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"Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 7 (『グリーン・ディ』と『オアシス』 その⑦, "Gurīn Di" to "Oashisu" Sono 7), originally The Result of Curiosity! (好奇心の成果!, Kōkishin no Seika!) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred twenty-first chapter of Vento Aureo and the five hundred sixtieth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Giorno urges Mista to call back Sex Pistols, but Nos.6 and 7 are destroyed as well. This injures Mista severely, taking him down, but not killing him as N.5 stayed behind. Giorno doesn't see Bucciarati anymore, and says he should have gone in first. While Mista gives one bullet for N.5 to use and help Giorno, the young gangster carefully approaches; transforming part of the helicopter into a tree thick enough to any grown man to be surely impaled, yet there is no response.

The helicopter is blocked, so Giorno climbs on the tree and peeks into the helicopter from its front windows. He sees medical instruments, also looking at the disaster Green Day is bringing to Rome. N.1 emerges, injured, and Cioccolata attacks Giorno from above him, using the Pistols as a distraction. Gold Experience punches Cioccolata, with the latter reduced to a chest and right arm, to Giorno's shock.

Giorno barges into the helicopter only for Cioccolata's left arm to emerge, controlled with Green Day's mold, and dig the fist into Giorno's chest. The surgeon explains that his experience in torturing people has taught him the best way to cut off someone without letting him die. His size being significantly reduced, Cioccolata could hide in narrow places.





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