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This is a list of minor items appearing in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

The items featured in this list do not have enough information to justify an article, mainly due to lack of relevance, but are still notable.
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Part 6: Stone Ocean

Emporio's Mother's BoneLink to this section
EmporioMothersBone Anime.png
Manga Debut: Stone Ocean Chapter 11: The Visitor, Part 1
Anime Debut: Stone Ocean Episode 3: The Visitor, Part 1
A bone given to Jolyne by Emporio. He tells her to hold onto the bone; by gripping it tightly, she wakes up from a hallucination caused by Whitesnake. Jotaro says it is the sacrum from an adult female human's pelvis. It appears to have been melted by an acid. Emporio later informs her the bone belonged to his late mother, who was killed by Whitesnake (hence the acid-melted appearance).
Emporio's GunLink to this section
Emporio's Revolver Anime.png
A ghost gun Emporio uses sometimes, first by shooting at cockroaches in his ghost room. Emporio explains it is unable to cause harm, only cause noise. Its bullets can be affected by Kiss, as Emporio uses it in conjunction with Kiss during the battle against Made in Heaven.
Like a VirginLink to this section
Like a Virgin explosive bracelets.png
Like a Virgin Handcuff Anime.PNG
Manga Debut: Stone Ocean Chapter 26: There's Six of Us!, Part 1
Anime Debut: Stone Ocean Episode 7: There's Six of Us!
Namesake: Like a Virgin (Madonna song)
Special bracelets emblazoned with the "GD" of Green Dolphin Street Prison. The Like a Virgin (ライク・ア・ヴァージン, Raiku A Vājin) bracelets are special devices attached to the wrists of prisoners going to work on the farms of the prison. Also known as "invisible walls", the bracelets explode if a prisoner strays further than 50 m (160 ft) away from the guard wearing the main bracelet, a violent shock is applied, or if the prisoner tries to take them off. Only the main computer of the prison can unlock them. When the bracelets detect an impact, an alarm will ring from inside of them, alerting the prisoner. During their investigation of the farm and fight against Foo Fighters, Jolyne and Ermes are stuck with these on their wrists, making their battle more difficult.
Foo Fighter's LARG CupLink to this section
Foo Cup (Chapter 34).png
God I wish I were that cup.png

A cup of water belonging to Foo Fighters, with the word "LARG" written on it. While its owner is occupied with playing catch with a baseball, an inmate tries to drink from it, but is stopped by plankton. Later on, Miraschon sat next to it to provoke and distract F.F. from the baseball game she was playing.

Emporio's ComputerLink to this section
Manga Debut: Stone Ocean Chapter 98: Jail House Lock!, Part 3
Anime Debut: Stone Ocean Episode 23: Jail House Lock!
A ghost computer Emporio uses sometimes and brings with him when he escapes the Green Dolphin Street prison. It proved instrumental in defeating Miu Miu when Emporio faxed an image in binary of the chief warden to Jolyne, enabling her to identify Miu Miu with only two memories. It was also crucial in fighting Donatello Versus when Emporio used it to make research on a plane crash in whose memory Jolyne and Ermes were trapped, enabling them to find a way to escape death.
Ichiro's Baseball CleatsLink to this section
Ichiro Shoes.jpg
Ichiro Shoes Anime.png
Manga Debut: Stone Ocean Chapter 122: Under World, Part 4
Anime Debut: Stone Ocean Episode 29: Under World
A pair of baseball cleats signed by Ichiro. These shoes were donated by Ichiro to a facility for disabled children in 2002 or 2003 as a commemorative gift for his record-breaking performance. If sold to collectors, they'd be worth as much as 10,000 dollars. They were stolen by a thief but were thrown off a building accidentally onto a young Donatello Versus. They were too large for Donatello but he liked how good they smelled and the clacking noises they made when he walked with them, so he kept them. Donatello was eventually arrested as a suspect for stealing them. He was deemed guilty for stealing the shoes and sent to a detention center. Four months later, the actual thief confessed to stealing the shoes.

The anime changed the size of the shoes from 28 cm to 28.5 cm.

Anasui's RingLink to this section
Anasui ring.png
Anasui ring anime.png
Manga Debut: Stone Ocean Chapter 138: At Cape Canaveral
Anime Debut: Stone Ocean Episode 33: Gravity of the New Moon
A jeweled ring Narciso Anasui has bought in prison so that he could give it to Jolyne and ask her hand in marriage. As Jolyne naps on his shoulder, Anasui tries to slip the ring into her finger. Fortunately, Jolyne is suddenly woken up by Ermes and she tosses the ring at an alligator without thinking.


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