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A lost life can never be regained... but if you wish... If you want it badly enough... you'll be able to preserve her memory. Her heart and soul... That is your ability.
DIO, SO Chapter 129: Heavy Weather, Part 5

A DISC (DISC(ディスク) Disuku) is an item conjured and manipulated by Enrico Pucci's Stand, Whitesnake.


The DISCs are similar in appearance to compact discs but have the word "DISC" engraved on them in capital letters. A Stand can be seen inside the Stand DISCs while memories can be glanced at in Memory DISCs, although a full examination requires the insertion of the DISC.

Despite their appearance, the DISCs feel rubbery and elastic,[1] instead of plastic, making them impervious to physical damage. The DISCs are perennial, existing even long after Whitesnake ceases to exist, and are indestructible unless inserted into a dying person, causing the inserted DISC to slowly crumble.

Unlike Stands, an ordinary person can see the DISCs.[2]


There are two main types of DISCs:

Stand DISC(スタンドのDISC(ディスク) Sutando no Disuku)Link to this section
DISC property 2.gif
These DISCs contain the Stand of the person in question. A person with their Stand DISC taken from them will collapse into a near-death state. Stand DISCs can be inserted into compatible users, even enabling some such as Emporio to temporarily bypass the one-Stand rule.[3] A Stand DISC may reject an incompatible host (such as Star Platinum's did Jolyne),[4] so Pucci will typically seek out people whose personalities align with the Stand's abilities, such as the suicidal Thunder McQueen being granted Highway to Hell.
Memory DISC(記憶DISC(ディスク) Kioku Disuku)Link to this section
DISC property 1.gif
These DISCs contain the memories of the person in question. Depending on Pucci's wishes, a Memory DISC can either store the entirety of someone's memory or individual memories. These DISCs are mainly used to store information and abilities for later use and can be consulted or used by putting the disc inside someone's head.

Pucci is able to create other types of DISCs. By inserting DISCs, Pucci can command people to follow his bidding. For instance, he can brainwash a guard into thinking he's been ordered to kill Jolyne Cujoh without him dwelling much on why or how he's found himself in her proximity.[5] The orders can be quite extraordinary and even physically impossible. For instance, Pucci has been able to command a frog to explode at a preset distance from him.[6] Some DISCs containing a person's sense, like sight, can be extracted.[7]

List of DISCs

Jotaro Kujo's Memory DISCLink to this section


Jotaro Kujo DISC Anime.png

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 18: The Visitor, Part 8
Anime Debut: SO Episode 5: Prisoner of Love
This DISC was critical for Enrico Pucci's plans, as it contained the exhaustive memories of Jotaro Kujo, most notably his memories of DIO's Diary. Although he successfully learns of DIO's plan, the DISC is reclaimed by Jolyne after their confrontation. It is eventually given to a Speedwagon Foundation agent before the group heads to Cape Canaveral.[8]

Star Platinum's Stand DISCLink to this section


Star Platinum DISC Anime.png

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 18: The Visitor, Part 8
Anime Debut: SO Episode 5: Prisoner of Love
After this DISC was recovered by Jolyne, Pucci sent Lang Rangler after her. With the aid of Weather Report, Jolyne made it to the courtyard but was chased down by Whitesnake. Weather helped Jolyne escape and give the DISC to Savage Garden, a Speedwagon Foundation carrier pigeon, allowing Jotaro to regain his physical strength and conscious.

Thunder McQueen's Memory DISCLink to this section


Thunder McQueen Memory DISC Anime.png

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 22: Ermes's Sticker, Part 2
Anime Debut: SO Episode 6: Ermes's Sticker
Extracted from Thunder McQueen when he was defeated, Jolyne and Ermes examined the memories inside and discovered Whitesnake's hidden stash of Stand DISCs.

Enrico Pucci's Stand CollectionLink to this section


Pucci Tractor Tire DISCs Anime.png

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 26: There's Six of Us!, Part 1
Anime Debut: SO Episode 7: There's Six of Us!
Enrico Pucci's collection of Stand DISCs which he collected for years. It was originally guarded by Foo Fighters.

Foo Fighters's Stand DISCLink to this section


Foo Fighters Stand DISCs Anime.png

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 30: There's Six of Us!, Part 5
Anime Debut: SO Episode 8: Foo Fighters
Pucci tossed this DISC into the sea, where a colony of plankton assimilated it to become the guardian for Pucci's reserve of Stand DISCs. The colony of plankton, dubbed Foo Fighters, would later become a core ally of Jolyne Cujoh.

Miraschon's DISCsLink to this section


Miraschon DISCs Anime.png

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 34: Marilyn Manson, the Debt Collector, Part 1
Anime Debut: SO Episode 9: Marilyn Manson, the Debt Collector
Two DISCs that Enrico Pucci embeds within Miraschon. One of them is likely a Stand DISC that contains the Stand Marilyn Manson.

Limp Bizkit's Stand DISCLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 57: Kiss of Love and Revenge, Part 7
A Stand DISC containing Limp Bizkit. While Ermes Costello is pummeling Sports Maxx to death, this DISC ejects itself out of his head, causing Sports Maxx to cease from existence.

Sports Maxx's Memory DISCLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 58: Ultra Security House Unit
Extracted from Sports Maxx when he was killed, Jolyne and the Foo Fighters used it to discover the existence of DIO's Bone.

Rikiel's DISCLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 112: Sky High, Part 1
A DISC embedded within Rikiel. Enrico Pucci briefly pulls it out of Rikiel's head to tell him of his lineage and his ability to control rods.

Weather Report's Memory DISCLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 124: Under World, Part 6
Pucci kept this DISC close to him as he extracted the memories of his brother, Wes Bluemarine, to seal off the dangerous ability Heavy Weather. The DISC is stolen from Pucci and returned to Weather Report by Donatello Versus.

Perla Pucci's Memory DISCLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 129: Heavy Weather, Part 5
The first DISC ever extracted by Whitesnake, from Perla Pucci after her death. Since then, Enrico keeps this DISC with him.

Enrico Pucci's Sight DISCsLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 134: Heavy Weather, Part 10
Pucci extracted his own ability to see, in the form of two DISCs, to become immune to Heavy Weather's sight-based transformation ability. Notably, each one is much smaller than any other DISC, likely due to containing less information.

Under World's Stand DISCLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 137: Heavy Weather, Part 13
A Stand DISC containing Under World. It is ejected from Donatello Versus's head upon his death at the hands of Diver Down.

Weather Report's Stand DISCLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 137: Heavy Weather, Part 13
When he died, Weather Report used Pucci to extract his own Stand as a last gift to his companions. It proved critical in Pucci's demise when Emporio used it to gain the Stand Weather Report's abilities.


Bad Romance's Stand DISCLink to this section
At some point, during her time in prison, Fujiko Fujiyama was given a Stand DISC that granted her the ability Bad Romance. However, later on, Enrico Pucci becomes angered at Fujiko for drawing religious art of Jolyne, and decides to take away her ability.

Video Games

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle

The Stand DISCs appear in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle as part of one of Pucci's skills and his HHA. During those special moves, Whitesnake steals a DISC from the opponent, disabling their special and Style-related abilities until Pucci takes damage. The characters who don't have Stands are not able to use their respective abilities, such as Jonathan's Ripple or Johnny's Slow Dancer.



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