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In English, they say it like "pair-is", while everyone says it like "pa-ree" like in French. But Venezia is called "Venice" in English. Like "The Merchant of Venice" and "Death in Venice"... Why isn't the title "Death in Venezia"!? (英語では「パリスPARIS」っていうんだが みんなはフランス語どおり「パリ」って発売して呼ぶ でも「ヴェネツィア」はみんな「ベニス」って英語で呼ぶんだよォ~~~ 「ベニスの商人」とか「ベニスに死す」とかよォーーーなんで『ヴェネツィアに死す』ってタイトルじゃあねえーんだよォォォォォォォーーッ)
Ghiaccio, Chapter 509: White Album, Part 1

Venice (ヴェネツィア, Venetsia) is a city located in northeastern Italy and the capital of the northern Italy Veneto region, appearing in both Battle Tendency and Vento Aureo. The city is also mentioned in Steel Ball Run, although of a different continuity.

In Battle Tendency, it is mainly Air Supplena Island - the the place where Lisa Lisa lives, and consequently where Joseph Joestar meets her alongside Caesar Zeppeli. In Vento Aureo, it is the location of a few battles, as well as the events of San Giorgio Maggiore. In Steel Ball Run. it is mentioned by Gyro Zeppeli as the nation that stole the corpse of St. Mark in 828 AD from the Byzantine Empire.


Battle Tendency

A picturesque Italian city in the North of Italy, where canals and gondoliers replace streets and cars.

Air Supplena Island

Main article: Air Supplena Island

Vento Aureo

White Album

The Mystery of King Crimson

Main article: San Giorgio Maggiore
The Bell Tower of the Chruch

San Giorgio Maggiore is a 16th-century Benedictine church located on an island of the same name in Venice, Italy. The island is only accessible by boat.

After retrieving the disk at Santa Lucia, Bucciarati and his team are ordered by the Boss to travel to the island to meet him. Upon reaching it, Bucciarati is tasked with accompanying the Boss's daughter, Trish Una to the top of bell tower by lift. However, before the pair could reach the top of the tower, Trish is attacked by the Boss's Stand, King Crimson, and is carried further down into the elevator shaft. Bucciarati pursues him to a confrontation in the church's basement.[2]

A staircase leads to the dark crypt in the basement of the church. The place is distinctive for the great numbers of columns and arches, allowing one to easily hide. It is there that Bucciarati tries to confront the Boss, although the latter remains unseen because his King Crimson appears in front of him. Bucciarati is mortally wounded but manages to bring Trish to the chapel by zipping through the ceiling.[3]

Steel Ball Run

The nation of Venice is mentioned by Gyro Zeppeli. According to him, they stole the corpse of St. Mark in 828 AD from the Byzantine Empire, and prospered for 1000 years as a result of the corpse's blessing.

Video Games

GioGio's Bizarre Adventure

Venice appears as a setting in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure for Chapters 6-1, 6-2, 7-1, and 7-2 of Super Story Mode, starting at Ghiaccio's pursuit of the group and ending with most of Team Bucciarati deciding to betray the boss.
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Venezia's Santa Lucia Station - Get the "OA-DISC"!
(ヴェネツィア・サンタ・ルチア駅『OA-DISC』をゲットせよ! Venetsia Santa Ruchia Eki "Ō Ē Disuku" o Getto seyo!)
GioGio 6-1.png

With the train stopped, the team is forced to continue by car. Bucciarati receives another message from the boss, urging the group to obtain the OA-DISC hidden at Santa Lucia Station. The team agrees to split up, with Mista and Giorno continuing to drive toward Venice while the others arrive by boat. On the highway leading to Venice, Giorno and Mista spot another assassin, Ghiaccio, skating toward them in a suit of ice made from his Stand, White Album. The player controls Mista on top of the car, who must aim and shoot at Ghiaccio to stop him from charging toward the car. If Ghiaccio makes contact with the car, Mista will take damage. Moreover, Mista must manage his ammunition in the revolver as well as the number of Sex Pistols he has available. If he lasts two minutes, the level ends.

  • There are three Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot Ghiaccio. (ギアッチョをシュート)
    Stand Shooting Ghiaccio rewards the player with +2.
  • 2. Make Ghiaccio tumble. (1) (ギアッチョを転倒させる(1))
    Mista must knock Ghiaccio down with a heavy bullet (by pressing the X button). This will buy Mista around 11 seconds while Ghiaccio recovers, as well as reward the player with +4.
  • 3. Make Ghiaccio tumble. (2) (ギアッチョを転倒させる(2))
    Repeating the criteria for the second Secret Factor will again reward the player with +4.
  • Due to the third Secret Factor being a repeat of the second, it can only activate after the second Secret Factor does. The first Secret Factor can be done at any time. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
White Album
(ホワイト・アルバム Howaito Arubamu)
White Album fight.jpg

