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A list for trivia that is either "junk" or a stretch in logic, but is still cool regardless.

Feel free to add whatever fun stuff you come across, although make sure it actually makes sense and isn't some wild fan theory.


Chapter Titles


J'ai Lu "Popsi" & "Bucci"


Dubs & Subs


  • At the end of the Stardust Crusaders Alessi battle, the French narrator says something along the lines of "Alessi a été envoyé vers d'autre cieux (Alessi was sent blasting away in the sky)". The Pokémon French dub says something similar for Team Rocket where the narrator says "La Team Rocket va vers d'autre cieux (Team Rocket blast off the sky at the speed of light)".
  • Diavolo's French voice actor, Laurent Blanpain, works at the YouTube channel Re: Take, doing parodies for Parts 1 and 2.
  • In the French subtitles for Stone Ocean, some named are translated while others aren't (e.g., Weather Report -> Prédiction Météo, & Kiss -> Baiser).
    • The name of Pucci's initial Stand alternates between the original and localisation, Whitesnake and Palesnake.
    • These happened since the French translations for Part 6 were English -> French, rather than Japanese -> French like Parts 1-5.


GioGio's Bizarre Adventure

  • GioGio's Bizarre Adventure is the only major piece of colored media where Giorno's and Trish's eye colors are different in a notable way (navy blue and dark green respectively).
    • In other adaptations, they are both blue (like the colored manga and Eyes of Heaven) or green (like the Anime).
    • Eyes of Heaven's Trish is a curious case, because while her render has blue eyes (matching the game's Giorno), the actual in-game default model has green eyes (separating hers from Giorno's), so this one counts only halfway in.

All-Star Battle

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