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Yasuho-chan, [...] it looks like we ran into each other at a good time... Seems that's always the way with us...

Tooru (透龍(とおる) Tōru) is a side-character featured in the 8th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJolion, and introduced in the Doctor Wu and Awaking 3 Leaves story arc.

He is Yasuho Hirose's ex-boyfriend from high school and a part-time worker at TG University Hospital.


Tooru appears to be a slim man on the shorter side, being just slightly taller than Yasuho. He has curly hair styled in an afro on his head, with two white swirls on either side. He has thick eyebrows which he constantly throws up to show cluelessness or general happiness (usually around Yasuho).

He wears a dark vest over a sweatshirt that ends halfway down his torso, leaving his lower abdomen exposed. On the right breast of the vest, there's a symbol for the letter "S" with a sun surrounding it. A similar yet smaller "S" can be located on the crotch area of his pants. On either shoulder of his sweatshirt are two teddy bears. His pants have a floral pattern on them, showing what appear to be grape vines and leaves.


Tooru appears as an amiable teen who longs to rekindle his relationship with Yasuho. Having already been her boyfriend, Tooru is not only friendly but also flirty with her. For instance, he doesn't hesitate to touch her in intimate manners and isn't disturbed that Yasuho openly rejects his advances, being sure that she has feelings for him. He occasionally teases her too, openly reminding her of their experiences together. His love for Yasuho then pushes him to openly tell her he wants to go back with her.

Otherwise, Tooru is cordial to those around him, even to Josuke who is suspicious about him. He also acts on his own initiative to save a child from choking, alluding to a heroic side.



Tooru is a citizen of Morioh. During his high school years, Tooru dated Yasuho and the two seem to have been very close. One year before the events of JoJolion, he broke up with her.

He then became a part-time worker at TG University Hospital at an undisclosed date.

The University Hospital

He teases Yasuho about their previous relationship, but otherwise, the two are on good terms, as he is shown following through his promise to relay her message through to Josuke.

Afterwards, Tooru repeatedly crosses paths with her as Yasuho follows Josuke and Rai across the hospital. Each time, he flirts with Yasuho and tries to remind her of their time together. Ultimately, he calls Yasuho and leaves a message declaring his love for her and saying he wants to get together with her again. When Josuke gets into trouble after being accused of murdering a patient who died near him, Tooru reassures Yasuho as he promises to testify in favor of Josuke.

Dangerous Pursuit

Tooru later meets Yasuho by the doorsteps of her house. After a long speech, Tooru asks her again to get back together but Yasuho is distracted by her investigations. Tooru offers his help and shows Yasuho a photograph of Satoru Akefu. Having seen the doctor's face as well as confirming a link between Mitsuba and the head doctor, Yasuho decides to go to the Higashikata House, with Tooru as her driver.



When you see the elevator's dirty, you pee yourself in there or something? Ya know you used to get pretty soaking wet from my fingers back in the day.
—Tooru to Yasuho, JJL Chapter 81: Doctor Wu and Awaking 3 Leaves, Part 3
These hands of yours... they're really always from above, Yasuho... whenever I reach my hand out to you, you always instinctively put your hand on top of mine without saying a thing...
—Tooru, JJL Chapter 83: The New Locacaca
Looks like we ran into each other at a good time. Seems like that's always the way with us...
To the direction of the Perseus constellation... to the relationship we had back when the moon and mercury were lined up... we were... happy.



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