With Ghiaccio in close pursuit, Giorno decides to crash the car into the lake in front of the station. Mista is the first to reach land, but Ghiaccio is the first to reach the statue. Although Ghiaccio finds and takes the OA-DISC inside the lion statue at the front, Mista is determined to defend it to his last breath. The player again controls Mista and Sex Pistols, and must defeat Ghiaccio. Ghiaccio is invulnerable from the front and must be shot from the back. Ghiaccio can charge at Mista, giving Mista a chance to attack if he misses, as well as deploy strips of ice along the ground. As Ghiaccio takes damage, he will begin utilizing the shield of frozen air Gently Weeps, which can automatically rebound Mista's bullets back at him.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot the lion statue. (ライオン像をシュート)
    Stand Shooting the lion statue will reward the player with +2.
  • 2. Fire a bullet at Gently Weeps. (ジェントリー・ウィープスに弾丸を当てる)
    Once Ghiaccio takes enough damage, Mista will proclaim that Ghiaccio's weak spot is on the back of his neck. When this happens, Ghiaccio will begin to use White Album Gently Weeps outside of when he is being knocked back. If Mista shoots Ghiaccio while Gently Weeps is defending him, the player is rewarded with +2, though the bullet will still be reflected toward Mista.
  • 3. Twist a lamppost out of shape. (街灯を破壊して「彫刻」を作る)
    From the moment the second Secret Factor becomes available, shooting one of the lampposts will bend it into a spiked shape, activating a cutscene. The Pistols point out the newly-reshaped lamppost, and Mista declares that he'll use it to pierce Ghiaccio's neck. This rewards the player with +3.
  • 4. Impale Ghiaccio on a lamppost. (ギアッチョを「彫刻」にブチこむ)
    Once the third Secret Factor is achieved, the rest of the lampposts will also form spikes when shot. When Ghiaccio is close to a spiked lamppost, Mista must shoot him and hopefully impale him on the spikes. Impaling Ghiaccio on a spiked lamppost will deal a considerable amount of damage and leave him unable to move for a few seconds (though he can and will activate Gently Weeps), as well as reward the player with another +3.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order, though the fourth Secret Factor can only be done after the third. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
Once the fight is over, Ghiaccio falls to the ground as White Album dissipates. Mista begins losing consciousness from his wounds until Giorno arrives and heals him, though not before warning him that the process will hurt considerably. A humorous scene follows as Narancia arrives and thinks the two are sharing an intimate moment. Meanwhile, the boss waits for Trish's arrival.
Final Order From The Boss
(ボスよりの最終指令 Bosu yori no Saishū Shirei)
King Crimson fight.jpg

The team inserts the OA-DISC into their computer and learns that their final destination is the church at San Giorgio Maggiore. Only Trish and one other person may set foot on the island, per the boss's conditions, and so Bucciarati alone accompanies Trish. However, Trish disappears once the two enter the church, and Bucciarati realizes that the boss intends to kill his own daughter. He finds Trish unconscious in the church's basement, but the boss appears and a battle ensues. The player controls Bucciarati and must survive the boss and his King Crimson for one minute. The boss frequently teleports toward or away from Bucciarati, and King Crimson can knock debris at him. After a minute passes, the level ends.

  • There are two Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Protect Trish. (トリッシュを保護する)
    The player must Stand Shoot Trish's body. Once this is done, the player will earn +4.
  • 2. Shoot King Crimson. (キング・クリムゾンをシュート)
    Stand Shooting King Crimson will reward the player with +6.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
The Mystery of King Crimson
(キング・クリムゾンの謎 Kingu Kurimuzon no Nazo)
King Crimson fight 2.jpg

Bucciarati attacks the boss from behind a pillar, only to find himself standing at the other side of it. The boss introduces King Crimson and its ability to erase a period of time, then punches Bucciarati through the heart. Despite the lethal wound, Bucciarati refuses to die until Trish is safe. The player controls Bucciarati again and must attack the boss, whose teleportation is now marked by a flash of inverted colors. When enough of the boss's health is depleted, the level ends.

  • 1. Clear the stage. (ステージをクリア)
    There is only one Secret Factor in this level. It activates immediately at the start of the level and rewards the player with +10, making their Health MAX.
Bucciarati and Trish escape the basement, and Bucciarati is healed by Giorno. Bucciarati then informs his team that he has decided to betray the boss. When given the choice to remain loyal to the gang, the squad, with the exception of Fugo, choose to follow Bucciarati. Giorno realizes Bucciarati's hands are cold as the team ponders their next move. Trish tells the group that her father met her mother at Sardinia, and the team decides to take a plane to the island in hopes of uncovering his identity.

Eyes of Heaven

Air Supplena Island EoH.png

Air Supplena Island (エア・サプレーナ島, Ea Sapurēna-tō) is the only playable stage for Part 2: Battle Tendency.

For the Stage Gimmick, the spikes on the stage inflict gradual damage to all combatants except Ripple users (while they have Ripple Gauge remaining) and immortal characters (vampires and Pillar Men). If a combatant is knocked onto the spikes, they will take considerable damage.

Diamond Records

In Diamond Records, Venice appears as 2 stages: Part 2's "Venice" and Part 5's Venezia Santa Lucia railway station.

JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop!

In JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop!, Venice appears in various location backgrounds for the game, both from Battle Tendency and Vento Aureo.



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