jpg Fighting Gold Coda GW Episodes
2 - 21
November 14, 2018
4 Jojo OP6.jpg chase batta DU Episodes
15 - 26
July 27, 2016
5 Jojo OP1.jpg JoJo ~The Fate of That Blood~
Hiroaki "TOMMY" Tominaga Episodes
2 - 9
November 21, 2012
6 JoJo OP7.png Great Days Karen Aoki & Daisuke Hasegawa DU Episodes
27 - 38
October 19, 2016
7 Jojo OP5.jpg Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town THE DU DU Episodes
2 - 13
April 27, 2016
8 Jojo OP3.png STAND PROUD Jin Hashimoto SC Episodes
2 - 24
April 23, 2014
9 JoJo OP9.png Requiem for a Traitor Daisuke Hasegawa GW Episodes
22 - 39
March 27, 2019
10 STONE OCEAN single digital cover.png Stone Ocean ichigo SO Episodes
December 1, 2021

Same as above, but with the endings.


Cover Name Artist Use Release Date
1 Jojo ED1.jpg Roundabout Yes Episodes
1 - 25
January 4, 1972
2 Jojo lasttrainhome.jpg Last Train Home Pat Metheny Group SC Episodes
25 - 48
July 7, 1987
3 Jojo ED2.jpg Walk Like an Egyptian The Bangles SC Episodes
3 - 24
4 Jojo ED6a.jpg I Want You Savage Garden DU Episodes
2 - 38
May 27, 1996
5 JoJo OP7b.png Great Days UNITS ver. JO☆UNITED
(Hiroaki "TOMMY" Tominaga, Coda, Jin Hashimoto, Jun Shirota, Taisuke Wada, Jeity, Tatsu Hoshino, Karen Aoki, Daisuke Hasegawa)
DU Episode
December 24, 2016
6 JoJo ED5.jpg Villain◇Concerto ~Hol Horse & Boingo~
Akuyaku Kyōsōkyoku ~Horu Hōsu to Boingo~
Hol Horse (Hidenobu Kiuchi) & Boingo (Motoko Kumai) SC Episodes
36 & 37
March 27, 2015
7 JoJo ED4.jpg Villain◇Concerto ~Oingo & Boingo~
Akuyaku Kyōsōkyoku ~Oingo to Boingo~
Oingo (Makoto Yasumura) & Boingo (Motoko Kumai) SC Episode
January 23, 2015
8 JOJO ED8.jpg Modern Crusaders Enigma GW Episodes
22 - 39
June 14, 2000
9 JOJO ED7.png Freek'n You Jodeci GW Episodes
2 - 21
May 30, 1995
10 Rockferry.png Distant Dreamer Duffy SO Episodes
March 3, 2008

Fanart Gallery

To Be Continued Gallery

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Link to this section Season 2: Stardust Crusaders
Link to this section Season 3: Diamond is Unbreakable
Link to this section Season 4: Golden Wind
Link to this section Season 5: Stone Ocean

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