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This page is for the group from Part 3. For a list of protagonists and allies from each part, see Allies.
Let's hit the road!
Joseph Joestar, Chapter 122: Head to Egypt

The Joestar Group (ジョースター一行 Jōsutā Ikkō),[1] formally known as the Joestar Egyptian Tour Group (ジョースター・エジプト・ツアー御一行様 Jōsutā Ejiputo Tsuā Goikkōsama),[2] is a term used to describe the group of main protagonists featured in the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders.


The Joestar Group consists of the main protagonist of Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro Kujo, accompanied by his grandfather Joseph Joestar, Muhammad Avdol, Noriaki Kakyoin, Jean Pierre Polnareff, and a dog named Iggy. The latter two members join at separate points during their journey. While each member has their own individual reasons for joining, the group's primary goal is defeating DIO to save Holy Kujo from her illness.

Hirohiko Araki planned for the group to consist of the five human members since the beginning. He intended to balance their features, personalities, clothes, and Stands so that they would be unique.[3] Jotaro is the main character and "lone hero" of the group, bottling up his feelings and fighting without looking for attention or rewards from others.[4] As the oldest member, Joseph serves as the "navigator" of the group, in charge of setting up the journey, travel routes, receiving funding and supplies from the Speedwagon Foundation, and gathering information using his Stand, Hermit Purple.[5] Avdol is the "subleader"[6] and adviser[7], acting with a sense of duty and being someone who the other group members could rely on.[6] Kakyoin is the prim, proper, and sensitive one in the group.[3] Initially, he did not have a motivation for joining the group but ultimately realizes that they are the first people he could consider his friends since they could see his Stand and understand him.[7][8] Similarly to Jotaro, Polnareff starts out as a "lone wolf" who only accompanies the Joestar Group to avenge his sister. However, he evolves into being a true friend who supports the group for their entire journey. Although he can act seriously, he develops into a versatile and straightforward character, often serving as the comic relief in the group.[9] Iggy was added to the party because Araki wanted to add an animal as a pet[10], and he loves weak looking characters that are revealed to be really powerful. His role is being a secret helper for the group,[7] unintentionally assisting them throughout their journey before he finally considers them his friends after his battle against Pet Shop.[11]

The Joestar Group with Hol Horse

A runaway girl named Anne temporarily travels with them from the South China Sea to India. Araki had written Anne because he liked the idea of having a girl in the Joestar Group, but due to it being difficult to involve her in life-or-death situations during the era when Stardust Crusaders was releasing, he had to change the group back to being all men. He also states that he could have had Anne develop a Stand if she stayed with them, as even the smallest person can have a powerful Stand.[12]

Stardust Crusaders was structured to be like a road movie inspired by the film Seven Samurai,[12] the novel Around the World in Eighty Days,[4] and the Japanese drama Mito Kōmon, where a former vice-shogun travels with his two retainers. Though not initially planned, Araki threw around the idea of Hol Horse joining the group during their journey, but opted out due to balance issues with Polnareff's similar characteristics. Furthermore, his Emperor ability with aiming and shooting an enemy would have been too similar to Kakyoin's Emerald Splash. Araki mentions this as part of the reason Hol Horse shows up multiple times throughout the story and why there is at least one group shot with Hol Horse present in the manga.[13]


Joestar Group

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The Journey Begins

The group heads out

In 1988, Jotaro Kujo, the grandson of Joseph Joestar, learns that DIO has returned from the bottom of the ocean and stole Jonathan Joestar's body to use as his own.[14] Jotaro, having now acquired a Stand called Star Platinum due to DIO's own awakening, is attacked by Noriaki Kakyoin when he heads to school. Jotaro defeats him and learns that Kakyoin was being controlled by DIO's flesh bud. He extracts the flesh bud using his Stand and Joseph destroys it, saving Kakyoin.[15] The next day, Jotaro's mother, Holy, also develops a Stand but her body cannot handle it. The only way to save Holy is by killing DIO within 50 days, releasing Holy from the ability. From one of Hermit Purple's photographs, they learn that DIO is currently residing in Egypt.[16] Accompanied by his grandfather Joseph, Joseph's friend Muhammad Avdol, and Kakyoin, Jotaro heads to Egypt to save his mother.[17]

