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Anubis, Part 6 (「アヌビス神」 その⑥, 'Anubisu-shin' Sono 6), originally A Push Away from Murder (押し込めば死, Oshikomeba Shi) in the WSJ release, is the eighty-fifth chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the one hundred ninety-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Under Anubis's control, Silver Chariot inserts its blade further into Jotaro's abdomen. Star Platinum grabs the blade, but Anubis has already memorized Star Platinum's strength making the Stand's efforts fruitless. Jotaro warns Anubis to stop, but Anubis confidently inserts his blade further. However, by using his body as leverage, Jotaro is able to shatter the blade with Star Platinum. Star Platinum punches the sword to bits, shattering even the hilt. Now free from possession, Polnareff collapses along with Jotaro who is exhausted after the intense fight. When Polnareff awakens, Jotaro tells him to get Joseph and Avdol as he believes the battle is over, however he has neglected the other half of Anubis's blade that Star Platinum had broken off earlier in the fight. The blade lays in the middle of the street until a curious child passes by. The boy is instantly possessed once he touches the blade. Anubis recalls the death of its user and being found by DIO unable to face off against the overwhelming might of The World. Anubis forces the kid to throw the blade at Jotaro, but Iggy appears and dives for the candy the kid had dropped. The boy trips over Iggy mid-swing causing the blade to go flying past Jotaro and straight towards the Nile river. A wall stands between Anubis and the river which would stop him from going in, but Anubis in his panic accidentally phases through the wall and continues his flight. But before the Stand reaches the river a boat floats by giving Anubis one last chance at escape. However, the blade strikes a cow on the boat, causing the cow to panic and destroy the boat. Anubis sinks to the bottom of the Nile, unable to move or even drown. The Stand is forced to sit and rust at the bottom of the river until the end of days.


Jean Pierre Polnareff
(Possessed by Anubis)
Dio Brando
(Mentioned only)
Young Anubis Wielder
(1st appearance) (Possessed by Anubis)
Caravan Serai (Stardust Crusaders)
(1st mentioned)
The World
(Mentioned only)

Author's Comment

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Drawing scenery from foreign countries really makes me wanna visit them. I want more time!



  • The World is referred to as World 21 (世界21, Sekai 21) by Anubis when he describes DIO's overwhelming power.


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