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DIO's World, Part 12 (DIO(ディオ)の世界 その⑫, DIO no Sekai Sono 12), originally Dozens of Knives! (何十本ものナイフ!, Nanjūhon Mono Naifu!) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred forty-fifth chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the two hundred fifty-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


By luring DIO into a false sense of security, Jotaro was able to punch a hole in his chest during the frozen time. DIO is knocked back into a store, his leg severed by broken glass. DIO commands a saleswoman to retrieve his leg and sucks her blood to heal his wounds. Jotaro approaches the store realizing that he must destroy DIO's skull if he wants to deal any real damage. DIO stops time and reappears on a street sign. Jotaro's eyes follow him through the frozen time. DIO asks Jotaro how long he can move within the stillness. In truth, Jotaro can only move for a brief moment, but he keeps this a secret in hopes of bluffing DIO. DIO comes up with a way to determine the length of time Jotaro can move and reveals his knives. Jotaro tries to escape, but DIO stops time. He throws the knives at Jotaro, suspended in the frozen time. Jotaro tries to punch away the knives with Star Platinum, but there are too many and his single second of movement runs out. Time resumes. Star Platinum is able to deflect most of the knives, but a few pierce Jotaro's chest.


Enya the Hag
Marble Store Clerk
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Noriaki Kakyoin
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Joseph Joestar
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