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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ファントムブラッド JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Fantomu Buraddo) is an action-adventure video game adaptation of Phantom Blood released for the PlayStation 2 by developer Anchor Inc. and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment on October 26, 2006.

This is the second game for the PS2 that is based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It was released to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the series.


Phantom Blood is a 3D beat'em up action game. Like GioGio's Bizarre Adventure, the gameplay takes place in the form of hand-to-hand battle in an arena the characters cannot leave, although unlike in GioGio multiple enemies can attack at once. The game is divided into chapters, in which the playable characters change for each chapter as the story progresses. After a fight, the game provides the player with a letter rank (S, A, B, C, D or E) based on a score of six categories: Time Taken, Health Remaining, Maximum Beat (Combo), Number of Times Downed, Posing and Enemies Defeated. Depending on the fight, the number of categories graded can range from three to six.

Stamina Meter and Poses

Characters capable of utilizing the Ripple show a Stamina Meter below their health meter. The Stamina Meter shows how much Ripple energy the character can use, and is depleted by performing Ripple moves (PS Triangle.png by default) or charged attacks (PS R1.png by default). Performing a counter by dodging while taking damage (PS Circle.png by default) also uses up the Stamina Meter. To refill the Stamina Meter, the player must remain still while performing a pose (PS Cross.png by default). Poses can also be used in the middle of combos to temporarily increase one of four different stats depending on where in the combo the pose is used: health recovery speed, defensive ability, attack power, and movement speed.


Above the character's health is a Heat Gauge, which fills up when damage is inflicted on enemies and lowers when the player takes damage. When the Heat Gauge is full, the words Heat MAX begin flashing inside of it, indicating that the player is able to use an Overdrive move (PS R2.png by default). If the initial charge attack connects, the screen will change to a cinematic of the character preparing to attack over a multi-colored background. At a certain point, an empty bar will appear at the bottom of the screen; filling this bar by quickly rotating the right analog stick will cause the character to perform a barrage of attacks on the opponent, during which the player can tap the PS Square.png button to deal more damage. If the player doesn't fill up the bar, a less powerful attack will be delivered and inflict less damage. Only Ripple users and Speedwagon (Hammer) are able to use the Overdrive technique.

Game Modes

Story Mode

The story mode follows the manga history, step-by-step. The game is heavily composed of cutscenes faithfully re-creating the manga storyline through dialogue in static comic book cinematics, as well as fully 3D rendered cutscenes for key events. The cutscenes take up to 70% of the expected time to finish the game.

It's possible to win fights that the main character lost in the original storyline. If the player wins against the bullies or Dio in the boxing match, the following cutscene will be different. Losing these battles don't affect the gameplay in any way, prompting the player to normally continue story mode. If the player wants to retry a chapter, they can do so without needing to go through Story Mode again. By selecting Chapter Mode on the main menu, the player can freely play any previously beaten chapter.


Museum provides access to Profile Mode, which provides descriptions of almost every character seen in the game, and Theater Mode, which allows the player to view all of the cutscenes seen in Story Mode. In addition, there are three sections that need to be unlocked:

  • Extra Battle Mode: Play original scenarios that are not seen in the original story. This mode is unlocked by clearing Story Mode, and the battles themselves are unlocked by the player's total number of points.
  • 77 Rings Knights Mode: Based on the trial of the 77 Rings, the player must battle 77 zombies in this survivor-like mode. The majority of the enemies are common Knight Zombies; Caineghis, Eijkman, and Winzaleo appear as the 33rd, 55th, and 77th enemies respectively. The mode is split into two variations, Ripple Warriors and Living Corpses, which are unlocked by clearing Extra Battles 10 and 20 respectively.
  • Dio Mode: Play through the game from Dio's perspective. Cutscenes are not present in this mode, and changes are made to the story to provide additional battles: for instance, Dio must battle Doobie and Adams together. This mode is unlocked by clearing Extra Battle 30.


Most of the characters from the Phantom Blood manga are playable, including several unnamed and minor characters. Depending on the mode, players can choose to play as alternate versions of Jonathan and Dio from different points in the story. Each character has their own varied movesets. Once Story Mode is beaten, different characters can be selected for some battles in Story and Chapter Mode. However, there is not a single mode that allows you to freely select any character. The characters that can be played as are limited depending on the mode and selected battle.





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  • If the player manages to win battles that Jonathan originally lost in the manga, alternate cutscenes will take place:
    • If Young Jonathan beats the two bullies bothering Erina, the bullies will give back the doll but beat up Jonathan nonetheless after finding out he's from the Joestar family.
    • If the player wins the boxing match against Dio, he claims that Jonathan put a rock in his glove during their fight, making the audience think Jonathan is a coward who can't fight fair.
  • If the player uses an Overdrive move in the underwater battle against Bruford during Chapter 13, a cutscene featuring the end of the battle will immediately take place, ending the chapter earlier. This is the only cutscene in the game that can't be unlocked in the Theater. The player can still win the battle without using Overdrive, but will not get to see the cutscene.
  • If the player manages to get an S rank in Chapter 22 while playing Story Mode, a secret chapter will replace the regular Chapter 23 as the final battle; the game's menus refer to this secret chapter and the Extra Battle based on it as The Final Ripple! (Reverse) (最後の波紋!(裏)). In this alternate scenario, Dio decides to revive the remaining three 77 Rings winners (Winzaleo, Eijkman, and Caineghis) to get his revenge on Jonathan instead of relying solely on Wang Chan. Furthermore, Dio temporarily uses the body of Father Styx while planning to take Jonathan's. The three knights are killed in the battle, but Dio detaches his head from Styx's body and fires Space Ripper Stingy Eyes at Jonathan, setting the original story's ending in motion. This secret battle can't be unlocked while playing Chapter Mode, but can be accessed from Chapter Mode once it is unlocked.
  • Even though the game faithfully follows the manga's storyline, some events were still cut from the game, including the Aztec Chief draining a follower's life force, Dio hiding a knife from George Joestar I, Danny's death, Dio's flashback to meeting Wang Chan, the Inspector's flashback, Wang Chan regrouping with Dio after his fight with Jonathan, the explanations of the trial of the 77 Rings and Bruford's hair, Zeppeli's flashbacks to his training, Dio's encounter with a mother and child, the newspaper excerpts describing the fate of the Stone Mask and Jonathan's marriage, and Father Styx's entire canon appearance (save in the alternate final chapter).

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