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This is the dream world I've created. I'll have you all sleep for eternity!

Tangerine Dream (タンジェリン・ドリーム, Tanjerin Dorīmu) is the Stand of Moschino, featured in Escape From JoJo's Bizarre Nightmare. It allows Moschino to trap others within a prison inside a dream world.


Tangerine Dream distorts reality around its targets, appearing warped and twisted.


Dream World Prison

Tangerine Dream allows Moschino to trap his targets in a prison within a dream world that it creates. Those who are dragged into the prison cannot escape unless they find the "key to awakening" within the prison.[1]



  • Tangerine Dream's ability was inspired by the film A Nightmare on Elm Street, where Freddy Krueger murders people in a dream world and the characters share the same dream.[2]


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