Road to Egypt

The Joestar Group against the impostor captain

The group boards a plane for Cairo, planning to head there via Narita, the East China Sea, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, and Kuwait City.[17] However, they are attacked by Gray Fly, one of DIO's agents. Consequently, the plane is forced to land in the Hong Kong sea, where the group takes a boat to the city. While discussing their status in a restaurant, they are joined by a French tourist who asks them for help reading the menu.[18] He reveals himself as Jean Pierre Polnareff and is also one of DIO's henchmen. After losing to Avdol, Jotaro extracts his flesh bud and he decides to join the party in hopes of finding his sister's killer, believing he is one of DIO's allies.[19]

Joseph arranges for a ship manned by Speedwagon Foundation personnel so they could head to Singapore, but the ship's captain was one of DIO's agents in disguise. They also encounter Anne on the ship, who was secretly hiding there after running away from home.[19] They leave her behind in Singapore so she could go back to her father.[20]

After the Joestar Group reaches India, Polnareff confronts his sister's killer, J. Geil. However, Avdol is shot by Hol Horse when he protects Polnareff and is presumed to have been killed.[21] Polnareff succeeds in avenging his sister and decides to continue journeying with the group so that he could help them defeat DIO.[22] Meanwhile, Jotaro and Joseph pretend that they buried Avdol's body, but tend to his wounds and he survives. Avdol secretly heads to an island on the Red Sea so that he could conspicuously buy a submarine for the group.[23] Driving close to the border of Pakistan, they encounter Anne on the side of the road trying to hitchhike.[24] They take her with them, but leave her behind after the battle against Wheel of Fortune.[25] In the anime, the group gives her money and plane tickets to go back to Hong Kong.[26]

Eventually, they reunite with Avdol and take the submarine.[27] They are attacked by Midler and High Priestess but scuba dive the rest of the way, finally reaching Egypt after 30 days.[28]

Arrival at Egypt

The group arrives in Egypt

Once they arrive at Egypt, two Speedwagon Foundation employees arrive in a helicopter to deliver Iggy to them to serve as a helper.[29] Joseph receives a new polaroid camera from the helicopter pilots and gets an idea to take a photo with the rest of the group. While Jotaro holds the photo, Kakyoin comments that it will make a great memento.[30]

A new member joins the party

Iggy is stubborn and does not want to help the group, but is forced by Jotaro to help him defeat N'Doul.[31] Kakyoin's eyes are injured by N'Doul's Stand, Geb, causing him to temporarily leave the group while he recovers. They learn about the Egypt 9 Glory Gods and successively battle each one as they head to Cairo, Egypt. Iggy ends up unwittingly beating Oingo and Boingo.[32] Polnareff battles Anubis, who is possessing Chaka, but ends up being controlled by the sword himself.[33] Jotaro manages to shatter the hilt of the sword, freeing Polnareff, but Anubis survives and possesses a child. The child ends up tripping over Iggy, sending Anubis flying and eventually landing in the bottom of the Nile.[34] Joseph and Avdol defeat Mariah in Luxor,[35] while Jotaro and Polnareff defeat Alessi.[36]

In a café at Gizeh, the group battles Daniel J. D'Arby, who challenges them to various gambling matches. Polnareff and Joseph lose their matches against him and their souls are stolen by Osiris.[37][38] However, Jotaro manages to win their souls back after bluffing his way through a game of poker.[39]

The group finally reaches Cairo, and Avdol hires an informant to find DIO's mansion. The man succeeds, but is killed by DIO's guard bird, Pet Shop, before he could tell Avdol its location. However, Iggy witnesses the murder and battles Pet Shop after the bird kills two dogs and attempts to attack its owner.[40] Iggy loses a leg in the battle and nearly drowns after killing the bird, but is saved by the boy he helped earlier.[41] Alongside doctors from the Speedwagon Foundation, Kakyoin returns to Cairo with his eyes healed. They find Iggy and heal his wounds. All of the members of the group are reunited, and Iggy leads them to DIO's mansion.[11]

