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Under World, Part 4 (アンダー・ワールド その④ Andā Wārudo Sono 4), originally I Want It~~ (ほしいなぁ~~ Hoshii nā~~) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred twenty-second chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred sixteenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Donatello Versus' past is revealed: at age 13, Versus decided to run away from his step-family. As he was looking for a place to sleep, a pair of shoes fell from the sky, which he took. However, the shoes were intended to be donated to charity, and the judge believed that Versus was stealing from the poor, sending him to a juvenile detention facility. Mistreated by the staff, Versus became bitter and hateful, and lived a secluded life when he was released, until meeting Pucci awakened his Stand.

Resenting that Pucci is using him, Versus creates a memory of Pucci and steals Weather's memory disc from him, hoping to find it a use.

In the fighter plane, Jolyne frantically calls Emporio and tries to explain her situation, much to his confusion. However, Emporio manages to understand the mechanisms of Under World and advises Jolyne to crash into the passenger plane, saving her from a crash since the fighter can only explode when it hits the ground. Moreover, Emporio uses his computer to look for the seats of the crash's two survivors, helping Jolyne and Ermes further.


Versus's Family
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Judge in Versus's Trial
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Juvenile Detention Inmate
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Dio Brando
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Weather Report
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