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Life... arise... Be born, a new existence.
—Giorno Giovanna, Chapter 442: Gold Experience, Part 3

Gold Experience (ゴールド・エクスペリエンス (黄金体験), Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu) is the Stand of Giorno Giovanna, featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

It is a short-range power-type Stand with the ability to create life from inanimate material.


Gold Experience Appearence.png

Gold Experience is a humanoid Stand that mirrors the slim physique and average height of its user, Giorno. There are curved carvings engraved on the top of its head, which resembles a combat helmet as well as the body of a jewel scarab beetle. It notably has a large arch in the center with five lines emerging from it, segmenting the head into six symmetrical divisions, with the two lines going to the top corners of the arch each having a golden spiral pattern.

Lacking pupils and irises to look more mysterious,[4] its eyes are segmented by lines. Below its eyes, there are curved markings similar to the letter "J" extending down to beside its lips. It has grooves covering its chest, forearms and legs. Gold Experience bears stylized, small wings on its shoulders and large ladybugs on each side of its chest, waist, hands, and feet, paralleling the ladybug emblems present on Giorno's design. It wears a loincloth covering its back with slings attached to the front, similar to the suspenders on DIO's pants. It also wears elbow braces and knee pads.

Gold Experience's design is based on scarab beetles, which were a symbol of creation in ancient Egypt, and on ladybugs, symbolizing regeneration, with its angel wings as a symbol of peace.[5] Its helmet, according to Araki, could represent a flower waiting to bloom.[6]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Green ladybugs, light gray wings and slings)
Body(Light Gold)
(Purple ladybugs, light gray wings and slings, maroon pad straps)
Body(Light Gold)
(Golden-orange ladybugs and slings, light gold wings)
Accessories(Green ladybugs, white wings and slings)
Eyes(Light Green)
(Yellow-green ladybugs, white wings and slings)


Gold Experience doesn't express itself much, usually seen with a stern expression on its face. It follows its user's commands without manifesting any will. Its Stand Cry is "Muda Muda Muda~!", like DIO and his Stand, The World.


Gold Experience is a close-range Stand, with a range of 2 meters from its user. Relative to other similar Stands such as Star Platinum or Crazy Diamond, Gold Experience is not particularly strong. Despite this, it is rather fast and capable of easily destroying vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Gold Experience does, however, possess a very versatile power.

Life Giver

Gold Experience can endow anything its fists touch with life, which translates into a variety of different effects.

Gold experience.gif

This ability's most featured use is converting inorganic objects into living organisms, be it a small animal or a plant. For instance, Gold Experience can transform a piece of luggage into a frog[7] or a lighter into a rose.[8] The life forms can persist for a long time and even a significant distance from Giorno. It can also freely cancel this effect and return an object to its original inorganic state.

The speed of the transformation varies wildly, depending on the desired form: an object morphing into a plant is always shown to be fast, but animals generally take more time. Thus, transforming parts of a helicopter into a tree is nearly instantaneous and violent enough that the branches can burst through metal,[9] but transforming a rubber lifesaver into a fish takes a noticeable amount of time.[10] Giorno has also instantaneously transformed drops of his blood into a swarm of ants,[11] suggesting that the transformation time is proportional to the complexity of the life form he creates.

Giorno frequently produces small life forms (frogs, snakes, flies) and plants of which he has no control. Thus, when he creates an animal, he has to guess what the animal is likely to do in order to take advantage of it. Since the animals do not always act the way he predicts, like when a snake accidentally burns itself on a lighter, using them can prove detrimental.[12] Notably, however, life forms created from parts of a whole, such as someone’s tooth or debris from a statue, will naturally make their way back to whatever it came from, such as when Giorno transformed Narancia’s shoe into a fly so that he could be tracked.[13] If the environment is absolutely unsuitable for life, such as when White Album decreased the temperature of the environment to around -100 °C, then Giorno cannot transform objects into life forms.

The transformation was originally portrayed similarly to a fetus growing into an organism,[7] but was eventually finalized as an object molding into Giorno's desired life form.

Damage Reflection

Ge fly hit.gif

When any of the created life forms are attacked, the damage is reflected back at the attacker, including Stand abilities. For instance, Luca had tried to smash a frog with his shovel only for his head to be bashed instead.[7]

Specific Uses

HealingLink to this section
Ge antiheadshot.gif
Inspired by Baby Face's ability to transform body parts into inert cubes, Giorno discovered that he could do the reverse and create singular body parts and organs out of inorganic matter. Thus he is able to heal gruesome wounds through various means. Notably, he is able to transform bullets to replace the very flesh they pierced[14] and grow an entire hand from one of his brooches.[15] The process of replacing lost organs and flesh with created ones is very painful for the recipient, as demonstrated by Mista when Giorno heals his bullet wounds.

CloningLink to this section
Ge tmnt.gif
Gold Experience was shown to clone Coco Jumbo by putting some of its cells on Giorno's brooch, replicating the turtle and its Stand ability.[16]

Life Shot

Gold Experience's ability can also be applied to living individuals. This mainly causes two effects:

Enhanced Sensory AccelerationLink to this section
Ge life shot.gif
When Gold Experience strikes someone, it may greatly accelerate their senses and thought processes. When Bruno Bucciarati was hit by one of Gold Experience's punches, his consciousness accelerated to such a point that he perceived everything else to move slowly. However, his body did not follow the sudden surge of speed and could hardly move, and Bucciarati had an out-of-body experience as his consciousness separated itself. While it heightens the senses of its victims as well, it also means that the then-defenseless body will feel a much more acute and intense sense of pain over a much longer period of time when injury is taken; a punch to the face from Gold Experience that lasted a brief instant was perceived by Bucciarati as lasting much longer, even long enough for him to think full sentences and internally describe the sensation of pain as he's being punched.[17]
Enhanced SenescenceLink to this section
Ge tree age.gif
Gold Experience can speed up an already-existing life form's life through its ability, for instance making a plant grow faster and even wither in an instant.[18]

Life Sensor

Ge bad touch.gif

Thanks to Gold Experience's mastery over life, Giorno can sense life itself. Giorno himself claims that life energy to him exists in "clusters". When he touches someone or something, he can sense other life forms from within, allowing him to check if someone is alive or even determine how many souls there may be inside a given vessel.[11] He also planned to track Diavolo by planting a brooch given life on the latter to sense it from afar and stalk the Boss.[19] Giorno also applied this ability by touching the plane that Team Bucciarati planned on flying to Sardinia in, making sure that nobody was inside before any of them boarded.

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Video Games

Puzzle & Dragons (Android/iOS)

Gold Experience was obtainable for a limited time as an Assist Evolution in the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons.

PAD Gold Experience Assist.png
Gold Experience
Attributes: LightIcon2.png
Rarity: 8★ (Assist Evolution)
No. 9560
5,056 (Lvl.99)
4,417 (Lvl.99)
934 (Lvl.99)
Active Skill: "Infuse life."
Other allies' skills charged by 2 turns; 2x ATK for Light Att. and 2x RCV & Orb move time for 3 turns
Leader Skill: "N/A"



  • Taking into account Stands up to Vento Aureo, Araki lists Gold Experience as his favorite in terms of design.[4]
  • Gold Experience's stats were slightly boosted in JOJOVELLER, with its E in Range being upgraded to a C. This change is also reflected in the TV anime adaptation.


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