Their reunion is quickly interrupted as the group is separated by Telence T. D'Arby inside the mansion. Kakyoin battles Telence in the video game F-Mega, but loses and his soul is stolen by Atum.[42] Jotaro battles Telence next in the game Oh! That's a Baseball!!, managing to win as Joseph secretly plays for Jotaro instead using Hermit Purple so Telence could not predict Jotaro's movements.[43]

Avdol and Iggy's souls ascending

As it had been over ten minutes since the other three left, Polnareff, Avdol, and Iggy decide to head into the mansion. Iggy quickly disposes of Kenny G., who was creating an illusion in the mansion with Tenore Sax. Suddenly, Vanilla Ice appears behind them. Avdol quickly punches Polnareff and Iggy out of the way, but is erased by Cream, leaving only his arms behind.[44] After a strenuous battle, Polnareff succeeds in killing Vanilla Ice, but Iggy also dies during the battle, giving up his life to save Polnareff.[45]

While Jotaro quickly defeats Nukesaku, Polnareff is confronted by DIO alone.[46] However, Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin arrive just in time, causing sunlight to enter the mansion when they break down its wall.[47] DIO flees and the group heads into the streets of Cairo to find him since the sun is setting. Jotaro and Polnareff go after him on one side while Joseph and Kakyoin chase him on the other side using a car.[48] Joseph and Kakyoin eventually catch up to DIO, but Kakyoin is suddenly killed by The World. However, Kakyoin successfully figures out the Stand's secret ability and relays what he learned to Joseph in his dying message.[49]

The journey ends

Joseph attempts to fight DIO with the Ripple but has a knife thrown at his chest and falls unconscious.[50] Jotaro learns he can move briefly during stopped time and manages to wound DIO.[51] DIO then throws a myriad of knives at him, causing Jotaro to be stabbed in multiple limbs and fall to the ground. DIO approaches to deal the final blow when Polnareff tries to stab him from behind, but DIO doesn't die and punches Polnareff into a wall.[52] To save his companion, Jotaro, who has been playing dead, moves a little to make DIO focus on him. During the following seconds, DIO tries to discover if Jotaro's really alive, forcing Jotaro to even stop his own heart with Star Platinum. At the last moment, DIO is convinced and approaches Jotaro, but Star Platinum appears and deals a crushing punch to DIO's head.[53]

Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff returning to their respective home countries

DIO is disabled, but lures Jotaro into punching him towards Joseph's corpse. The Vampire feeds on Joseph's blood and, now fully synchronized with Jonathan Joestar's body, becomes more powerful by the second.[54] DIO tries to crush Jotaro under a road roller,[55] but pushed to his limits, Jotaro stops time. He manages to sneak up on DIO and crushes his leg. On the ground, DIO tries a last futile attack, and Star Platinum breaks The World, defeating DIO for good.[56]

After his victory, Jotaro oversees a blood transfusion from DIO to Joseph and revives his grandfather. Afterward, they expose the Vampire's remains to the sun and disintegrate him. Some time later, Jotaro, Joseph, and Polnareff say their goodbyes to one another at the airport before going their separate ways.[57]



The JOJO WORLD amusement center had a minigame featuring the Joestar Group, where players could win the group's photograph as a prize.

Joestar Group World Tour
ジョースター一行ワールドツアー Jōsutā Ikkō Wārudo Tsuā
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A Sugoroku-style attraction that takes you on a journey as the Joestar Group from Japan to Egypt, where DIO is located. Using a touch screen monitor, you battle enemy Stand users waiting at each square through minigames and quizzes, aiming for the final destination, DIO's mansion. A roulette decides how many squares you can advance. The ending changes depending on the results of the Stand battles and roulette.

There is a single player mode, a two-player mode, and you can confront all 26 of DIO's Stand user agents. It costs 880¥ to play the game. The estimated time required for it is 15 minutes, though the time differs depending on whether you are playing by yourself or with someone else.

  • All participants will receive an A2 size tarot card in the end, which displays 22 tarot cards. They can be cut out to become individual cards.
  • The prize for defeating DIO is a photograph that the Joestar group took when they reached Egypt, titled The Joestar Group's Memories.



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