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Luck & Pluck (幸運と勇気の剣 Rakku to Purakku no ken) is a medieval European knightly sword belonging to Jonathan Joestar, featured in the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Phantom Blood.

The sword originally belonged to the dark knight Bruford, under the name Luck (Luck(ラツク) (幸運を(こううん))). After Bruford is defeated by Jonathan and feels at peace, he renames the sword and gives it to Jonathan, who uses it against Dio Brando.


Luck & Pluck has a silver blade with a golden hilt. On the middle of the hilt is a small gem, colored red in the anime. Its pommel also has a gem in the center, colored purple in the anime. The sword's rain-guard has a unique design with its edges on the front and back stretched outward, pointed toward the hilt.

Inscribed on its hilt is "LUCK". However, when Bruford gives Jonathan the sword, it is inscribed as "PLUCK", with the "P" written in Bruford's blood.

The sword's sheath has two gems embedded into it as well.


Jonathan receives Bruford's parting gift

Luck belonged to Bruford ever since he was a knight working for Mary Stuart in the 16th century. Along with his sword and his hair powers, Bruford was capable of overcoming the 77 Rings challenge. Bruford continues using the sword in his fight against Elizabeth I's army and has it by his side during his execution.[1]

After being revived as a zombie by Dio Brando, Bruford uses Luck against Jonathan Joestar. Jonathan eventually transfers his Ripple through the sword using Metal Silver Overdrive, burning off Bruford's arm. Bruford feels at peace after his battle with Jonathan and offers his sword to his new friend. Before dying, Bruford uses his blood to imprint a "P" beside the "LUCK" engraved on the sword's hilt, changing the word to "PLUCK".[2] Jonathan and Speedwagon go back to retrieve the sword after Jonathan defeats Tarkus, and Speedwagon carries it with him.

Luck & Pluck destroyed

During Jonathan's battle against Dio in Dio's castle, Speedwagon tosses the sword to Jonathan. After seeing how Dire harmed Dio with a Ripple-infused rose, Jonathan imbues the sword with the Ripple and slices Dio's arm off. Jonathan then goes even further and cuts Dio vertically in half. However, Jonathan's hands and the sword both freeze from Dio's powers before Jonathan could slice all the way.[3]

Before Dio could drink Jonathan's blood, the flames behind Dio start melting the ice on the tip of Luck & Pluck's blade. Dio quickly notices and snaps the sword in half with his hand.[4]

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  • "Pluck" (勇気) refers to spirited and determined courage.
  • The themes of luck and pluck were commonly used in old novels and short stories from the late 1800s, such as the Luck and Pluck series by Horatio Alger in the 1870s.
    • "Luck & Pluck" refers to the difference between the people who effortlessly obtain what they want through good fortune or illegitimate means (Luck) and the people who have to make their way in life through hard efforts (Pluck).


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