Stone Ocean - Chapter 63

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The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 4 (看守ウエストウッドの秘密 その④, Kanshu Uesutouddo no Himitsu Sono 4), originally It's Coming! (来るッ!, Kuru!) in the WSJ release, is the sixty-third chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred fifty-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne cautiously stands back, gripping her arm to stop the bleeding. She knows Westwood is a Stand user, but not how he attacked her. Jolyne uses her strings to sew up her wound. Westwood charges, but she avoids his attacks and kicks him in the face, Westwood's Stand briefly appearing on impact. Westwood once again charges at her.

She uses her string to force him to punch his other arm, and then ties his arms up. She then uses his jacket to cover him up and punches him in the face; she tries to pummel the guard with her fists, but a part of her upper leg gets blown off. During the shock, Westwood gets behind her and puts her in a choke hold. While in the hold, Jolyne looks up to see holes in the ceiling. She stares at the ceiling in fear, now understanding how Westwood attacks.


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