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JoJolion - Volume 24

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Just Don't Move (動かないしかない Ugokanai Shikanai, lit. Nothing But Not Moving) is the twenty-fourth volume of JoJolion and the one-hundred twenty-eighth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers more of The Wonder of You (Your Miraculous Love) story arc.


The existence of the New Locacaca pot is revealed in the Higashikata residence. However, Norisuke tries reaching out to Yasuho, who is in a difficult situation... Has Jobin chosen the correct path to lead the Higashikata family to victory?! And the fate of Josuke's "pursuing strategy" is...!


Author's Note

An acquaintance of mine recently had a baby and that had me thinking. Being born in the year 2020, that child would be 80 years old by 2100 A.D! Wow! That's the 22nd century! That goes beyond all the sci-fi books I read when I was a kid. And that child will get to see it with their own eyes. But that does make me wonder what kind of world that would be? If we make a prediction based on the current climate, I have this strong feeling the world will be a very scary place. That said, what if we discover a new technology like the "New Locacaca"? Or better yet, some type of organism superior to human beings. You know, something like a "Rock Human"?

Volume Differences

Volume Differences

V128 change 001 mag.png

V128 change 001 vol.png

Replaced box of tissues with picture frame.

V128 change 002 mag.png

V128 change 002 vol.png

JJL Chapter 95 (Page 17)
Replaced box of tissues with picture frame.

V128 change 003 mag.png

V128 change 003 vol.png

JJL Chapter 95 (Page 21)
Changed Jobin to be faded out.

V128 change 004 mag.png

V128 change 004 vol.png

JJL Chapter 95 (Page 34)
Added speedlines.

V128 change 005 mag.png

V128 change 005 vol.png

JJL Chapter 96 (Page 15)
Added speedlines.

V128 change 006 mag.png

V128 change 006 vol.png

JJL Chapter 96 (Page 16)
Added speedlines.

V128 change 007 mag.png

V128 change 007 vol.png

JJL Chapter 96 (Page 17)
Darkened the prisoner.

V128 change 008 mag.png

V128 change 008 vol.png

Darkened the floor.

V128 change 009 mag.png

V128 change 009 vol.png

JJL Chapter 97 (Page 15)
Darkened Jobin.

V128 change 010 mag.png

V128 change 010 vol.png

JJL Chapter 97 (Page 19)
Darkened Jobin.

V128 change 011 mag.png

V128 change 011 vol.png

Added white ink splatter on Akefu. Removed some of the scarf's outline in the bottom middle panel.

V128 change 012 mag.png

V128 change 012 vol.png

Added speedlines on Mamezuku.

V128 change 013 mag.png

V128 change 013 vol.png

Added white ink splatter on Akefu in the top panel and speedlines in the bottom panels.

V128 change 014 mag.png

V128 change 014 vol.png

JJL Chapter 98 (Page 16)
Enlarged middle speech bubble and added the dialogue from the bubble below it. Bubble below now says "That's the Stand of this enemy (それがこの敵のスタンドだ Sore ga kono teki no Sutando da)".

V128 change 015 mag.png

V128 change 015 vol.png

JJL Chapter 98 (Page 18)
Changed Mamezuku's face.

V128 change 016 mag.png

V128 change 016 vol.png

JJL Chapter 98 (Page 19)
Added white ink splatter on Wonder of U and lightened the sun symbols on its suit.

V128 change 017 mag.png

V128 change 017 vol.png

JJL Chapter 98 (Page 22)
Changed Wonder of U's dialogue from "..." to "...Hm! (…ム!)"




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